The law of mind

People like to say “I wish you all the best in your heart” when blessing each other. From a psychological perspective, scholars have indeed discovered a wonderful effect related to this, that is, people’s psychological expectations have an impact on performance or performance, and it is called the “Pygmalion Effect.”

The “Pygmalion Effect” is named after a beautiful mythological story in ancient Greece. It is said that Pygmalion, the king of Cyprus, fell in love with the beautiful statue carved by himself and could not extricate himself. Aphrodite, the god of love, was moved by his sincerity and gave life to the statue. Eventually, the king got his wish and married the incarnation beauty as his wife.

In the research related to this phenomenon, the most famous is the experiment carried out by American psychologists Rosenthal and Jagbson in a primary school in 1968. They provided a so-called “genius student” to the teacher The list of students, in another test 8 months later, the progress of this part of the students really surpassed the others. However, unexpectedly, these students were actually randomly selected by researchers. In fact, it was the expectations of the teachers that improved the performance of these students. In other words, when teachers give students more praise and attention, students will really change. The researchers named this phenomenon the “Pygmalion effect”.

In the real world, this effect is not uncommon. As the saying goes “Xishi is in the eyes of a lover”, people in love often become radiant because of the other party’s appreciation. Conversely, if someone suffers from long-term depreciation or discrimination, it may get worse and worse.

The enlightenment of this effect is that whether it is family education, school education, or business management, you can use positive psychological expectations to promote personal progress. If the personal advantages can be discovered as much as possible, and get more encouragement and appreciation, then, with the enhancement of self-confidence, the inner potential will also be more stimulated.