The last glimpse of Bubba

  In the four years I worked as an animal controller, I learned one thing: dogs can always be the first to know about the arrival of spring. Even dogs that do not have their own range of activities in the backyard, as long as they smell the spring, they will involuntarily leave and wander in the streets. Bubba is no exception.

   Every year, the Animal Control Center receives several calls to Bubba, all in the spring. Bubba is an old, overweight bulldog with a temper. In the summer, it always snoring in the shade of the yard, while in the winter it is hiding under the fence. But as soon as it melts snow, it will start to alarm the entire town.

   In fact, Bubba is too old to alarm anyone. Its original yellow-brown speckled fur has been mixed with a lot of grayish white hair. It looks at least twenty years old, and I noticed that it has hip arthritis. The situation of limp. It never runs after someone, and I feel that even if it thinks, it should not be done. The scary appearance, the always bloody nose, and its bad temper make people feel uncomfortable as soon as it approaches.

   The owner of Bubba, Tim, is a thin, sloppy man who can’t see the true age. He often walked into the shelter, apologized, paid the ticket, and then brought Bubba home. He picked up the Bubba circle from his stomach with a thin arm and placed it on the platform behind the truck. He never complains, just apologizes and pays a fine.

   Tim lives in an old Victorian house, has never been married, and has not heard of his family. However, year after year, Tim has left the job many times and brought home the angry and sloppy old dog.

   In the spring of that year, Bubba seemed to decide to retire. It just stayed in the backyard and was arrogant to passers-by. But by June, I received a report call saying that a ugly, fat, old, and gasping bulldog was in a The middle school caused panic, I can’t believe it would be the old Bubba. I took a box of dog biscuits and a dog net and wrapped a belt around my neck. In fact, no animal controller can touch Bubba. These equipments are not used. I can only find a way to make it “wanted to leave.” I hope that dog biscuits can come in handy. Walking into the front hall of the stadium, a group of students stood still against the wall. One of them shouted to me: “Every time we walk to open the locker, the dog is jealous of us, it has to eat us!”

   Obviously, Bubba held the entire stadium hall, its legs bent inward, and the breathing was more serious than I had seen before. As long as someone moved a little, it was arrogant. I thought in my heart: not good. It’s one thing to scare the road, but it’s serious to scare the children at school. This time the punishment may be very serious. Even worse, it will be classified as a dangerous dog. If you are convicted, you will have to be severely punished. .

   My name is: “Buba!” It tried to reverse the fat body and looked back at who was calling its name. It looked at me, took a few breaths, and started screaming. I threw a dog biscuit to the ground in front of it. It dragged the heavy body slowly, sniffed for a few seconds, sneezed, then sat down and stared at me. Plan A failed. I have to make a dog net, but I don’t hope.

   Suddenly, I heard someone behind me saying, “Hey, ugly dog, try this.” A tall male student took the breakfast cereal carton and lost a piece of grain to Bubba. Bubba looked at the valley. Circle, then look at the male student, sniff, pick up the valley, swallow it. I turned to the male student and said, “Can this be for me?”

   He replied: “No problem.” So I lost another valley, and Bubba staggered and picked up the valley. I continued to lose the lap, trying to gradually lead Bubba to the door. Bubba’s body didn’t look too good. Its legs were bent and it seemed difficult to support the fat body. Every step seemed to cause severe pain. And it was getting more and more serious. When I tried to get closer and picked it up, it slammed back, so I had to continue to lose the lap, until the patrol car I opened, it was even more breathless. I was even worried that it would have a heart attack. I decided to send it home and then I was worried about the report. I thought, Bubba is not going to work.

   I poured the remaining valleys on the back seat of the car. Bubba leaned over and put the front feet on the car. He ate the grain circle. I licked this time and pushed its butt on the car. It was low. Hey and scream, but still concentrate on eating the last piece of cereal. I can’t believe it, I touched Bubba, and I am fine!

   When I parked my car in front of Tim’s house, I saw that his van was parked at the door. Tim rushed out of the house and the door slammed shut behind him: “Is Bubba still okay? I called the school, but you have already left. I will pay a fine, no matter how much, as long as I can go home, How did it leave the house? I don’t believe it can climb uphill to school, it is very ill, and how do you get it on the car?” In just a few minutes, Tim said more than me. More words I heard from his mouth in a few years.

   Before I could answer, Tim went to the patrol car to open the door. Bubba lay on his back and shouted loudly. The body was covered with debris from the valleys. It looked very different from Bubba. Tim circled Bubba with his hand and took it out of the car with difficulty. His movements were like holding a baby. Bubba didn’t wake up at all, just a few clicks.

   “Well, I used the grain circle to bring it to the car.” I said to Tim.

   Tim’s eyes moved from the sleeping dog to my face and said, “The valley circle? I don’t know if it likes to eat this.”

   In the blazing sun, the lines on Tim’s face appear deeper, his expression looks tired, but more is worry. “I can’t believe it will run out. I lock it in the house and open the air.” Suddenly his voice became low. “The veterinarian said it had cancer. They asked me to go back to the veterinary hospital to bring it back. Over the weekend, you know, say goodbye to it.”

   I said to Tim: “I am sorry, Tim. We will talk later.” Then turned and drove.

   “Wait a minute, what about the ticket? I know that I will receive several copies this time, right?”

   I turned to look at Tim and said, “I asked the police officer first, Tim, you should take care of Bubba now!”

   Before turning around, I thought I had to ask a question, so I called Tim, who was holding Bubba into the house: “Tim, why do you want to go to middle school? I don’t remember if it has been there. recording.”

   Tim smiled at me – another move I have never seen before. He replied: “Buba really likes children. When it is a puppy, I often take it to the children’s play area. Maybe it is remembered. This is the case.”

   I nodded and waved at him, watching the man in a flannel shirt, thin and tired, holding his 20-year-old dog into the house, maybe the last time.

   The next day, Bubba passed away. I didn’t even make a ticket for it to cause panic in school. I guess Bubba just wants to relive the memories of her youth and come to a “Buba-style” farewell.

   Sometimes, we think we know someone, and sometimes we find that they are beyond the real face of imagination. The last glimpse of Bubba, let me see another form of family, no matter what form, is beautiful and warm.