The “happiness” of the father of migrant workers

  Moved into a new home soon. On this day, I faced the large floor-to-ceiling glass window and sat in front of the computer, concentrating on the words. The light is very good, the bright sunshine is poured into the barrel like a waterfall, and the warm atmosphere is surrounded: warm, clear and quiet. The mood is also bathed in a warm and mellow atmosphere.

  Suddenly, the door rang for a while, “Ding Ding, Winter and Winter”, very irregular, very cluttering knocking on the door. Throwing a stone like a quiet lake breaks the silence and coziness. My heart is so busy, I said: Is there a doorbell door on the door? Why do you have to knock on the door like this?

  I walked softly to the door, grabbed my breath, and looked out of the cat’s eyes: I saw a stranger. He, his hair was unkempt, his face was covered with dust and sweat, and his stains were a little bit, and his eyes showed an anxious and awkward look. Who is he? What do you want to do? A series of questions flashed in my mind. I am vigilantly opening a gap in the door and preparing to close the door at any time. Asked: “Who are you looking for?”

  I saw that the face suddenly swelled red. He shook his pockets out of his pockets – a wrinkled scent of smoke, and pulled out a hand from inside, his face filled with a sincere smile, and said in his mouth: “Comrade, I It’s the migrant worker who works in the community where you live. I want to ask you a favor, I wonder if you can agree?”

  ”What? Are you talking?” I pushed the cigarette he had handed over and replied suspiciously.

  Seeing my attitude is gentle and calm, there is no kind of indifference that refuses people thousands of miles away. His face is exuding, his face is excited, his face is redder, and he speaks quickly. “This is the case, my son will immediately To go on summer vacation, he will come to see me from his hometown. The child said that he wants to see for himself how many beautiful houses his father has built in the city. Does the city live comfortably? I think, After the child is here, can I take the child to your home to see it? If he sees people in the city living in such a good house as his father, I must feel very proud and happy, I wonder if you can agree? I have covered a lot, but I never know the situation in which people live in the city. It is difficult for me to describe the child clearly. Otherwise, I can only take the child out to look at it. Then I am worried that he will have a regret.” After the migrant worker finished speaking in one breath, his eyes looked at me with a longing look, and looked worried and hopeful.

  I suddenly realized. It turned out that the father of the migrant worker was to let the children in the country witness the “masterpiece” in the city. It was a heart-shaped father! I am also a father. I have achieved a little achievement in my work, or published a small article in the newspaper. Doesn’t I like to show it in front of my son? That is the pride and pride of being a father. Thinking of this, in order not to live up to the little wish of the migrant worker’s father, I did not hesitate to nod.

  The migrant worker saw that I readily agreed, and excitedly thanked again and again, a singular look, and said in a continuous voice: “Thank you! Thank you! You are such a good person, I asked several people, people I heard that I would take my children to look at their homes. Some did not say anything. I closed the door with my hand and scared me a lot. Some said that my brain had problems, but it was inexplicable; Tracking me, suspecting that I am a bad person, I have been watching me into the labor camp. Today, I can meet a good person.” The face of this migrant worker – a piece of joy, swaying a bright.

  A few days later, the migrant worker’s father came to my house with a little boy. The little boy is about 13 or 4 years old, his dark skin, his solid body, and his eyes are bright. Seeing me, the little boy has a kind of awkward look, but when I saw my passion and sighing his head, it seemed to relax. His father was piled upside down – the humility of his face, and kept saying: “Country children, don’t understand things, please bear with me.”

  The father and son put on the shoe cover that I handed over, and carefully stepped. Maybe it was once on the wooden floor, they seemed to be afraid of stepping on the wooden floor, and the steps were extraordinarily light, slow and slow. I saw that at this time, a big hand and a small hand were tightly held together, and there was a tweak and restraint in the eyes of the two. Being a father seems to be trying to show a kind of sophistication and maturity. I only saw him bent down and said to his son: “This house where the uncle lives is covered by the father’s construction company. At the time, when building this building, I am responsible for building the wall. You should not underestimate the work of this wall. You must make your heart fine, your hands are thin, your eyes are fine, you can’t have the slightest deviation. You see, when you built this wall, this wall There is also a hole, which is connected with the neighbors. It is convenient for the transportation of bricks, cement, yellow sand and other materials. After the house is built, the hole is blocked. From then on, the two I don’t know what to do. Now, if I don’t say it, you can’t see it at all! Oh, yes, my intermediate worker exam passed, and now I am also a construction worker with a diploma.”

  The child’s father, while trying to introduce to his son, seemed to return to the details of the original building. It can be seen that he is trying hard to describe to the child some details when he is working in the city, so that his son can feel his work in the city. The son listened and kept looking at his father. His eyes were filled with a look of pride and pride. He saw him and held his father’s hand with the other hand. The father’s waist seems to be a lot straighter. In this case, I have a warm and sweet feeling in my heart.

  After a while, the father and son saw my new home, and the two of them almost retreated to the door and said goodbye to me. Suddenly, the migrant worker’s father stretched out his hands and held my hand tightly. He said with emotion: “Today, it’s the happiest day since I went to work in the city. I can enter the city. People, I feel the warmth of a family in the city, this happiness I will never forget.” I saw the migrant worker’s eyes in the eyes of a crystal.

  Unexpectedly, it seems to me that a simple, ordinary thing, just let the father and son enter my new house and look at it, so that the migrant worker father is so excited. In this case, I feel that the distance between me and the migrant worker’s father has been much closer. There is a warmth around you.

  The father and the son supported each other downstairs, only to hear the child say to his father: “Dad, you are so amazing, to build such a good house, the people in the city live really comfortable, if we can live in the city you can cover It’s just a good house.” There is a kind of envy and yearning in his son’s tone. The father touched the child’s head with affection and said: “Stupid child, how is this possible? Don’t think about it. I think, you just have to read the book at home, help the grandfather and grandma to do more work.” ”

  The child raised his childish face and said with a voice: “How is it impossible? I must study hard and have a good future. I must let you and my mother live in the house you built in the city, and the people in the city. – kind of life.”

  After listening to the child’s words, the migrant worker’s father couldn’t help but smash the child into his arms. I saw that the father of the migrant worker’s waist was working hard. Suddenly, he suddenly felt a lot taller in my eyes: a father’s stalwart and strong.