The future has come, not unbelievable! antibiotic for endometritis

In the past decade, the mobile Internet has evolved from birth to eruption, eventually transforming our production lifestyle.

Today, big data and artificial intelligence will reshape our lives.

If someone tells you now that in the next ten years, people in the industries of health care, self-driving cars, education, and service industries will be eliminated. Don’t think that this is gibberish and incredible, because such a future has come.

In the United States, using IBM’s Watson computer software, you can have a 90% accuracy legal counsel in a matter of seconds, compared to a lawyer who is only 70% accurate, both convenient and cheap.

So, don’t force your child to spend a lot of money to read the hard-to-understand legal profession. It may be a good choice to save the tuition fees to read artificial intelligence. The future market only needs 10% of professional lawyers now. It is.

Watson has also been able to help patients with cancer, and is four times more accurate than doctors.

More than 400,000 fully automated driverless cars have been on the road in the world. Within two years, the entire automotive industry will undergo a comprehensive change. You will no longer need to own a car. A smartphone can call it. A driverless car takes you to any destination you want to go. Auto-driving cars with AI computer control have an average car accident every 10 million kilometers, which can reduce more than one million people in a car accident every year. Electric vehicles will become the mainstream, people will get rid of noise, exhaust pollution, and will not worry about refueling, parking and driving licenses. Our living environment will be quiet and clean.

The holographic projection method allows people outside of the miles to appear in front of you, and the exchanges between people will be more effective, lively and vivid.

It may sound like a science fiction movie, but this is indeed the fact that big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain will dominate our future lives.

antibiotic for endometritis

Robot Alpha swept the world’s Go masters to make the brainpower competition lose the championship suspense.

Computers with artificial intelligence with big data will completely liberate the gardeners in the education industry, and intelligent robots will gradually make the service industry disappear. The unmanned restaurants in Haidilao and the unmanned supermarkets in Mayun have already opened their doors, and SF’s artificial intelligence robots have already been sent on the road.

Airbnb is a software company that doesn’t own any hotels, but its software allows you to live in rooms that are willing to rent around the world. Now it is the world’s largest hotel industry.

More than 70% of the work will be replaced by artificial intelligence devices in the future, whether industrial, agricultural, educational or commercial.

Computers have enough natural conditions to handle problems faster and more efficiently. The only thing that needs to be learned is how to think about problems like people and how to have a matrix of thinking.

Artificial intelligence technology helps computers think, make machines more human, and let machines replace humans on a larger scale.

Smartphones will become more popular around the world. This is not a simple mobile phone, but the most convenient smart mobile terminal that links the whole society and life.

We live in an era where the physical world and the virtual world are combined, and the subject to which we each depend is either a business or a social group.

These architectures will be broken in the future. The virtual, borderless, and uncentered era of freedom is waving in the distance.