The four most dangerous vortexes in the world

  The two guys drove a small canoe back and forth to avoid the reef in the rushing river at the mouth of the sea, and they were about to fall to the waterfall at the end, but their skillful operation made them successfully overcome the danger and sail into the calm sea…wait! Why did the boat start to accelerate by itself? It turned out that there was a huge vortex on the sea not far away, and the boat involuntarily slid to the center of the vortex, faster and faster! At this time, the two boys had nothing to do with their stunts, they could only watch the maelstrom open the mouth of the blood basin like the gate of hell, and drag them into the sea with people and boats… the
  above desperate scene It often only appears in movies and novels, making people feel the beauty of life while frightened, but also fortunate that “there doesn’t seem to be such a terrible thing in reality.”
  In fact, the Maelstrom is real! But don’t panic, are they as scary as the story? Let’s take a look at the true appearance of the four most dangerous maelstroms in the world! Since the faster the vortex is, the more dangerous it is, so let’s count from low to high according to the degree of danger.
Naruto Whirlpool

  Location: Japan Naruto Straits
  highest flow rate: 26km / h
  in the north and south sides seabed Japanese Naruto Strait, have different size basins, this unique subsea structure together with the ebb and flow created Naruto whirlpools. Since the water level of the rising and falling tides varies greatly between the full moon and the new moon each month, the flow rate of the Naruto vortex also changes. A bridge is built above the Naruto Strait, and a pedestrian passage and viewing platform are specially set up inside the bridge for visitors to overlook the whole view from directly above the whirlpool.
Sow Whirlpool

  Location: Kashima between Canada and the United States Moose Island,
  the highest flow rate: 27.6km / h
  maximum swirl throughout the Western Hemisphere, is no doubt that North America’s old sow whirlpool. At high tide, when a large amount of sea water pours into the bay, the old sow vortex is formed. When the tide goes up against the wind, the whirlpool will make a deafening noise, similar to the barking of a pig, hence the name. In addition, there are many small whirlpools near the “old sow”, which can be described as the “piggy” of the “old sow”.

Sow Whirlpool

Mosken Vortex
Mosken Vortex

  Location: Norway’s Lofoten Islands between
  the highest flow rate: 32km / h
  Other whirlpool tend to be located in the narrow strait or waterway, while Mosi Ken vortex is more consistent with the story of the great demon of the ocean, because it was born in the broad On the open sea. There is a shallow ridge between the two islands adjacent to the Mosken Whirlpool. The current will rotate in the shallow ridge and gradually expand. At the same time, affected by many factors such as tides, strong local winds, and island locations, the vortex is formed. As early as the 16th century, this famous maelstrom was recorded on the map by navigators, and any ship that dared to approach it would be ruthlessly swallowed.
Salt whirlpool

  Location: Norway fjord Sashi more than
  the maximum flow rate: / h 40km
  flow rate of the fastest, most dangerous whirlpool Sarthe Norway Sashi more than a fjord near the mouth. Affected by the tide, 400 million cubic meters of seawater will pass through this narrow fjord at high speed every 6 hours, forming a salt vortex. Only when the high tide and low tide alternate, the current in the whirlpool will calm down and the boat can pass; and most of the other time, this water area is very dangerous. The Salt Vortex has existed for at least two thousand years. In the last few decades alone, more than 60 lives have been buried in its mouth.
  In fact, although the maelstrom on the sea is very dangerous, its most threatening era to mankind has long passed. With the development of science and technology and the deepening of human understanding of the phenomenon of whirlpools, they are no longer as terrible as described in movies and novels. Modern large ships are basically not sucked in by the maelstrom, and small ships can pass through the sea where they are located as long as they maintain a safe distance from the maelstrom. Even some large, safe and reliable sightseeing boats will deliberately approach the Maelstrom, allowing visitors to see its magnificent sight. In addition, due to the strong centripetal force, the whirlpool is often a gathering place for many microorganisms, which can attract a large number of marine fish to forage, so the vicinity of the whirlpool is also a paradise for fishing enthusiasts!
  Of course, if you want to dance with the whirlpool, you still have to be backed by sufficiently safe modern ships and facilities, otherwise if you rush closer, you will still be in danger of being sucked into it. So if you want to watch this natural wonder up close, you must first respect it.
  Chen Jinfeng is excerpted from “New Encyclopedia”