The exhortation of American parents

I have been teaching in American universities for several years, and every fall at the beginning of the new academic year, I see American parents sending their children to school. The Chinese parents I have talked to are very limited, and their exhortations are quite consistent. First of all, children should pay attention to get along well with teachers and classmates and make good relations. The second is to urge the children to pay attention to their studies and strive for good results. Third, pay attention to diet and eat three meals a day well.
However, American parents did not give the same answer. The first American mother I spoke to said that what she told her daughter was to assure her that she would sleep eight hours a day. She said that if you sleep less than 7 hours, the risk of driving an accident is no less than driving on the road after drinking a few bottles of beer. Another American father also mentioned the need for adequate sleep. He said, “Without sleep, our brains can’t work very well. It is very likely that we take the wrong things as knowledge and agree with other people’s views without thinking. Only a clear and well-rested mind can learn knowledge well. ”
The third pair of American parents told me that their children were told to “eat breakfast every day”. They also use driving as an example. “If my fuel tank is empty, the car will not start. How can I study without breakfast? ”
An American father told me that his parting words were: “Learn to know Asian countries, especially China and India.” Another mother said, “Remember to vote Republican.”