The demise of the wilderness

  Running in the morning, I encountered something interesting: there is a secluded path in the depths of the garden. The two sides are big trees and shrubs. There are few people involved. When I ran over, everything was normal. When I turned back, I suddenly shook my eyes. The sparkling silk stopped the way, I was stunned, and a big spider was in a hurry. It turned out that I had set up an ambush between the two trees. I dare not disturb this plot. After admiring this self-righteous guy, I whistled and detoured.

  This gave me a day of excitement. Since then, I have loved this garden. I didn’t appreciate her over-decoration and the appearance of civilization, because under the neat beauty, there is still a wild energy that makes every moment full of unknowns. Occasional and turbulent, although weak, concealed, or even neglected, in my heart, it has reversed the temperament of this garden.

  Obviously, the above happiness is not from the spider, but an element called “wild”. This “wild” represents a primitive power and biological passion that has been born for hundreds of millions of years. It is outside the civilization and outside the concept and content of “era”, “society” and “human world”. The secret of my excitement is that I have hit the power of nature. It’s not me who wants to capture the spider, but it’s me, but in it’s eyes, I am equal to it, a member of the wilderness, I am dizzy by the sudden “equality”… I am a spider The logic stuck, I was invited and treated equally, and it rewarded me with an ancient identity, a wild identity that has nothing to do with civilization… This is worthy of cheering.

  Of course, this has ingredients that are not intended. In the abdomen of this big city in Beijing, ask for more wild interest in an artificial garden, which is extravagant in any case.  this detail has also aroused my reverie of “wildness.”

  What is wildness? Why do people not hesitate to clear the last wilderness around them, while screaming at the “Kekexili” and “Lobbo” style?
  American environmental ethicist Holmes Ralston said: “Every river, every seagull, is a one-time event, and its occurrence is determined by multiple forces, laws, and accidental factors… For example, When the little coyotes were about to pounce on a squirrel, a rock loosened due to freezing and rolled down the hillside, which distracted the wolf’s attention and alerted the prey, so the squirrel ran away…there was nothing to do with it. The elements that hit together show a wildness.” I think this is the best explanation for the wild. The beauty of the wildness, the dynamic beauty of nature, the beauty of sporadic and unknown, uses its own logic, showing a vigorous instinct, a primitive force that is uncontrolled and undomestic, transcending human will and imagination, Located outside of human experience and insight.

  In Beijing, there are some famous plant attractions, such as the red leaves of Xiangshan, the cherry blossoms of Yuyuantan, the lotus pond of the North Sea, the ginkgo of the Diaoyutai… Every time of the year, newspapers and televisions must play the role of flower media, in addition to rendering the other party’s enchanting And look for details of the route, schedule, and plans. For example, in the spring, the number of visits to the Yuyuantan website will increase sharply, because there are early, middle and late cherry blossoms, as accurate as the weather forecast. The United States is beautiful, but this kind of rushing consumption, especially by the artificial “double regulations” – the planned time of the specified time, the specified location, coupled with the ticket trading link, makes it all more like a performance… …except for the fact that it is known, in addition to visual consumption of color, it no longer gives you extra surprises. Therefore, after I have been involved in these customs, I have no impulse or reason to revisit.

  The days are long. These scenes are in the eyes of the people of Beijing. They are precipitated as a season impression. They even point to the seasons. For example, many articles will start by writing: “When Xiangshan Maple Leaf is Red…” “Yu Yuantan’s The cherry blossoms are open again…” The flowers bloom and fall, echoing the experience and the calendar, and the spirit is often indifferent.

  Planting landscapes, in essence, like crops, and high-rise buildings, are human product products and reservations, and are one of the fruits of labor. It attempts to clarify, exclude accidents, pursue order and rigor, such as Yuyuantan cherry, each tree is numbered, according to variety, flowering, color, proportion, is assigned to specific areas, posts and functions, in short, this is a The well-prepared and curated aesthetic system, like the Olympic fireworks raised by the Bird’s Nest, has been immersed in the gunpowder formula. A person looks at the fireworks, and sees the meteor in the sky. The feeling is completely different. The former is the beauty of engineering, the latter is the wildness of the past. The former can praise Zhang Yimou, while the latter director is in nature. You can’t be grateful. Pay tribute.

  The greatest feature of the wilderness, that is, independent of the will of the human being, has nothing to do with civilization.

  Once, a TV travel program that directed cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, in my words, is a story of a spirited eloper who fled the city. One of them was in Yunnan, and there was a shot: the Taiwanese host picked a flower on the side of the road and shouted excitedly: Wild Rose! I said to her: If you can find an “unknown flower”, it would be fine. To put it bluntly, as a backpacker who takes the audience to a distant place, I hope that she will go wild and irregular, and she will be able to collect a little wildness from nature and be able to learn more unknowns and strangers. “In that distant place”. The charm and temptation of the distance lies in the fact that the aesthetic direction and the urban experience are opposite. The word “rose” is too heavy and the perfume smells too screaming – it reminds me of Valentine’s Day, the bar or the flower shop at the very least. It even stifles the imagination.

  in our eyes “world” is what is it?

  For an ordinary person, it is almost all human achievements around the world: urban and rural areas, streets, transportation, communities, schools, hospitals, rules, decrees… In fact, there is another achievement in the world, namely, natural achievements: Mountains, lakes, deserts, glaciers, creatures, forests, mineral deposits, climate, and even human beings themselves are also one of nature’s achievements… Regrettably, humans in the 21st century are getting deeper and deeper into this situation: We only live in our own achievements!

  This point, pay attention to the side can be confirmed, in addition to farmland and pasture, almost all the surface is covered like a book cover, or cement or asphalt or tile, in Beijing, you can almost not have a pot to raise flowers In addition to the full-time green space, it is difficult to find a bare land that breathes spontaneously. In these years, the humming sounds are sparse, that is, because the earth is sealed by cement, there is no hole to live in, no land can be raised. The natural first appearance of the original ecology is hard to trace in the mainstream habitat of human beings. It seems that it is always difficult to curb such desires: to cover all human achievements with human achievements! This game is like a child carving a name on a tree. For example, the Leshan Giant Buddha, the Longmen Grottoes, and the Taishan Inscriptions, such as the mountain cableway, the sightseeing cable car, and the Helong Park in Zhangjiajie’s shoulders, may be clear to humans, but nature is eternal, so the mountains and cliffs, stone statues, and nature achievements— – Demonstrate your own deeds. For example, things happening in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the Yarlung Zangbo River, the Himalayas, the North Pole, and even the Moon… nothing more than a human axe for “awesome work.” We seem to firmly believe that all natural achievements are the foundation and raw material of human achievement, and they are all test sites for human productivity. Today, the vast majority of animals have entered humans – cages or pastures of this special animal, but few lucky ones still inhabit pure natural achievements – and the wilderness of this achievement is shrinking. Escape to the edge of extreme weakness, “Kekexili” is a symbol of the meaning of the soul, it means distance, myth, beauty and silence, but also means loneliness, dying, screening and ending.

  I think that human beings may have a possibility of achievement, and it is also the highest achievement: the achievement of defending nature’s achievements.

  However, there are not many opportunities and time left for humanity to build merit.

  ”hurricanes, thunderstorms, and heavy rains are no longer God’s actions, but our actions.” (Bill McKee’s “The End of Nature”)

  There are television commercials depicting a rapidly drowning polar bear. Will the polar bears who are traveling be drowning? Yes, because there is no ice layer to climb, in the next 20 years, the Arctic Ocean will become the North Water Ocean, leaving only water, ruthless water. Scientists predict that at the current greenhouse speed, the snow in Mali Mazzaro will disappear in more than a decade. For this great equatorial mountain, the white shawl is not only the beauty of the “in the wild,” but also a symbol of divinity. In my eyes, this tragedy is no less than that of Marx’s portrait being shaved and shaved. Without it, the dignity and logo of the great man are gone, it will be another person, and no one dares to recognize it. On October 17, 2009, the Indian Ocean island nation of Maldives staged a tragic drama called “The Art of Political Behavior”: President Nasheed and 14 cabinet ministers wore respirators and held a cabinet at the depth of 6 meters. meeting. According to the study, if the global warming trend is not contained, this country of 1,192 small islands will be submerged by the sea in this century. Just over a month later, the Himalayas also staged the same scene: in order to express concerns about the melting of the glaciers, the Nepalese Prime Minister and more than 20 cabinet ministers, wearing oxygen masks, airborne at Mount Everest at an altitude of 5,242 meters. The gathering, not far from the Everest Base Camp, is the starting point for the climbers from all over the world to rush to the summit. A few days later, in Copenhagen, Denmark, at a global climate conference called “The Last Chance to Save Mankind”, a Fijian female representative burst into tears at the speech because of her hometown, which was blue sky, white sand beach and The island country, which is known for its palm trees, has been embattled and crumbling…

  These are all examples of human achievements killing natural achievements, and the hidden case is the normal details that occur every day under the eyes: degraded lakes, flat jungles, cuts Dwarf hills, artificial rainfall and snow, trees that have been tampered with structures and elements, and species that are dying at the moment – while people are eagerly awaiting the giant pandas, Tibetan antelopes, and white-fin dolphins, there are a lot of little-known creatures. Degraded in gloom. If there is God, I am afraid that I will be busy with one thing every day: preside over the memorial service and ring the death knell.

  In fact, in terms of feelings and aesthetics, modern people are not discriminating against natural achievements. On the contrary, people love nature, like Zhangjiajie’s tourism slogan, “Come to Zhangjiajie, return to nature” (so I am astonished by the idea of ​​Helong Park) We have left our achievements to worship the achievements of nature, called “tourism.” For the wilderness, everyone is more than a favorite, so many people are fascinated by wild-looking birds, Western-field adventures, car rally, and even copied and virtualized, such as the icon of “bears infested” on off-road vehicles, such as golf balls. And beach sports, the biggest temptation is to provide illusion, people mistakenly think that they play in the wild, that is, even the fake “in the wild” beauty is exciting.

  It’s just another human energy – material and economic desires, conquests and desires, the desire to create and make history, infinite consumption, and the desire to exhaust everything – too strong and too strong, which leads people to fight for the last wilderness While doing the technical preparations for the pioneering; on the one hand, there is praise and envy, and one side can’t stop grinding the knife. This kind of physical and mental contradiction and schizophrenia are like detoxification.

  Bill McKay basically said in “The End of Nature”: “We have ended our nature as an independent force. We can find our desires, habits and desires from every cubic meter of air and every rise in the thermometer. . ”   from the” Shangri-La “complex to” Hoh Xil “reality, spiritual retreats and ethereal extremely practical operational, the natural son of the monarch’s claim to all humility and humanity …… footed, casually scraping own ears.

  In the secular dictionary of mankind, “wild land” has always been regarded as the dead end of productivity and the hostile force of “civilization”. Indeed, the naked eye looks like the wilderness is chaotic, does not carry any livelihood resources and economic benefits, so people have to eliminate it as soon as they have the opportunity, just like a peasant, seeing the weeds in the cropland is uncomfortable, and it is quick to pull it out. The cleanliness of “civilization”. The consequence of this cleansing is that there are exquisite green spaces, nurseries and botanical gardens in our life, but we do not tolerate a natural wilderness.

  “People often confuse land with wild land. The land is the place where corn, erosion ditch and mortgage grow, and the wild land is a natural character, a collective harmony of natural soil, life and weather. The wild does not know the mortgage, not knowing each Institutions… The barren land may be a rich field, and only economists will equate the richness of matter with the rich.” (Aldo Leopard, “Sha County Yearbook”)

  Yes, this is another A broader and more positive look at the wilderness.

  Of course, the wilderness should have its correct position, and try not to conflict with environmental aesthetics and the human civilization system. For example, if Tiananmen Square deliberately leaves a wilderness, I think that even the most extreme naturalists will not agree because it has no function and meaning. However, if it appears in Miyun, Huairou or Yanqing in the suburbs of Beijing, then the value is likely to exist.

  Starting from Beijing’s Central Business District, an hour’s drive southwest, the Zhoukoudian Yiren Site, the famous “Beijing People” skull bone fossils are excavated here. There, you will visually confirm the facts in a textbook: the wild is the real home of mankind. Prosperous Beijing, a city that is difficult to find even a weed, thousands of years ago, it has a wild name – “蓟”, what is “蓟”? The “Compendium of Materia Medica” has a note, a kind of sharp grass with sharp teeth. I personally think that I admit that I am a monkey, admit that I am an achievement of nature, and I am convinced that I often recite this point and is very important to the spiritual and ethical growth of mankind. I am slightly sorry that Zhoukoudian only reserved caves for the ancestors, but there is no real desolate match and echo. The cave gives people the impression that it is not the former residence of the monks. It is better to say that it is an archaeological workshop. You can’t feel the desolateness of the original space, the body temperature and the gas field of the ancestors. The reason is that there is no wilderness in the surrounding area, or it is far from enough. It is civilized. There is a lack of a natural barrier between them, and the interference of modern elements is too much. In fact, the most modern city in China, if it is adjacent to a relatively pure desolation, no matter from the aesthetics of landscape or memory culture, this kind of ecological background and complementarity is an excellent environmental achievement – natural achievements and human beings. The achievements of the beads are connected.

  I thought that there are two kinds of wild land: the countryside and the wilderness.

  The small field, which is adjacent to civilization and can accept human exploration and visits, is called “village.” The countryside has an important aesthetic function, that is, it can become a mirror of urban civilization – just like a heterosexual partner, as the closest natural achievement to human achievement, it can bring warmth, wild pleasure, artistic stimulation to people. Even the influence of philosophy.

  “The energy of these mountains not only flows into our material life, but also flows into our spiritual life. In this wilderness by the lake, there is both my loneliness and my complementarity with nature. Individuals in the wilderness The most responsible approach is to be grateful to the wilderness.” (Holmes Ralston)

  ”We were born in a barbaric, cruel, and beautiful world. I cherish this desire, That is, meaningful ingredients will dominate and win… There are so many things overflowing my heart: plants, birds, beasts, clouds, day and night, and the eternal heart. I am more uncertain about myself, the more There is a feeling of being close to everything.” (Karl Jung)

  I think that the feeling of being close to everything is to reconfirm that it belongs to nature – that kind of send yourself back – to send the spirit and flesh Back to the earth uterus – restore the sense of life and the sense of the morning, awaken the true face of life and natural identity – and then the feeling of reunion with the world. On the contrary, blindly advocating human social attributes and high civilizations is like a tree without roots and a passive water. It will lead to the separation of life and the mother from the soul, and the decoupling between man and everything.

  So, what is the “wilderness”?

  The wilderness is a vast virgin land that is independent of civilization, has a wild and eternal character. It is a purely natural achievement. Human beings have not yet touched it. Its basic form and internal logic are no different from thousands of years ago. In the human context, it has a slightly derogatory term: no man’s land. Before the birth of civilization, the world was wild. The ancestors were only ordinary members of the parasitic, and they were no different from the grasshoppers in the grass. Until the human identity was established, the pioneering movement began, and the wilderness had an independent meaning and as a “civilization”. The confrontational value and the reverse power exist. If the wilderness is the hometown of mankind, then civilization is the natural enemy of the wilderness. It is the human interest represented by civilization. It constantly encircles and cuts the territory of the wilderness, pushing it to the distant sky and pushing it to the horizon of the setting sun.

  The wilderness is a word that excludes the “human world.” It has a quiet silence and peace, representing God’s original order, running prehistoric logic and principles. It rejects the road, rejects time and language, rejects the concept of territoriality and affiliation, rejects maps, nations and politics (if humans do not intend to target and exploit it, its political affiliation is meaningless, the so-called “layout” and “territory” only It is valuable for utilitarian desires such as occupation and domination. Pure nature ignores it, just like a seagull and a whale do not have nationality…. It rejects all factors of civilization and only accepts human imagination, crush or hostility. Even “Kekexili” is not a passable wilderness, because there is a lot of destructive power and defending power there. Strictly speaking, even the defending power is its natural enemy.

  As Holmes Ralston said: “There is no English or German in the wilderness, no literature or conversation… neither capitalism nor socialism, neither democracy nor monarchy. There is no honesty in the wilderness. Fairness, compassion, or obligation. There is no human resource in the wilderness, because resources are like targets or pests, and only exist when people’s interest is aroused.” wilderness is so independent, carrying out the inner scale of such self, and being so indifferent to human beings, then, is it still of positive value and significance?

  Of course, it retains the earth’s billions of years of passwords, genes, and magic. It is the totem and motherhood of all life, and its existence is far more reasonable than we and our imagination.

  Listen to the voice of Ralston –

  ”There is light and darkness, life and death. There is almost eternal time, there is a genetic language that exists for 2 billion years. Here is the evolution of energy and biology…here There are muscles and fat, nerves and sweat, regularity and form, structure and process, beauty and intelligence, harmony and solemnity… The wilderness is the most original foundation of life and the most original motivation of life.” It should be said that this is a romantic answer. . But only this kind of romance is worthy of answering, only dare to and can answer. This is difficult to understand both pragmatism and materialism. Ralston uses a “land ethic” that breaks through human boundaries. It no longer takes human interests and values ​​as a yardstick, no longer considers human gains and losses and feelings, no longer introduces controversy and negotiations, or even uses evidence and Knowledge, or rather, it believes that the wilderness is the property of God, with a divine value and a sense of freedom.

  Edward Abe said: “You can think that the earth is prepared for you and your happiness, but if the desert is also yours, why is it only a small amount of water?” People often grieve and ask why some dynasties and The castle has quietly evaporated in the desert? In fact, the truth is not mysterious, just ask those indigenous people – such as Populus euphratica and “Camel thorn”. A population that is as large as human consumption, in the desert where resources are scarce, is itself overloaded, and the desert does not support its existence. The demise of any tribe is dying from its own lost and intrusive, no matter how once it flourishes, it is just an illusion that it has overdrawn the future.

  In this world, some resources are not for human consumption, and there is no need for human naming and confirmation. Like the sun, the moon, and the stars, they have a sense of purpose, goals, and mission. The most appropriate attitude of people is to maintain awe and harmony in a far-flung way, and the only thing that people can obtain is the beautiful feelings and religious warmth that are provoked by the original holy place.

  according to the principle of limited and reasonable consumer demand, human “Wild Times” should have ended long overdue enter the “era of nursing shortage” and “Chong shortage era” – that is, to defend the achievements of nature for their own achievement era.

  Are we late?
  Yes, a bit.

  Because we not only over-completed the “pioneering”, but also started the “deforestation” campaign.

  Let’s take a look at this era. We have not only stopped the wilderness from the end of the world, but we have rushed to kill, and we want to turn the whole earth, including the atmosphere, into a boiling “human world.” Maybe we don’t want to do this, but in fact we are doing it. Some explorers were killed in the desert. We erected a monument in the place where he fell, and carved a few lines of words, both to recognize the courage of mankind and to revenge for his compatriots – in my opinion, this monument and a litter The bottles are not very different, they insult and kill the purity of the wilderness.
  Under the eyes, our “home construction” almost wiped out all the countryside.

  In the distance, our conquest and curiosity are dying in the wilderness.
  ”If a country destroys 98% of its natural wilderness, but still plays the remaining 2% of the idea, if you think that there is too much wilderness, then the value of this country is really crazy” (Holmes Ralston has a group of non-negative words called “Journey”, “Journey” and “Exploration”. In addition to the swearing-in meeting, every time you start in the unknown, you will wave these words. In the human context, they seem to be always noble, representing the seizure of justice and the exploration of truth, but these words, but they imply the murderous meaning of looting.

  The starting point of all our actions is to regard ourselves as the only legal owner of the earth. In fact, this is the kingly authority and Nazism of human anger. It is the most serious spiritual degeneration of mankind to withdraw from the natural system and seal the privilege of survival. The tragedy of civilization begins with this.

  Everything we are doing now, the current level of squandering, is almost presumed to be based on a thousand Earths, and the fact is: there is only one earth!

  Nine If there aredozens or hundreds of years, is there pure natural achievement?

  If there is only human achievement on the earth, only human beings will have children, and it must be the most despicable achievement and the ugliest son.

  ”We don’t want to sacrifice the diversity of nature in exchange for order, and we don’t want to sacrifice the wonderful natural history in exchange for systemicity. What we want is the contingency of contingency. The wildness seems to be confusing, thus affecting the dangers of natural historical achievements. But this last wilderness has just enhanced the achievements of natural history and added a kind of excitement to new achievements.” (Holmes Ralston)  said that human beings are not aware of the crisis, it is unfair. But under the crisis, those stale negotiations and fierce quarrels are unreasonable. The reason for the quarrel is nothing more than the private desires and political interests of the region. It is nothing more than the control and division of resources and the shirking and transfer of environmental responsibility. Over the years, the bite of the red-eared red from the various aspects of the “Kyoto Protocol” and the “Copenhagen Conference” have made human suits and ties and so-called “civilizations” shameful.

  In the face of the disappearance of a huge number of species, the Ehrlichs once mourned: “The earth is a human-powered spaceship. The species is the rivet on this ship, which makes the species extinct, like a viciously knocking out the rivet.” Although I don’t I agree with the metaphor of “human driving” (I think it is God driving or driving), but it is an indisputable fact that all things on the planet take the only “community community” and “destiny community”. Different intercontinental, ethnic, and national countries may be divided into different compartments and beds, but there is one vessel and only one future. Anything that ignores the cabin and ignores the hull is stupid and sad.

  Twenty years ago, the author of The End of Nature wrote –

  ”If someone tells me that the world will be extremely unfortunate in 2010, I will show concern on the surface, and subconsciously put it aside. “”

  Whitman said, “Whenever I encounter extreme grief and distress, I always wait until the night and go outside the stars to seek silent satisfaction.”

  Starry sky is the wilderness in the sky.

  I often feel that sometimes the troubles of the world may be that they rely too much on “human logic”, too much on the game procedures compiled by civilizations and customs, too superstitious life books that advocate values ​​and ethics, so-called success, failure, gains and losses. Honor and disgrace, merits and demerits, fortunes and misfortunes… I understand the words of Kawabata Yasunari: “If a flower is beautiful, then I have reason to live.” I think this is a “human world” “The realization of the framework, he suddenly realized another identity of life: flower identity. Or, he realized his “small”, the same small natural identity as the grass and birds. It is this feeling of contact with the ground that is parallel to the earth, so that the soul is relieved, and there is no need to swing in the wind.

  I stared and touched some ancient trees. The place where I studied in my early years – Qufu, Shandong, had several cypress trees 2,500 years ago. Every time I used my palm to go to the vicissitudes of the bark, I felt its body temperature and tried to figure out the internal rings. I was faintly moved. Think about it, such a tree, it is enough to look at human beings from young children to adulthood, from rickety to arrogant space launches… countless time and space, all civilizations, so-called profound things, in one Under the eyelids of the trees, they are just playing with a group of special animals in the wilderness. Just like the singer, you sing and I am on the scene. The historical scenes are no different from a group of urchins playing with dog tail grass… I think that I feel that my body is changing quietly, and I feel awakened, activated and unblocked. Ancient, present, future – the blocked line is suddenly connected, some kind of current is passing you, getting closer and closer to the truth of life and time and space, without unnecessary words, without expressing your gain, and you obviously get It is.

  The wilderness can provide another dimension of life, an energy that transcends time and space and experience. It is a quiet and peaceful world. It is not much different from hundreds of millions of years ago. The more it nourishes and infiltrates you, the greater the shock that the old and the original gives you… When you return to the “human world,” one’s body and spirit are often renewed.

  On July 2, 1792, Hegel said in his letter to his girlfriend: “I often flee to the embrace of nature, so that I can separate myself from others, so that under the protection of nature, not Under their influence, they broke the connection with them.”

  Hegel’s travel is undoubtedly “countryside”.

  Think of a picture like this: in the empty space of the insects and the leaves, the original sense of life, the sense of freshness, the sense of baby – suddenly blinked, the dust mites are far away, the individual’s tranquility, spiritual freedom The innocence and humility of the soul – returning to the human body. Whether bathing the senses or awakening the brain, the wilderness is a high-energy magnetic field.

  Think about this, perhaps, we will love the world more, love more life, will dispel all kinds of resentment, arrogance, curse, despair or suicide.

  Think about this, we will have a more divine understanding of the universe, and we will have more light in our hearts, and we will better understand time and space, society, civilization, and beliefs, so as to better design and house individual life, great. A small, precious and humble life.

  Muir: “Going to the outside world, I found that it is actually going to the heart.”