The death of Hitler: There is no answer, only a mystery

  However, Mr. Geng Fa’s narration in his monograph “Nazi Women” by the famous Austrian historian Anna Maria Sigmund was completely different: on April 26, 1945, the famous Nazi female pilot Hannah Reich took the risk Heavy artillery fired a plane to escort a German general to Berlin. When he met Hitler in the underground bomb room of the Chancellery, he suggested to Hitler to drive a plane to break through, but Hitler refused. Hannah decided to die for the Führer. On the evening of April 28, Hitler prepared for the SS leader Himmler to unconditionally lead the Germans to surrender unconditionally to the Allied forces and furiously. He ordered Hannah Reich to drive a plane to send a field marshal to leave Berlin immediately to find out Himmler’s whereabouts. By arresting him, Hannah had a chance to escape. There is no mention of Hitler’s actions to leave the basement at the last moment (see Geng Fa: “Nazi Women Out of View.” Sigmund is a rigorous scholar, so there is no major omission).
  However, didn’t Hitler’s skull be found afterwards, so how did Hitler escape without a skull? The explanation of the writer Abel Basdi: That bone will not belong to Hitler. At that time, the X-ray technology was poor, difficult to distinguish, and misleading. However, Russia has refused to do DNA identification of this skull. In addition, a human skeleton was excavated during the excavation of a foundation pit in Berlin in 1972, which was identified by DNA as Carl Bowman. How can this be explained? Bastier believes that Bowman has indeed lived in Argentina and Paraguay. There is a lot of evidence for this, especially the photos he took in the 1950s. Therefore, it is entirely possible that Bowman was transported back to Berlin for burial after his death.
  After Hitler and his entourage took three submarines to Argentina, they sank all the submarines to the bottom of the sea in order to prevent leakage of secrets. Now it is found that there are giants sinking into the sand under the sea.
  Shady evidence
  equally impressive: there are a number of FBI file 65-53615, Argentina gardener comes to a German immigrant couple Ike Huoen Fu family, an American spy. He stated in a delivered report that the couple who lived in La Falde had begun to organize their estate since June 1945, preparing to welcome Hitler’s arrival. The document that can prove Hitler’s escape is far more than this one. Unfortunately, so far, the United States, Britain, and Russia have not declassified all the files involved in this issue.
  Basdi interviewed hundreds of witnesses who witnessed Hitler in Argentina in 15 years. However, most of the witnesses are only now beginning to speak out because of the fear of the alive Nazis hiding here (I can’t help but think of the terrorist activities of the lurking Nazis in the Italian movie “The Gatekeeper of the Night” after the war to wipe out the witnesses).
  Basdi said that he has formally requested the Russian authorities to allow him to identify Hitler’s remains-preparing to take a DNA sample, and the DNA of Hitler’s sister who died in 1960 and was buried in the Bergfriedhof Cemetery. The samples were compared and the final evidence was obtained to prove that what he said was the truth. (The author’s note: Basdi didn’t know when he talked, and the bullet-marked skull kept in the Russian State Archives was believed to be Hitler. Later American scientists discovered through DNA testing that it was actually the bone of a woman in her 20s to 40s). Regarding the three submarines in the Shenhai Sea, he has also requested the relevant authorities of Argentina to salvage them for careful study and to find the truth.
  Later, there was another argument that I thought was unconvincing: Hitler died in an air crash as early as 1943, and only a stand-in appeared afterwards… In short, for 68 years, Hitler left us too many mysteries, except death. In addition to the mystery, there are also the mystery of personality, the mystery of career, the mystery of sex and sex, etc. There are only mysteries and no answers.