The death of Hitler: There is no answer, only a mystery

  ”Hi, Hitler!” Since 1933, in the squares of Berlin, Munich, and Nuremberg, thousands of people have stretched out their right arms and shouted hoarsely in the same direction on the squares of Berlin, Munich, and Nuremberg. The shouts converged into a tsunami, resounding through the world. On the high platform where everyone’s eyes are focused, the bright-eyed and smug Adolf Hitler also straightened his right arm, using his own invention of the Nazi military salute, to salute the cheering ant colony fanatical fans, posing a global ruler The posture is irresistible.
  Once upon a time, this Austrian, born on April 20, 1889, dragged the world into an unprecedented disaster. After the people all over the world rose up to fight against the defeat, he came from a dead end and returned to the end on April 30, 1945. At 3:30 in the afternoon, on the tenth day after his 56th birthday, he committed himself in a hidden bunker at the Berlin Chancellery. The Third Reich he founded was also destroyed a week later.
  But did Hitler really commit suicide? Or is it just “disappeared”?
  Ge Fu Yung who witnessed the scene of
  the death of Hitler, Stalin exceptionally concerned. He always suspected that Hitler was not dead, but fleeing and hiding in a corner. “Suicide” may be a pre-designed hoax. Stalin told this suspicion to the leaders of the allies, which also attracted the attention of Britain and the United States. In view of the many discrepancies and even contradictions in the testimonies of the witnesses from all sides, there are many doubts, and all kinds of inferences, speculations, and plausible “facts” come out from one source. Until today, there is no absolute certainty, and it has become a puzzle of the century.
  After reading and watching many books, materials, and movies, I was convinced that Hitler was killed in a bunker bunker.
  Traudel Humps (changed his surname to Jung after marriage) was the youngest and beautiful among Hitler’s female secretaries. She followed Hitler for two and a half years until the end of his master’s bunker. “Days by Adolf Hitler” written by Mrs. Jung in 1947 is detailed and vivid. In January 2002, the 82-year-old Jung said in the foreword to the memoir that the book “is not a late self-identification, nor a surrender statement”; “but I hope that there will be a deeper reflection.”
  Jung is sincere. Her words and the talk of the beautiful lady who is now an old woman on the screen gave me such an impression. Before retelling Mrs. Jung’s narrative of Hitler’s doomsday, two people must be introduced to the reader: one is Otto Günsche (Otto Günsche, the captain of the Hitler SS and Hitler’s personal adjutant); One is Heiz Linge (Heiz Linge, attendant, steward, and commando captain of the second SS commando). They are the most critical of all witnesses, and they will be mentioned more than once.
  Now let’s briefly talk about Jung’s account-on
  April 30th, Jingshe came to me and said: “Come on, Yuan first said goodbye to everyone.” Hitler slowly walked out of his room, better than usual. Looking rickety, standing at the door, shaking hands with everyone. He looked at me, but turned a blind eye. He seemed absent-minded. I froze there until Eva walked around. She was wearing the Führer’s favorite dress, a black dress, her collar was adorned with roses, her hair was freshly washed, and she was doing very well. She followed the Führer into his room-into her death. The heavy iron gate closed.
  I’m looking for something to eat for Goebbels’ children and chat with them to distract them. Suddenly, a gunshot exploded, so loud and so close, we were all speechless. The echo resounded in every room, and the Führer died. Later, the tall figure of Otto Jingshe appeared in the stairwell, exuding a strong smell of gasoline. His young handsome face was haggard, and his hands could not help trembling: “I followed the Führer’s last order and burned his body.” Hitler’s room door was still open, just at the end of the corridor. Eva’s small revolver was on the table, wrapped around a pink flower towel. The empty brass medicine sac was thrown at the foot of the chair. There was blood on Hitler’s blue chair, Hitler’s blood. I suddenly felt sick. Bitter almonds have a strong flavor and make people sick.
  I led Jingshe to a quiet corner. I want to know how the head of state died. Jing She is also willing to talk about this topic. He said: “We salute the head of state again.” Then, he took his Eva into the room and closed the door. Goebbels (Minister of Propaganda and Doctor of the Nazi Empire), Kempka (Hitler’s driver) and I stood in the corridor waiting. About ten minutes, for us, it was unbearably long, until the gunfire cut through the silence. A few seconds later, Goebbels opened the door and we walked in. The Führer shot his own mouth and at the same time crushed the poison glass capsule. His skull was shattered, and his death was extremely terrifying. Eva didn’t use her small pistol, she just took poison. We wrapped the head of the Führer with a blanket, and Goebbels, Ackerman, and Kempka carried the body through the stairs into the garden. He was so thin, but his body was heavier than I expected. In the garden, we placed two corpses side by side, a few steps away from the bunker entrance. Then Kempka and I poured gasoline on the body, and I lit a rag and threw it over. The two bodies were immediately engulfed by flames.
  Having said this, Jung emphasized his tone and made his own judgment: “Where can the head of state go now? There is no car, no plane, no means of transportation, and there is no secret passage in the bunker that leads to the land of freedom. Hitler could not walk, had to lose control of his body …… ”
  Hitler fled to the legend
  , of course, on the death of Hitler as well as various versions of the” truth. ” For example, the skull and jaws found at the cremation site that year were identified as Hitler’s, based on the judgment made by the dentist Professor Hugo Blasick and the dental technician Kate Hauserlmann from the repaired teeth ; But twenty-seven years later they denied their claims. The blood stain left by Hitler on the sofa was not blood, but a liquid of similar color. There were no bullet marks in the brain of the charred corpse.
  Rumors that are even more shocking than this kind of doubt are: a guard named Kärnau said that he had seen Hitler on May 1st in 1945; a letter from a Nazi soldier was found in a drifting bottle on the Danish waterfront, saying that the submarine was wrecked. Sinking, the head of state could not get out in the airtight cabin. More conclusively: Hitler is in Argentina and Eva is with him!
  This statement comes from the 2006 documentary report “Hitler in Argentina” by the Argentine writer Abel Basdi. This is a follow-up to his 2004 “Nazis in Bariloche”. The two books caused a sensation. Here is a brief summary of the detailed dialogue between the author and the reporter of the Russian weekly “Facts and Essays”-at
  4:30 pm on April 30, 1945, Hitler “suicide” one hour later, quietly took the private jet JU-52 Fly to Spain (someone saw him waiting by the plane). Although the Allied forces approached Berlin, they have not yet caused a threat to flying. In the last seven or eight days of April, there was a plane that stopped at Wendellden Street. On April 25, in the bunker of the Berlin Chancellery, a meeting was held to plot how to evacuate. Female pilot Hannah Reich and Hitler’s private jet pilot Gans Bauer attended the discussion. Two days later, five planes each capable of carrying ten people, together with the JU-52, flew to Berlin (this has been confirmed by the Allied Intelligence Department). Twenty-four hours later, the remaining one hundred Me-262 jet fighters of the Nazi Air Force were ordered to take off on a mission to cover Hannah Reich through the Soviet air defense network and escape from Berlin, as a formal exercise to escort Hitler to escape. (Historicists unanimously confirm this fact). The following day, Hitler followed the route tried by Hannah Reich to escape from Berlin to Spain; in the late summer of 1945, he took a submarine from Spain to Argentina.