The Art of Listening

This is a story told by a mother.

She said that when her daughter was in primary school, she was suddenly afraid of ghosts and did not dare to sleep alone. The mother comforted her daughter that there were no ghosts in the world and told her not to think blindly. The mother was afraid that her daughter might have some psychological problems, and specially consulted experts, who said that this was a normal phenomenon. After a while, the mother did not pay much attention to it and did not tell her husband about it.

That night, her daughter was afraid again. She stayed in her parents’ room and refused to go back to her little bed to sleep. As usual, the mother said to her daughter, ” Don’t be paranoid. There are no ghosts in the world. Go to bed.” The daughter cried bitterly, but refused to leave. So the father took his daughter back to her room.

The father did not leave immediately, but chatted with his daughter. He didn’t say that fear of ghosts is absurd speculation. Instead, he listened carefully to his daughter’s story. While listening, he also asked her some questions, such as: what does the ghost that scares her look like, and when will she usually see the ghost … The father and daughter talked for a long time. The daughter said that the ghost was black, and when she saw him, he disappeared. Finally, the daughter also told her father that she often saw ghosts on her way to school. This is the sentence that caught my father’s attention.

For three days in a row, the father asked for leave to leave work early and stayed on his daughter’s way from school to find out what the ghost she saw was. On the third day, my father finally saw that it was a middle-aged man in black and black hat. He was following his daughter all the way. Father subdued the man and called the police.

After the event, both parents felt scared: fortunately, they discovered it early. if the middle-aged man did enough preparation and found the opportunity one day, the consequences would be unimaginable. The mother felt even more self-reproach: she thought she had done a good job, but in fact she only came to an arbitrary conclusion from an adult’s point of view. real respect should be like father’s-listen carefully, even if the other party is only a child, even if what the other party said is a fable.

In life, our relatives and friends often tell us their stories. If you did not listen ” really” like that mother before, then you might as well try to calm down and listen later, perhaps you will have unexpected gains-because in a sense, everyone who tells stories is telling his heart.