Testing in the forest

  Please take a piece of paper and choose the answer as you wish. Explained in the back. Ready? Imagine that you are in an environment like this:
  You are in the depths of a big forest. Walking, you saw an old wooden house appear in front of you.
  1. What is the status of the door of the log house? (open / closed)
  2. You walked into the log house and saw a table. What is the shape of this table? (circular / oval / square / rectangle / triangle)
  3. There is a vase on the table with water in the vase. How much water is there? (full bottle / half bottle / empty bottle)

  4. What material is the vase made of? [(glass/ceramic/clay) (metal/plastic/wood)]
  5. You walk out of the log cabin and continue to move forward. Soon, you came to a waterfall. Look down and see something flashing in the water. You bent over and picked it up. It turned out to be a bunch of keys. How many keys are hanging on the keychain? (Select a number from 1 to 10)
  6. You continue to move forward and try to find a way out. Suddenly, you saw a castle. What is the look of the castle? (old/new)
  7. Behind the castle, there is a large garden. You see a box on the ground in the garden. How big is this box? (Small Medium Large)
  8. What material is this box made of? (cardboard/paper/wood/metal)
  9. There is a bridge not far from the box. What kind of material is the bridge made of? (wood/metal/rattan)
  10. Cross the bridge and you see a horse. What color is this horse? (white/gray/brown/black)
  11. What is this horse doing? (Standing quietly / grazing / running)
  12. Oh, no! Scratch the tornado! When the tornado is still a long distance from the horse, you have three choices:
  1) Go to the box and hide.
  2) Run down to the bottom of the bridge to hide.
  3) Run to the horse, ride up, and quickly escape.
  The following is an explanation:
  1. Door:
  The door is open – you are a person who is willing to share your things with others.
  The door is closed – you are an exclusive.
  2. Table:
  Round/Oval – Any friend who comes to see you, you will welcome and trust them completely.
  Square/Rectangle – You are a little picky about your friends, you only welcome friends who share your interests.
  Triangle – You are a very picky person, you have almost no friends.
  3. Water in the vase:
  Empty bottles – you are not satisfied with your current life.
  Half a bottle – you are half satisfied with your current life.
  Full bottle – you are very satisfied with your current life and you are very happy.
  4. The material of the vase:
  Glass / Clay / Ceramic – You are a weak person in life and vulnerable to injury.
  Metal/Plastic/Wood – You are the strongest person in life and don’t easily bow to difficulties.
  5. Number of keys:
  1 – You have a good friend.
  2 to 5 – You have a few good friends.
  6 to 10 – you have many good friends.
  6. Castle:
  Old – shows that your last marriage was not good and it is not worth remembering.
  New – shows that your last marriage was very good and still has a fresh feeling in your heart.
  7. The size of the box:
  Trumpet – low self-esteem.
  Medium – self-respect.
  Large – self-respect is very strong.
  8. The material of the box:
  Cardboard/paper/wood – modest and modest.
  Metal – self-sufficiency and insist on the personality of the self.
  9. Bridge material:
  Metal Bridge – Your relationship with friends is very iron.
  Wooden bridge – the relationship with friends is average.
  Fuji Bridge – getting along with friends is not harmonious.
  10. Horse color:
  White – Your partner is pure and has a good image in your heart.
  Gray/Brown – Your partner is in your heart.
  Black – Your partner’s image in your heart doesn’t seem to be good, and there are signs of bad.
  11. The behavior of the horse:
  Standing quietly / grazing – your partner is a very loving and modest person.
  Run back and forth – your partner is a wayward person.
  12. This is the last step, but this is the most important part of this test. From what I ended up with this story – a tornado is about to arrive, what do you do? There are only 3 options:
  (1) Going inside the box to hide?
  (2) Going to the bottom of the bridge to hide it?
  (3) Cross the horse and flee the scene?
  Which choice would you make? First of all, I tell you that these things represent:
  Tornado – a problem in your life.
  Box – yourself.
  Bridge – your friend.
  Horse – your partner.
  Then I will tell you again:
  1. If you choose a box, no matter what problem you encounter, you will solve it yourself.
  2. If you choose a bridge, when you have a problem, seek help from a friend.
  3. If you choose a horse, whenever you have a problem, go to your partner.