Ten letters from the father of the most farsighted investor to his daughter

When you find one thing that interests you, don’t let age tie you down, just do it.

Jim Rogers graduated from Yale University and Oxford University. The man of the hour on modern Wall Street is known as the most visionary international investor and one of the most successful practitioners in the US securities industry.

In order to enable her daughter to live better in the future, Rogers summed up his life experience and condensed it into 12 letters in concise language to become wisdom in life.

Make good use of wisdom and be unaffected by others.

Make good use of your wisdom, life is your own, not someone else’s.

You must rely on your own research, learn how to face challenges as much as possible, judge the authenticity of information and make decisions for yourself.

But be sure to remember that before doing what you think is right, do your homework as well as you can. Find any information available, study it carefully and analyze it thoroughly until you are absolutely sure that your idea is correct.

You can ignore secular views, common sense, and the so-called ” dogma” of ordinary people, but you must abide by the moral norms necessary for a society to survive. A person worthy of respect will never drill legal loopholes or enter through the back door. Although it may seem like a loss at present, in the long run it will be a winner.

Focus on what you love

Age has nothing to do with what you want to do: when I started my first career, I was a 6 – year – old entrepreneur. You may think it is too early, but age has nothing to do with what you want to start doing. When you find one thing that interests you, don’t let age tie you down, just do it.

Devote your heart and soul to what you have the most passion for: the quickest way to succeed is to do what you like to do, and then go all out.

The key to success and failure is to pay attention to details: investment and life, details are often the key to success or failure. Therefore, you can’t ignore any details, no matter how unimportant it may seem, you must search and verify every message, so long as it is related to your decision, you can’t treat it lightly.

Common sense is not common
Many things believed by the mass society are often wrong.

Don’t expect newspaper reports to be correct: read carefully the information spread by newspapers and TV, and news reports will mislead the public from time to time. When I was young, I often felt misled by newspapers, but now I have learned how to interpret newspapers, and I already know how to find out the truth behind the news.

Many people will blindly believe what others tell him. If you really want to succeed, you must never listen to what others say. Examine everything in person and verify everything with your eyes.

Voltaire, a great French thinker, wrote: ” Common sense is not so common.” US World War II star General Patton explained: ” When everyone agrees, it means no one is using the brain.” This is the best reminder.

Know who you really are.

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what drives you. Knowing your weaknesses and perceiving your mistakes will not kill you when the crisis comes.

Don’t panic, study psychology. Emotion will drive the stock market to a certain direction. When the public overreacts to a piece of news, they either buy it at a high price or sell it short at the wrong time. Most of the time, investors’ psychology will accelerate the trend of the market.

When you understand psychology, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself. In most cases, the price of short-term transactions is driven by people’s psychology, while medium-term and long-term investments are more influenced by basic factors than psychological factors.

act in a diametrically opposite way
Find what others ignore and learn to do the opposite. If you do not follow traditional wisdom, you will be able to achieve greater success.

Whenever you feel you can do anything, stop. Don’t do anything, sit down and have a rest to overcome the mob mentality that infects you. Always look at the real world with calm and rational attitude, and you will create a world that belongs to your future.

When you can convince yourself that your thinking is efficient and reasonable, it is time for you to start acting.

Recognize change, embrace change

Everything will change: to know what may happen in the future, you must first understand the changes taking place in the world at present. All social environments will change with time. Not accepting changes is like swimming against the current. You will be destroyed sooner or later if you confront this force.

Always be aware of changes: the world is changing, and your immediate task is to find a way to deal with these changes. The changes I am talking about are not superficial, but basic, deep-seated changes that usually occur only once in decades.

The world is changing now. China has the potential to become a superpower in the 21st century.

Don’t place your bets on things that are going out: put your eyes on the future and don’t care for things that will become obsolete sooner or later. No matter how much time, energy and money you have invested, once this thing is gone and outdated, it will disappear forever. If you really want to succeed, bet on something that will last forever.

Study philosophy and learn to think

” Everyone must think independently and cannot rely on others.” This is the lesson I learned from my own experience. Although I am your father, I cannot think or make decisions for you. You need to set your goals, imagine your future, and find your way.

If you want to know yourself and what is most important to you, you must learn how to think well. Before you can accomplish anything, you must also know yourself better. Studying philosophy helped me do it.

There are two ways to think: one is to draw conclusions from observation, the other is to find out the truth from logic.

The former is called induction, which derives a more general view from a specific conclusion, while the latter is deduction, which derives a specific truth from general evidence. Neither of these two methods is better. The key point is to train yourself to apply these two logical methods so that you can have a balanced way of thinking.

Learn history and learn from past and present.

If you want to establish a macro world outlook, you must study history and look at what has happened in the world from a macro perspective. You will find that today is true, but not ten or twenty years from now. History is multifaceted.

History will let you know what drives the market and, even better, it will teach you how to predict future changes.

There is nothing new under the sun. I especially hope you remember that history often repeats itself – at least Mark Twain said so. Human nature will not change. However, remember that the historical context is different and do not expect things to be exactly the same.

Go out and touch the vast world.

It is better to believe in books than to have no books. Go out and see the world.

When you look at the vast world, your understanding of yourself and your country will deepen. After contacting different people and experiencing different worlds, you will know more about yourself. You will discover interests that you have never noticed, thus knowing your strengths and weaknesses. You will also find that what you thought was important in the past is not so great.

Never be an isolationist.

Open your heart and never refuse someone who looks different from you at first sight. We often judge a person by seeing his impression for the first time. This is natural and often a very useful way. However, knowing a certain type of person is very different from knowing a certain person.

Fortune favors only those who continue to work hard.

Once you take the first step in pursuing your dream, you must do your best.

If you are involved in something you do not understand, you will never succeed. If you bet on something you don’t know, it’s not an investment, it’s called gambling. If you want to succeed, you must know what you are doing.

Ignorance comes from a distorted sense of arrogance. Never let yourself become arrogant. Study hard and the more you learn, the less you will know. With such modesty in your arms, you can escape from pride and complacency and never lose your ability to see the truth.

Don’t stop when you are moving towards your dream. I don’t want you to live for me. I encourage you to live the life you want because I love you.