Sweet and sour

“You are a lunatic”, when my husband said this, the summer wind was passing by my ears, and I was just hearing it not far or near.

“What are you?” I chased up and asked unwillingly. “I am a fool”, the husband did not hesitate to praise himself, two Meituan electric mopeds drove side by side.

The husband said that I was a madman, but he meant to follow the madman to make a living.

On that day, he inquired about the mileage of the Meituan electric moped, which could ride 82 kilometers, and was shocked. This electric moped was so exciting that it could go back and forth from the west to the east, running through most of the city.

The sky is pure blue and the wind is gentle. I slapped my husband, looked for Meituan Xiaohuang, and rushed to the east of the city.

The Helan Mountain Road stretches straight to the east, and the bicycle lane is shaded by trees. The tall poplar trees on the right side shade the eyes from the sun. The locust tree on the left is dotted with scattered locust flowers. The fragrance of flowers rotates in the wind, seemingly neat. All roads are immersed in it. Occasionally, there are a few Elaeagnus serrata trees, and the blooming Elaeagnus sylvestris has a strong sweet fragrance. You can’t help stopping the car and breathing freely.

I ran like a madman, and my husband followed like a fool, one after the other in the city, flying the happiness of two people.

A slice of lemon is very sour and coated with honey, it will have a different taste. Most people just see the sweetness covered with honey, but they never think that the sorrow and sorrow of lemon needs to be neutralized.

Life is about the same, not only the immediate struggling, but also the emotion hiding in the shadows. These emotions were hot at first, and as the years passed, they became tired, low, and even a little hopeless. “Sharing” is the best light, which can dispel shadows and make emotions no longer gloomy.

My husband and I also bumped into each other from time to time. When he was angry, he deleted my QQ and WeChat. After a day, he was angry and added me. I refused many times. My husband had no choice but to add him with my mobile phone in the middle of the night. After that, he didn’t dare to do so, for fear that he would become a permanent blacklist.

I think the most affectionate company is not two silent people in a room, but the sharing of chattering, chatting with each other in the middle of the night, entangled with the same problem willfully, but also following each other, and the time will get better. It’s wonderful.

One’s life should not be scribbled alive, learn to manage and share, and be sour and sweet.