Successful case

Wang Feng is a gold medal seller for an insurance company. Recently, the company asked him to teach Zheng Xin, a new saleswoman. Zheng Xin half jokingly called master Wang feng, and Wang feng did not refuse. he also said with great satisfaction, ” I haven’t been in the business much longer than you, but if I make another big deal, I will be promoted. Follow me and you can learn a lot. ”

On this day, the two went to a residential area to promote insurance. There is no elevator in this old-fashioned residential area. When going downstairs, Zheng Xin’s legs became soft. At this time, an old man came up from below, carrying a large bag of things, walking a few steps will rest against the armrest for a while. Wang Feng warmly greeted the old man on the ground, holding the old man in one hand and helping him carry things in the other, and sent the old man to his home on the fifth floor. The old man was very grateful and warmly greeted them to sit down and drink tea. It turns out that the old man’s surname is Zhong and he has no children and no daughters. Wang Feng asked questions and had a good chat with the old man.

Coming out of Zhong Bo’s house, Wang Feng said to Zheng Xin, ” Don’t patronize mobile phones. Our country is now entering an aging society. The elderly are our main customer source!”

After two days, Wang Feng called Zheng Xin and went to visit Zhong Bo together. Downstairs, he bought a bag of plums. Zheng Xin said, ” how did you buy this? This stuff is very sour, Zhong Bo is afraid he can’t eat it. ” Wang Feng said, ” I promise he will like it.” Zheng Xin disagreed.

Unexpectedly, Zhong Bo was really happy to see plums and said that he liked to eat plums since childhood. Coming out of Zhong Bo’s house, Zheng Xin curiously asked Wang Feng how he knew Zhong Bo liked plums. Wang Feng said, ” The last thing I helped him carry was a bag of plums. Zhong Bo lived alone. This plum can only be eaten by himself. Careful observation, understanding what potential customers like and doing what they like are important steps to our success. ”

After that, Wang Feng went to Zhong Bo’s house as soon as he was free and did not forget something the old man liked every time he went. After many visits, Zheng Xin did not understand, thinking: Zhong Bo is an old man living alone, how much money can he give up to buy insurance? Is it worth investing so much time and energy? Wang Feng saw her mind and said, ” Zhong Bo is a potential big customer. I depend on this one for my promotion. If you don’t believe me, let’s ride the donkey and read the book-we’ll see.”

One day, Wang Feng, who was never late, suddenly didn’t come to work. Zheng Xin called and asked. Only then did he know that Zhong Bo was ill and in hospital. Wang Feng asked for leave to take care of him. After half a month, Wang Feng went to work during the day and took care of Zhong Bo in the hospital at night. The busy people lost a circle. This day, Zhong Bo was discharged from hospital. Wang Feng and Zheng Xin went to pick up Zhong Bo and go home.

In the evening, Zhong Bo kept them for dinner anyway. He also took out the wine he had treasured for many years, saying that he was happy and asked them to accompany him for a drink. Wang Feng was busy at home and abroad, planning a table of dishes. Zhong Bo drank the wine and suddenly burst into tears: ” I haven’t felt this way for a long time. It’s just like home. This time, thanks to Wang feng, I was able to get it back through my hard work. after this time, I had an idea, but I was embarrassed to say it. ”

Wang Feng asked him what he thought. Zhong Bo hesitated and said, ” I’ll sell my old age and say it-I want to accept you as my son. In fact, during this period of time, you have taken care of me so carefully that I have taken you as a relative. You told me about financial management and insurance, and I don’t quite understand it. I have some savings, so let you take care of them. As for me, I don’t have any special requirements. I just want you to take care of me until I get old and live like a family. Would you like to? ”

Wang Feng and Zheng Xin both froze. For a long time, Wang feng said excitedly, ” my father died early. I am very happy to have a father like you.” With that, he helped Zhong Bo to his chair and sat down. He called out ” Dad” and kowtowed three times respectfully. Zhong Bo was too happy to close his mouth. He took out a key and gave it to Wang Feng: ” Son, this is the key to the gate. From now on, this is your home.” One side of Zheng Xin see eyes are wet.

Since then, Wang Feng has returned to his ” home” almost as soon as he is free. Zheng Xin has been there several times and found the father and son get along very well. Soon after, Zhong Bo bought a large sum of insurance through Wang Feng, and also gave Wang Feng 300,000 yuan in cash as full agent to purchase financial products. With this big deal, Wang feng was promoted smoothly and became the youngest director of the company. Zheng Xin was greatly admired and once secretly asked Wang feng, ” how do you know zhong bo is a big customer? He doesn’t look like a rich man! ”

Wang Feng smiled, ” Why did I take you to that old and shabby neighborhood? Because most of the residents in that residential area are newly relocated from the golden section of the city center. They bought the second-hand house at a low price and left a large amount of relocation money in their hands, so … ” Zheng Xin raised his thumb and sincerely admired it.

Wang Feng got a promotion and the company arranged for him to study abroad for a month. Before leaving, he asked Zheng Xin to help him take care of Zhong Bo. One day, Wang feng called and said, ” since I was very busy last time, I haven’t handled an important matter. please help me with it.” Zheng Xin asked what it was. Wang Feng said: ” I want to write an agreement to confirm the relationship between father and son. Please help me draw it up, even if it’s your start-up assessment.”

Zheng Xin wrote the agreement and sent it to Wang feng, but Wang feng was not satisfied: ” the agreement does not need too many sensational words. the key is that my father and I should clearly write our rights and obligations.” He revised the agreement and Zheng Xin found it very detailed. For example, Wang Feng visited Zhong Bo no less than three times a week, took Zhong Bo to travel once every six months, and gave Zhong Bo a comprehensive medical examination every year. Wang Feng took full care of Zhong Bo’s property and made all the profits from Gui Zhong Bo. Even Zhong Bo was ill and visited at least a few times, and how to share the expenses were clearly written.

Zheng Xin nodded secretly. The agreement stipulated Wang Feng’s obligations in great detail. Zhong Bo must be happy to see it. According to Wang Feng’s advice, she printed the agreement in large font and showed it to Zhong Bo. Zhong Bo was cooking and motioned with his hand. ” Leave it there, I’ll see it later.”

In the absence of Wang Feng, Zheng Xin had to be on her own. She was so busy that she didn’t visit Zhong Bo for a long time. Fortunately, when Wang feng came back from his study, Zheng Xin went to see him. Wang feng looked very pale. he took out an envelope and showed Zheng Xin, ” I will receive this as soon as I come back.” Zheng Xin was taken aback when he saw it. It turned out to be a court summons! It turned out that Zhong Bo had sued Wang Feng, saying that Wang Feng had cheated him and demanded the dissolution of the father-son relationship and that Wang Feng should immediately return the money for insurance and financial management.

Zheng Xin said: ” How could this happen? The agreement you made last time was very good for the old people. What else are the old people not satisfied with? ”

Wang Feng shook his head and sighed, ” I can’t believe it either. When I was abroad, my father suddenly asked me on the phone if I was lying to him. I thought he was joking. He asked me to pay back the money immediately on the next two calls. I said that the money had been bought for financial management and could not be withdrawn until it was due. He even decided that I was lying to him and said that he wanted to break away from me. I thought he was just saying angry words. Unexpectedly, he really accused me. This kind of lawsuit, the court will generally favor the weak side, then if forced to withdraw from financial management, not only dad’s property loss is very big, will also affect my performance, this is not both hurt? ”

Zheng Xin was also worried when she heard this. She frowned and thought for a moment. Suddenly, she brightened up and said, ” I have evidence in favor of you in this case.” Wang Feng asked her what evidence she had, and Zheng Xin said, ” Zhong Bo recognized you as a son and took the initiative to let you take care of your property. I took advantage of your inattention and recorded a video on my mobile phone.” Wang Feng asked, ” Why did you think of recording the video?” Zheng Xin said shyly, ” I just think this may be a successful case of insurance promotion, so it is convenient to record it for study.”

Wang feng nodded and said: ” with this evidence, we can probably win this lawsuit. maybe at that time, my dad will lose the most …” he opened the video and said to himself with a wry smile: ” successful case … is this a successful case?”

A few days later, Zheng Xin suddenly received a phone call from Wang feng and asked her out. After meeting, Wang feng said: ” I have been thinking about it for several days. I think it is because the agreement I drew up last time is not good enough to make dad uneasy. that is why he doubts me. I have drawn up another copy. Look at it. ” Zheng Xin looked at the agreement and found that it was more detailed than the last one. He also added a penalty clause for Wang Feng’s failure to fulfill the agreement.

Zheng Xin accompanied Wang Feng to see Zhong Bo. At the door of Zhong Bo’s house, no one answered the door. Wang Feng took out the key but could not open it. Only then did he find that the lock had been changed. Wang Feng’s face was very ugly and he was about to leave dejectedly when a voice suddenly sounded behind him: ” What can I do for you? Go in and say it.” Turned out to be Zhong Bo came back, his face is also very bad.

Entering the door, Wang feng called respectfully, ” dad.” He also presented gifts brought back from abroad. Zhong Bo snorted, neither agreeing nor accepting anything. Wang Feng said sincerely: ” Dad, I know that the agreement I wrote last time is not perfect enough, which worries you. I’ve written another copy, look at it. If I’m not satisfied, I can revise it. ”

Zhong Bo took the agreement and glanced at it. Suddenly he got angry: ” You wrote another agreement. Do you know what makes me angry? This is the bullshit agreement! If you really thought I was your father, would you stipulate to visit me several times a week? After all, you didn’t think I was your father at all. You were just selling insurance. Your agreement makes me feel even more insecure. I can’t sleep every day with this piece of paper and feel cheated. That day, the district judge came to the community for consultation, and I sued you. Don’t say so much, I just want you to return the money to me quickly. ”

Wang Feng froze for a long time. His voice choked, ” Dad, I know I was wrong. At first, I did treat our relationship as a single business, but gradually, I feel very relaxed to be with you, chatting and doing housework. Later, I ran here involuntarily as soon as I got off work, and I often said proudly to my colleagues:’ I’m going home, my dad is waiting for me.’ I really regard this place as a writer. Dad, I know you won’t believe what you say now. I agree to dissolve the relationship and give you all the money back. ”

Zheng Xin’s eyes widened: ” Master, you must think clearly that you will not lose the lawsuit.”

Wang Feng said: ” I know I will win this lawsuit. If it is an ordinary customer, I will definitely go to court with him, but I don’t want to go to court with dad. Dad, please allow me to call you that for the last time. I’ll bring the document tomorrow and ask you to sign it and return the money to you. ” He said to Zheng Xin with a wry smile: ” you will not call me master in the future. what you have learned from me is a failure case. I have been teaching you how to write the contract in more detail, but now I understand that there are some things that cannot be guaranteed or replaced by the contract. ”

The next day, Zheng Xin and Wang feng came to zhong bo’s house with the documents. nobody answered the door. Wang Feng looked at the door lock, thoughtfully took out the key and tried to insert it into the lock. The door actually opened. The lock has been replaced! Zhong Bo is not at home. There is a note on the table with a few words on it: ” Son, I feel relieved. I went to buy some vegetables, and you two will eat at home at noon. ”

Wang Feng cried ” Dad” and couldn’t help crying.