Pharaoh was once a professional player. He passed by with the national team at his peak, and later changed his club frequently to prove his residual value. After retiring, he went to our high school as a physical education teacher and part-time team coach.

Lao Wang’s son, Xiao Wang, has watched his father’s game since he was born, and followed his father around, enjoying a lot of excitement and cheers on the court. Xiao Wang has been longing to be able to ride on the court like his father since he was a child.

However, this road is too difficult to walk. Pharaoh does not want his son to make a living like himself in his thirties. He hopes that his son can be admitted to college, study law or economics, have a job in a suit, and his seniority is proportional to his age, he is not afraid of aging, he does not need to control his diet and maintain his physical fitness, and has no injuries.

But Xiao Wang showed his obsession too early. Xiao Wang, who gained fame in the junior high school, entered the key high school as he wished, which is the school where Lao Wang was located. Not long after school started, he participated in the selection of the school team, but he was sent back by Lao Wang as soon as he left. Their father and son quarreled frequently during that time and refused to give up to each other.

Later, Xiao Wang’s mother mediated it, and finally, without delaying his studies, Pharaoh agreed to join him in the school team. In this way, at 3 o’clock every afternoon, Xiao Wang, like the other team members, began to warm up on the playground and participate in the training of the school team. However, he never got a chance to play in the race.

Players’ on-court state requires a lot of games to exercise. If he plays less and less time, his competitive state and sports sensitivity will be greatly reduced, so for a player, keeping him from playing for a long time is tantamount to ruining his sports career.

Everyone was very excited when the news that we were going to play in Guangzhou reached the team. Xiao Wang was also very happy. He was more and more active in training and began to adjust his schedule.

However, his name was not included in the final list, and Pharaoh once again left him at school. That day, Xiao Wang took off his team uniform and returned to the classroom. From then on, he never came to the training at three in the afternoon.

The Xiao Wang who retired was like a different person, not speaking, very withdrawn. Sometimes, we occasionally saw him during school games. He stood at a distance near the flowerbed on the side of the playground and watched the game.

The days passed in a hurry, the day of the city competition was getting closer, and the team’s personnel were adjusted in and out. Our team has a large number of centers and midfielders, but there is only one forward. This makes Lao Wang very worried.

I mustered up the courage to suggest that Lao Wang call Xiao Wang into the team for training. Lao Wang asked me with a complicated expression, “Do you think he can do it?”

Xiao Wang just returned, provided that Pharaoh had agreed to give him a chance to play. Like a knight who got the title of knight, Xiao Wang galloped on the court without hesitation.

The day of the official competition soon came. We lined up, and as the referee walked into the venue, classmates and parents waved their flags in the empty auditorium. That day, Xiao Wang’s mother also came. Despite this, Xiao Wang did not start.

In the first half, we played very cautiously and let the other side take the opportunity to score first. During the intermission, we went down ashamed. In the second half, we must strengthen our offense and try to equalize. At this time, the captain proposed to let Xiao Wang go, and we all agreed with the captain’s proposal, but the old Wang hesitated.

Finally before the start of the second half, Lao Wang spit out: “Wang Hongbin, you go on, we play double forwards.”

Xiao Wang waited for this opportunity for too long. He paused for a while, and then began to warm up eagerly, his movements were deformed and trembling slightly.

Both sides fought fiercely in the second half and both had a chance to score, but they both missed it. Until we seized a defensive counterattack opportunity-the opponent lost the ball near the midfield. The captain saw Xiao Wang running on the left at a glance, he kicked the ball out and passed the ball long. Xiao Wang ran too fast, leaving the opponent’s guard far behind. After the counter offside was successful, he caught the pass and brought it into the penalty area, then deliberately tilted his body to one side, shook the goalkeeper’s save, and finally shot the ball to the far corner-a textbook goal.

After the goal, Xiao Wang rushed to the sidelines and yelled at his father: “This is me, have you seen me? This is the real me, can you see it!”

Mother Xiao Wang, who was sitting behind the coaching bench, watched nervously what happened. The father and son looked at each other tit-for-tat for a while, until Xiao Wang was thrown to the ground by a teammate who came to celebrate, and the confrontation had a less embarrassing end.

We relied on Xiao Wang’s goal to equalize the score, but our physical strength in the second half had problems, and the opponent seized the opportunity to score again. In the end, we still lost the game.

Xiao Wang, who walked off the court, found that his father’s coaching bench was empty. He searched for his father’s position for a while, and then asked his mother in the stands: “Did I be too loud just now? Did I make my dad angry again? ”

A trace of joy actually hung on his mother’s face, she said excitedly: “No, your father is not angry. After you celebrated and ran away, he laughed happily, and then left with a smile without saying anything.”

Xiao Wang fulfilled his wish to participate in all subsequent competitions. That year, we finally ranked eighth, which was not ideal, but we did our best.

After graduating from high school, Xiao Wang left home and went to Nanjing to attend university. He got his wish and played in the school and also made the school team.

In his sophomore year, Pharaoh went to visit him in Nanjing. Xiao Wang took Lao Wang around the school, taking him to the library, teaching building, cultural and sports center, and of course the green field. Xiao Wang asked Lao Wang to observe his training. The coach from the university walked over and greeted Lao Wang cordially. Wang responded shyly.

Xiao Wang put a hand on his father’s shoulder and said: “Your set is out of date. Let me see how modern sports are trained.”

From forward to defender, the training method for each position is different, and there are new training methods from aerobic function to training load. The assistant teacher wound many rubber bands around Xiao Wang’s body, and then Xiao Wang exercised regularly to practice his body coordination. Lao Wang watched and remembered, as if he wanted to understand as much as he wanted.

When he left, Lao Wang told Xiao Wang that he was really behind, and he wanted to step down after a few more years. Xiao Wang didn’t want to mock his father’s backwardness. He just wanted to make Old Wang happy for him. This unexpected mistake made Xiao Wang unable to let go for a long time.

After graduating from university, Xiao Wang did not continue to play football, but returned to do training in a private company. On weekdays, he rushed back and forth between cities, and on weekends, he teamed up with his middle school classmates to continue playing.

In May of that year, Lao Wang was eating in the school cafeteria and somehow fainted. After being sent to the hospital, the doctor diagnosed with cerebral thrombosis.

The old Wang, who was just fifty-six years old, had no idea that he would get this disease. He had to hold his hands tremblingly before he retired, his speech was slurred, and he needed someone to take care of him.

Xiao Wang withdrew from the team, he never had time to play. The busy work and family pressure made Xiao Wang grow old quickly. He began to gain weight and lose hair quickly. In just one year, he actually had a sign of premature aging.

One day, the old classmates in the team told Xiao Wang that his alma mater was about to celebrate the school. Then they would go back to school to play a friendly match. Many old friends would go and let him go as a gift for the school celebration. Xiao Wang wanted to go very much, but after thinking about his father’s situation, he still refused.

After returning home, Lao Wang didn’t know where he heard the news. He tremblingly commanded Xiao Wang to return to his alma mater to play. Not only did Xiao Wang go, he also had to go back and see.

On the day of the game, Lao Wang wore the gray-blue sportswear he often wore when he was teaching. With the support of his wife and son, he walked across the playground and sat down at the stand. From time to time, someone would say hello, some shouted: “Coach.” “Head Wang.” Others shouted: “Ms. Wang.”

Pharaoh smiled stiffly and nodded, everyone greeted appropriately and left again to preserve Pharaoh’s self-esteem. Xiao Wang watched quietly, he hadn’t been as relaxed as this day in a long time.

Xiao Wang desperately stuffed the fat on his waist into his clothes. We laughed at each other mercilessly, and then rushed to the court awkwardly.

Before the start of the game, the referee ran to the audience, handed the whistle to Lao Wang, and asked Mr. Wang to blow the opening whistle. Lao Wang took a deep breath and blew a continuous whistle. The intermittent whistle slowly entered the field, and the friendly match began.

We kicked off first, and after a few kicks, teammates gave me the ball. I passed a person along the sideline, and from a distance I saw Xiao Wang running forward cumberly and hard. My nose suddenly sore, and without hesitation, I transferred the ball to him in a large area.

Xiao Wang ran in the direction of the ball. While running, he stared at the old Wang on the sidelines from the sidelines. He saw his father suffering from cerebral thrombosis standing there firmly on crutches, shaking his hand and shouting: “Come on, my son!”

When these words came out of Lao Wang’s mouth, he couldn’t understand what they were, but the way his father tried to say it made Xiao Wang cry like a child who had lost a toy.

Saliva continuously flowed out of Lao Wang’s mouth, and the wife beside him helped her husband wipe it while cheering for her son. Xiao Wang just ran without hesitation, as if the fat on his body was getting serious, the growth rings on his body were also tightening for the final charge, and his tears were also severely left behind by him.

He ran as if he was put on the court for the first time when he was sixteen; he ran as if he was replaced on the field of life by his father.