Story of the spectrum

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, in a small county town in the north of Jiangsu Province, there were two hundred and forty companies in the palm of the hand. No business is not rich, rich people are more, naturally, there are indispensable ways to make a good performance, and to exaggerate the rich. In those days, the two salt merchants were richer than those who went to the river and you throw me gold leaves one by one. The princes here are full of things that are tossed out.

There is a city called Haiye in the city, surnamed Wang, a native of Lingshi County, Shanxi Province, and is said to be a descendant of the Shanxi Wang Family Courtyard. Haiye is an oil merchant. His business is very big. With money, Haiye is planning to build a ancestral temple to sacrifice and pray. But the county magistrate here immediately slaps the table against it. The reason is that some of the local ethnic groups have not yet built a ancestral temple. Do you dare to build a sect in this place? No, just don’t build it for you!

I know that Haiye is still on the line, looking for people, soft and hard, and forced the county to loosen the mouth – “Building is OK, anyway, there is no land for you, since you are big, you built on the river in the west of the city.” “Oh,” the county magistrate secretly ordered: no one in the county is allowed to provide Haiye with the earth and stone to fill the river! The county magistrate secretly sneered: no earth and stone, I see how you fill the river!

Haiye is also laughing: “Who said that you must use earth and stone to fill the river?”

Soon, a long-distance car came out early in the county town early in the morning. The good guys, stretching for a few miles, were all horse-drawn carriages, full of cargo, and the whole car fell into the river.

My mother, Haiye actually took thousands of cars from the hometown of Shanxi to fill the river! At that time, the private tube coal was called “Wu Jin”, and Jin Gui was there, which made the county magistrate and other giants look green!

Haiye is so tossed, other rich people in the city can’t sit still, can the limelight still make you monopolize? Later, a local bank owner, drinking too much at night, passing through the ancestral home of Haiye’s family, just under the stone lion in front of the ancestral ancestors, was so painfully pulled a bubble, so immediately caught by the family of Haiye’s family.

Two rows of lanterns cleared the way, and Hai’s sedan came. Without waiting for Haiye to open, the bank owner said: “Where do you want to call this lion, I will pay you twice!” The banker said that it was for a reason. Before that, he said to others that he wanted to put the sea. The stone lion in front of the patriarchal ancestors came over and then smashed it in public and folded the glory of Haiye.

After the boss of the bank said, his head was smashing to the side of the sedan chair, but Haier did not even have a sedan chair. He only coughed a little in the sedan chair. A man went to go and went to the curtain. After listening to Haiye’s words, he turned around and shouted out the words of Haiye: “Grandpa said, if you can solve the problem with money, it’s not a thing!”

It turned out that this stone lion was invited by the Haiye Trustee from the Qingliangshan Palace in Shanxi Province.

The owner of the bank was not stunned. For a long time, he said, “What do you think?”

In the sedan chair, Haiye sent a cough, and the next man looked over again. Then he turned and shouted: “My grandfather said, take off the underwear and carry it away.”

The owner of the bank was forced to lose the method. The weather of the 39th day was cold and the wind was bleak. He took off his white underwear and prepared to take it away. The sea prince in the sedan suddenly clap his hands and the next man immediately took the sedan chair. A pressure, Haiye gently walked out, he went up, put the owner of the bank, and smiled: “Brother, make a joke, this is a matter of this, it is so dead.”

So, from here, all the trade names, all the rich people, no one dares to challenge the sea lord. This thing has been chewed in the mouth of the people for many years, until the sea is old, not showing up. The son of Haiye shouts “I am a sea lord” wherever he goes, and the neighbors have to avoid a few points. The brand of “sedition, avoidance” is still better.

Haier’s son, listening to his story, grew up and felt that he could spend the rest of his life as a slap in the face, so that the locals would like to talk for decades and not live in this world. But he knows that it’s not just a matter of spending money, it’s a must!

This time, the chance of Haiye’s son seems to be like this—

On that day, there was a passing man in the city, five big three thick, and his eyes wide. When the man arrived in the city, the sky was already dark. He happened to pass through the ancestral hall of Haiye’s family. He thought it was an ordinary temple. He ran around the road, and he slept for a night under the ancestral house. In the middle of the night, I was awakened by the urinary sputum. The man swayed up and squinted at the stone lion. “哗啦啦” is a sigh of urine. But when the sky was still bright, the man was caught by the ancestral home. It is.

Two rows of tiger-backed bears, wearing a uniform black shorts, sipping in front of the road, the sedan came from far away, of course, sitting in the sedan chair is not Haiye, but his son.

Looking at the scene, the person who came is not good, the man knows that he was rude last night, stepped forward, and continued to make a fuss, not to pay, but the curtain of the car did not move.

The man is also a person who knows the number of rituals. If he urinates the ancestors of the family, he does not say a few good words. He will take a few steps back and walk to the stone lion, “plop” and squat, facing the stone. The lion, even a few heads, the sound of the head hitting the ground, can be heard in five steps.

The more people gathered, the man looked at the sedan chair and did not move. The man was a little panicked. In a hurry, he wiped the stone lion with his sleeve. It was a gesture of confession.

At this time, some people in the crowd snorted: “Pack it with clothes!” The man felt a little wronged – the urine was infiltrated into the stone lion and the soil, how to install it?

Someone next to me whispered to the man, when the old man in the sedan chair was so tossed. When the man listened, he took off his clothes and smashed the soil under the stone lion into his clothes. This is to “install” the urine.

For a long while, the family standing next to the sedan chair said: “Dry you! With your tongue, clean the lion!”

The man squatted for a moment, then stood up with a bang, gnashing his teeth and anger.

“We don’t have so much patience, don’t toast and don’t eat and drink fine wine.” The family who spoke smashed his sleeves. For a time, a group of black-haired shorts were all around.

The man was helpless, kneeling on one knee, while staring at the stone lion, while staring at the sedan chair with bloody eyes, his fists clenched, and the blue veins burst, his blood blew in his mouth, and the family slammed the curtain. open. When the man saw it, he suddenly became angry and rushed to the crown, almost vomiting blood: no one in the sedan chair!

What about the people inside? The person inside, the son of Haiye, has been hiding in the crowd, his hat covering his face, and his face is full of excitement!

The two rows of Jia Ding felt that the score was almost the same, and they carried an empty sedan chair, laughing all the way, drifting away.

When I got home, Haiye’s son couldn’t wait to tell Haiye about it, and he said it was so beautiful. Haiye listened with a big eye, went up and took a slap in the face of his son, and screamed at the “disobedience”. Haier’s son was beaten for a time.

Haiye told his son that that year was a play he played privately with the county magistrate and the banker! That greedy county magistrate, how much benefit does it usually eat Haiye? Which land does Haiye want? Can Haiye think that Jianzong is dry? To put it bluntly, it is to show a picture to outsiders, and build it up, what do you mean? So, let the county magistrate pretend that he did not agree with his construction, which led to the matter of pulling the coal to fill the river, and then felt that the spectrum was not big enough, and then found the owner of the bank, the owner of the bank, privately owed Haiye A lot of money, Haiye said, as long as you can play this play, the debt owed, a write-off…

After listening to all of this, Haier’s son was immediately stupid, and the two eyes were stunned for a long time, and they did not return to God.

Haiye sighed and said: “I am posing, not hurting people, but you bullying the poor like that, there will be retribution.”

Sure enough, the man who was insulted by the son of Haiye later went to Shandong, entered the hustle and went to Liu Heiqi, and was very much appreciated by Liu Heiya. Later, this guy took a bandit to encircle the county town and shouted at the gate of the city: “This is only for revenge, not to grab it, and the neighbors should not be afraid.” Going straight to Hai’s home with people.

At that time, Haiye was already dead. Haier’s son let the whole family escape from the city quickly. He did not leave but his family asked him why he would not go together. He said: “This is my retribution, they are Come to me to settle the accounts, I will escape, they must chase, so no one can run.”

Said, Haier’s son will let the next man quickly prepare for the eight-lifted sedan—the kind that the governor of the Qing Dynasty used to sit. Underneath this short time, where to find such a sedan chair, there is no way, then go to the Guandi Temple and ask the eight-lifted sedan that lifted the emperor.

Haiye’s son sat in the sedan chair, carrying a steel box of white flowers and flowers. The sedan chair was carried all the way to Zongtang. The son of Haiye walked and sprinkled money on both sides of the road. When the neighborhood heard that someone had sprinkled money, the whole city was dispatched, and they were all around the road. No matter the men, women and children, no matter what they were doing, they all squatted on the ground and rushed, and as long as everyone shouted in unison A “Long live”, Haiye’s son sprinkled a lot of money outside. That scene is like the emperor’s travels and the people’s greetings. Haiye’s son looked left and right in the sedan chair and jumped up and down.

When the bandits broke through the crowd and found the son of Haiye, he had already sat in the ancestral hall, dragging the room and singing the “Xipi Erliu” in Zhuge Liang of the Peking Opera “The Empty City”: “I am watching the mountain view in the city tower. There are chaos outside the city…”

Around Zongtang, the fire was shining, and the son of Haiye’s son was too big…