There are a class of girls whose shortcomings are due to their carefree environment, and their advantages are also due to this. Compared with those who face competition from childhood, their personality is much simpler and more generous. They are not good at drilling camps, they are not so snobbish, they are kind, and they are compassionate. These advantages are not what many girls with strong careers do not have. There is a saying that is universally applicable: one’s strengths must include one’s shortcomings. On the contrary, one’s shortcomings often include his merits.

  Clever mistake

  When a person’s intelligence is always expressed in the form of tricks, cleverness is less likable.

  Right and wrong

  In terms of right and wrong, it must be non-human. Since he can say bad things about others in front of you today, he can tell you bad things in front of others tomorrow. This kind of person’s friends and foes are constantly changing. The only thing that remains unchanged is the big mouth. It is only his habit to say that other people’s bad words. When he said your bad words, he didn’t necessarily hate you. He just said that he was uncomfortable and used to it, so he was even more terrible.

  Mental blindness

  A person who always feels that his personal interests are not satisfied, the vision of seeing things will probably become more and more dark.


  Being able to review reflections has the basis for a new start. This is the process of human maturity.

  Lawyers are not as self-disciplined

  It is especially difficult to transform others, and it is especially difficult to reform yourself. You have to learn to suppress and restrain, but it is still easier than transforming others. When you have transformed yourself, you suddenly find that he has also changed, how suddenly he is friendly to you.


  Do you know Wanjin Oil? That is called a miscellaneous home! It’s not a person who knows a little about everything, and is not qualified to be a million dollar oil.

  Rarely confused

  This person is very clever, his mind is absolutely enough, that is, his mouth is not good, too sharp, too serious, and everything is too clear to understand, this is another problem. This is easy to get annoying. It’s a bit sloppy about everything, and it’s a kind of feeling.

  Bad partner

  People who are too restless, too loyal to their own people, are difficult to work together because they are not willing to make aggrieved, sacrificed, and tolerate a little for the cause of the group or his partner. If a person always takes his own moments of anger and interest as the standard of choice, he actually loses at least the minimum ethics.

  Not to be wrong in the world

  Getting along with people is the easiest. You respect one person and the talents respect you. Conversely, you are not benevolent, and people are not righteous. If you want to learn to be a good person, you will remember three sentences: treat people with sincerity, behave in a proper manner, and be humble in attitude. With these three, it is even. As long as you do these three, any environment can accommodate you.

  Installed Ah Q

  Being able to say or dare to forgive others is the ability to be strong and strong, and the virtue that is capable. Whether this is a self-seeking, self-balancing Ah Q spirit. In any case, learning how tolerant is also a symbol of maturity.

  Mature sign

  There are no two things that are all beautiful under the sun – a short paradise and a long-lasting hell, a moment of pleasure and a smooth life. People must always understand what they should choose. The sign of a person’s maturity may be to allow his life to be flawed and not perfect.


  When a person experiences setbacks and pains, he often produces the same consciousness, and may become a very quality person in the future.