Son’s creativity

  My son turned over my magazine at home. Suddenly said: “I am going to travel to Japan once.” Because he often whimsical, I ignore it.

  He solemnly said: “This is a creative essay competition about religious museum architecture. Gold medal winners, free to Japan for sightseeing.” Said, handed me an overseas publication.

  I don’t even look at it and say: “How much do you know about religion? How much do you know about architecture? You still have to do your homework.”

  He said with no anger: “But I am creative, such as the museum can illuminate the Tibetan incense, giving people a strong religious atmosphere. For example, the museum can sell vegetarian food, let people feel the religion in a three-dimensional sense. For example…”

  I interrupted him and said, “Don’t be like that. I remember that when you were a child, you couldn’t even build a brick, and you talked about architecture!”

  The teenage son is very tempered and ignores my sarcasm. Said to himself: “After dig a huge deep pit on the ground, it is 100 meters, then cover the museum underneath…”

  I said, “Hey, isn’t that an underground palace?”

  My son ignored me and thought: “The museum is made of transparent building materials, so that people who visit will always feel the existence of the land and have a mystery. The ground part is designed as a spiral ladder, symbolizing Humans will explore the universe…” He made a big picture in the air.

  I arbitrarily interrupted him: “When you dig deep into the ground, there will be water coming out and accumulating a crater-like lake.

  Have you ever thought about it? There is also a jet ladder that you designed, the spiral in the air, how dangerous! And…”

  The son waved his hand and said, “Mom, the problem you are talking about is a problem. But it is the work of the engineers, it is not my creativity. Mom, do you know what is creative? That is the most creative advice!”

  I sighed and said, “Okay, I think about it. But I want to remind you that for a student, I think the best idea is a good result.”

  The son completed his idea on the computer. Before paying the post, I said, “Can you let me see your finished draft?”

  He turned over and said, “Are you a judge?”

  I had to smile.

  After a long time passed, the son received a large envelope with his name and called him “Mr.” It was sent by the sponsoring department.

  We opened the letter, which was an invitation to invite the son to participate in the award ceremony overseas.

  The son said with distress: “It’s too late to rush. I don’t even say if I am the winner.”

  I said, “I still don’t give up? It is a big face to invite you to participate in the awards. This is the same as the TV series friendship. It is a helping move.”

  The son thought and said: “Mom, do you say that this award will be sent to all potential winners, and then suddenly announce who is the real winner?”

Henan Kangwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  I said, “Don’t think so much, the important thing is that you have participated.”

  The son frowned and said: “Participation is important, and winning is also important.”

  I said, “For you, the most important thing now is to do homework.”

  Soon, I received a second letter from the essay organizer. The letter said that my son did not go to the awards ceremony, they deeply regret. The son got a creative silver medal, medals and bonuses they managed to turn around.

  When my son came back from school and didn’t pick up his bag, I gave him the letter.

  He glanced at it and said faintly: “Silver card? I think I should get the gold medal. It must be that they think that I am young and it is not convenient for me to go to Japan. If I discuss it, I will say, forget it, give him a Silver medal.”

  I asked him, “Why are you thinking about Japan?”

  He immediately came to the spirit and said with great enthusiasm: “Japan’s game consoles are the most fun. I can buy one and come back to play when I go.”