Some money can’t be saved

I never sell cartons. I dismantle the boxes for express delivery, milk boxes, and boxes for large furniture at home. Every time I throw it away, others ask me if I don’t keep it for sale. The subtext is that I am poor and generous and can’t live.

My dad doesn’t understand either. That day, he worked hard to sell the boxes he had accumulated for several months. It took two hours and sold for 7 yuan. Later, he told me that in the future, don’t keep the cardboard boxes at home and never sell them again. Is this old arm and leg active for several hours worth 7 yuan?

I don’t sell cartons because I have been saving for a long time, carefully packing up, and spending most of the day selling them, and I got a “big ticket” for 5 yuan.

Another friend, diligent and thrifty, keeps the family, but his sometimes behavior and judgment are really embarrassing.

His family renovated the house and the tiles were laid. Meisew hasn’t done it yet, and his colleague asked him: I will go with you. The money can’t be made in vain. This work won’t take long, it’s very simple.

As a result, this friend and colleague had a short vacation for 3 days in a row, and their legs were lame for a week. The problem was that they did a bad job and needed to rework.

Then I spent money again to find someone who specializes in beauty sewing. They are both professional and experienced, and they did it very easily, and they finished it in the morning.

A layman would want to pretend to grab someone’s job and save this little money. In the end, if he loses his time, energy, and physical strength, he still has to spend money to let others do it.

I have always used only one credit card before, and I have used it since I started working. Later, because I was in a supermarket, a big sister who had a credit card stopped me and said that their credit card can take part in the activities of local meat deli brand 50 yuan minus 25 yuan twice a month, and watch movies 10 yuan 4 times a month Money activity. At that time, I applied for a card just to take advantage of this small advantage.

As a result, after the credit card was bound to the mobile phone, the monthly bill remained high.

I found out the reason. Originally, I rarely buy those cooked foods, but now I have to take advantage of the discount twice a month. As a result, I’m addicted to it. If you make up for 50 yuan, you always have to buy more; besides, watching movies can only be enjoyed at the beginning of the month. Usually, there is no time to go at the beginning of the month, and the end of the month cannot catch up with the activities.

After that, I decided to cancel this “full discount” credit card. The temptation of a little bit of ingenuity made me pay more money and time.

Some money can’t be saved, if you save it, you will lose it. Some money must be spent, and if it is spent, it may be earned.