Simple and invincible

We have all discovered that the crops in the fields are generally vigorous and vigorous in the spring and summer, but in autumn, they are very simple, and the branches and leaves are gradually The ground fell. And in that share of simplicity, there are the most valuable fruits.

However, the world has some misunderstandings about simplicity. For example, some people speak plainly and do not like to use gorgeous rhetoric. However, others will say: He really can’t speak, and there is no good word, which is a big truth.

Why should it be so complicated when it was simple? Why is it so complicated to do simple things? Perhaps, in the eyes of the world, without a certain degree of complexity, you can’t show your level and ability. This approach is wrong. In Andersen’s “Emperor’s New Clothes”, the two scammers are very good at talking, but what they said is all deviating from the facts and all are falsehoods, but they deceived the emperor to turn around, and finally, a child used a sentence The simple words pierced the scam: the emperor did not wear clothes. In this sense, complexity is often used to hide the purpose or conspiracy. Therefore, this world needs such children, needs such sincerity, needs such simplicity.

A lot of beauty is so simple and simple. As Levat said: “Truth is often so simple that people don’t believe it.” In a certain sense, simplicity often means true and correct. Yes, they are like this, neither weather nor power can change them.

Such a thing is recorded in “Hou Han Shu”. Ban Chao was recalled from the Western Regions, and the court used Wu Ji, a school captain, Ren Shang Zuo, to protect him. When explaining his work, Ren Shang said to him: “The prince has been in foreign countries for more than 30 years, and I am ashamed to follow you. I have great responsibilities and short thinking. What should you teach me?” He said: “I As you get older, you become stupid. How can my class superman compare with you when you take up a big job? Then I will say a few words of cleverness. The officials and officials of the foreign clan were not filial sons and grandsons because of sin. I was moved to replenish the frontier troops. The barbarians, with their hearts and minds, are difficult to adopt and are prone to bad things. Now you are harsh and a little irritable. There is no big fish when the water is clear. Pleased. You should be tolerant and calm, act with simplicity, deal with small mistakes, and hold on to the important links.” After he left, Ren Shang said: “I thought he would have some wonderful ideas. What he said was also But it’s just normal speech.” While Ren Shang was in office for a few years, the Western Regions rebelled and rebelled. He was also called back for guilt.

Ban Chao’s words were ordinary, but they contained profound truths. However, this is the reason. In Ren Shang’s view, it is too earthy, and there is no gold content. Therefore, he did not listen to these words. As a result, the Western Region rebelled and lost the Western Region. Why do plain, usually have a large amount of gold? The reason is that the plain and ordinary people often originate from the plain and ordinary people. They believe that there is no need to make some things “dense and colorful”. The things are what they are, and there is no need to cover up. Therefore, they are separated from the truth and The truth is recent. If it’s fancy, things are easily distorted. Therefore, Belinsky said: “Simpleness is an indispensable condition for works of art. In essence, it excludes any external decoration and carving.” It can be seen that simplicity is such a frankness.

In fact, the higher a person’s state, the simpler he is often. Because his heart is rich enough, he does not need any prosperity or complexity to show his strength, or that his mind is used in “inner decoration”, and he has no time to take care of others. In this way, his appearance is what he is.

If a person wants to have more goodness, he must have a sufficiently high level-accessible, pure, and advocating nature… And countless facts have long told us: All goodness belongs to those simple people in the end. Simple and invincible.