“Silence of the Lamb” behind the possession of the United States has been shocked by the shaking big case

There are few horror films, can win in the Oscar, and a take is five. But “the silent lamb” did it.

The film, which was adapted from the same name novel, won the best film, best actress, best actor, best director and best adapted screenplay on the 64th Oscar. Is unprecedented.

And won the best actor Anthony Hopkins, also promoted to the performance of the longest Oscar actor. He was in the “silent lamb”, a total of only 16 minutes out of the country.

However, only this 16-minute performance, will pull the t-like as a clown-like classic villain image. So far the fans are relish. Today, look at the king to take you deep look at this classic horror film, what are the unknown story.

“The Silence of the Lambs”
And the origin of Freud

If only the “silent lamb” as a thriller to look at, too much to underestimate him. In fact, the “silent lamb” is a rare psychological film, and the film’s subject, comes from Freud’s theory of childhood attribution.

That your childhood all the abnormal experience, will be your subconscious, affect your adult after the act.

In the movie, Clara’s childhood shadow of the lamb also comes from a book by Freud: “The Story of the Girl Dura”. This book is Freud’s only non-academic long works.

Inside the girl Dura had wanted to help the farm’s lamb escape in childhood, but was caught by the farmer, and the lamb in front of Dura’s face to kill. From then on, Dura will be scared of the lamb’s cry.

Is not and Clarice in prison was uncovered out of the childhood shadow is exactly the same?

What kind of childhood experience
Created a later high IQ killer?

Clarice’s childhood experience, in fact, and childhood education experience is very similar. They have to face the people who want to save or things, but helpless.

Just pull uncle’s childhood experience, and did not show in the movie, but until 2007, “juvenile Hannibal”, it opened the secret of pulling the meat to eat human flesh.

Pull uncle young that moment, was a sister control, there is a lovely sister. But the war let Hannibal witnessed his sister was a few hungry German soldiers eat, from the shadow of the heart.

“Juvenile Hannibal” stills

And Hannibal out of the way the shadow of the heart, it is blood to sacrifice, he became an ogre.

Hannibal and Kelasie, as in childhood also experienced a profound weakness and frustration. But one became a self-proclaimed savior, and the other became a policeman representing justice.

Why is there such a difference? The original novel “Hannibal Rise” will give you a more detailed reply, the book tells the story of his sister was divided food, the devil out of the young chest, to explore the hero Hannibal’s evil psychological development history, The most thrilling one.

Bison Bill is hidden
The most shocking of the three killings

The film “Silence of the Lamb”, another important role, is undoubtedly the belonging to the cliffs of the raid, the murder of the murder of the bison Bill.

In fact, the horror of the film in the terrible killer, is based on the United States really happened three metamorphosis killer deeds come from.

The main prototype of the buffalo Beyer is the eager peeling of Ed Gay. This cargo to the abnormal path of a large part of the reason, from their own mother.

Ed Gayon

His mother is an extreme Catholic, that in addition to their own women are prostitutes, so refused his son Aite contact with other girls. So Aite until the mother died, have been living with her in a remote town farm.

After the death of the mother, he will be the “most important in their own lives is the only female” body dug from the grave hidden in the room. But still not satisfied, then went to the cemetery dug a lot of “looks and mother like” middle-aged women’s body, stripped of their skin made of human skin mask.

The body can not meet him, he will target the living. After committing two murders, Ait Gayn was arrested by the police. He later in the name of mental illness in the mental hospital and where the old end. Gain was arrested, his farm once became a tourist attraction, but later by the local residents a fire.

Aide Gain is in addition to the prototype of the bison Bill, or “Texas Chainsaw killer” in the human skin male prototype. Then the scene of the photo can be found online.

Another prototype of Bison Bill was Teddy Bond, who was active in the 1970s, and he was tempted by the wrist to disagree the way the victim was about the way to start the bison Bill. And Teddy Bond has also helped in the prison to kill another serial murder case, which in turn and Hannibal’s experience is like.

The last prototype was Gary Hyde Nick, who, like bison Bill, dug a deep well at home to imprison the victim.

Hannibal series of a total of four, in addition to the first “silent lamb”, there are “Red Dragon”, “Hannibal” and prequel “juvenile Hannibal”. The four films were adapted from American novels by Thomas Harris. The “silent lamb” adaptation of the film swept the Oscar five awards, is the history of suspense literature insurmountable peak. This book adds a fine psychological analysis to the horror story, tells the crime and also examines the psychological nature of the crime. I have seen the reasoning, suspense class books that there are one hundred, and this is my only buy, whether it is in human nature, the plot, and even the character set is undoubtedly a masterpiece.

If you think that you can read the movie can fully understand the Clarice, Hannibal and Bison Bill, it is wrong. The original novel is not only the story of some differences, and some of the most classic most witty dialogue in the movie is not found!

There is no other writer in the world than Harris is better at grasping the rhythm of suspense. There are readers that actually afraid to see suspense, terror, who knows a “silent lamb” can not be put down until the end. Mind ups and downs completely around it, scared no sleepiness and appetite!