“Sick” leaders

  The image of former British Prime Minister Buchan has plummeted after the news that Observer of the Observer, Andrew Ronsley, has tempered and often bullied his subordinates. The British anti-bullying call for help. The Daily Telegraph also revealed that Brown had changed his temper and changed more than 100 computer keyboards a year. ”

  After the British Prime Minister Brown’s temper and frequent bullying of his subordinates were blown out by reporters, Brown’s image plummeted.
  In the face of more and more criticism, Brown, who is deeply immersed in the “temper”, has to pull his predecessors out of the back. In an interview, he admits that his temper is indeed a bit poor, but compared with Churchill and other heads of state, it is only a small witch.

  Grumpy type
  In terms of temper, the current French president Sarkozy is clearly earlier than Brown’s “debut”.
  In an interview, Mrs. Sarkozy admitted that many people were afraid of Sarkozy. “This is not only because of his high weight but also because he has a bad temper.”
  Sarkozy often disregards the image and loses his temper in public. One of the most famous ones is confrontation with the people at a trade fair for agricultural products. At that time, Sarkozy approached the masses and prepared to shake hands with everyone. A man did not want to shake hands with him: “Oh! No! Don’t touch me!” Sarkozy immediately replied: “So get out!” The man is not good. Jalan: “You make me nausea!” Sarkozy yelled: “Fast! You idiot!”
  Sarkozy’s anger is often against the pillow, his ex-wife Cecilia has suffered from domestic violence. The police, although the police did not arrest Sarkozy, but he was also warned by Interior Minister Francois Baruan. After divorcing his ex-wife, Sarkozy began to change his temper by collecting stamps under the leadership of Bruni.
  In fact, the grumpy leader is more than Sarkozy, but most people do not get angry in public like him.
  The first president of the United States, Washington, has been described as a friendly and awkward gentleman, but in fact his temper is very violent. His special artist wrote in his memoirs: “If he was born in the forest, I would see him become a brutal tribe. The most ferocious person.”
  When he was the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army in Washington, once, several drunken soldiers were drunk at the headquarters, and Washington rushed out to be a punch and kick. When he became president, Washington’s hot temper remained unchanged. His secretary had witnessed him arrogantly throwing his hat on the ground and then using his ankles. In addition, Washington’s deaf work is quite good, and his secretary said: “The most terrible experience in this life is to hear the curse of Washington.”
  The bad temper of former British Prime Minister Churchill also made the assistant complain that he was “more bad than the tyrant.” Churchill himself admitted that he said: “I think that I have heard the disapproval of any critics in our country. discourse or criticism, I have compared with the habit of using language pales in fact, I was very surprised, I have hurt so many of my colleagues will now speak to me. ”
  drunken type
  There are many leaders who like to drink.
  Before being under the prime minister, Churchill was sent to report on the Boer War. He actually brought 18 bottles of Scotch, 36 bottles of wine and 6 bottles of brandy. Former British Foreign Secretary George Brown also loves to drink. When he visited Peru, he was drunk and made a big splash. He wanted to invite a person wearing purple clothes to dance and was rejected. The purple man said: “First you are drunk. Secondly, it is not the waltz’s song, it is the Peruvian national anthem. The third point, I am not a woman, I am the Archbishop Lima.” The
  heavyweight alcoholic, the first Russian president Yeltsin.
  Yeltsin’s protocol director, Shi Weiqinke, published a book. In 1994, Yeltsin flew back to Moscow from Washington. According to the plan, he should travel to Ireland on the flight and have a 40-minute meeting with Irish Prime Minister Reynolds. But the day before flying away from Washington, Yeltsin drank too much at the farewell party. The next day the plane arrived at Shannon Airport in Dublin, the wine was still not awake. Reynolds had been waiting for a long time on the red carpet. Finally, the Deputy Prime Minister had to talk to Reynolds for a short time for ten minutes.
  This incident made Yeltsin feel that he “disappeared in front of the world”, but compared with alcohol, Yeltsin obviously prefers the latter.
  The 42nd President of the United States, Clinton, revealed in his interview with historian Blanche that in 1995, Yeltsin visited the United States, and he was drunk in the hotel where he stayed. Then he only wore shorts and stood on the street outside the building to stop renting. Go to the pizza to buy a pizza. The next day, Yeltsin was drunk again. This time he ran to the basement of his hotel and strolled around, causing everyone to find him everywhere. In Germany, Yeltsin also made a joke because of drunkenness. At that time, he swayed to the front of a military band conductor and grabbed the baton to personally direct.
  After this incident, the seven deputies of Yeltsin jointly wrote a letter to him, urging him to give up the “unhealthy habits”, especially the “Russian over-indulgence that is well known”. Because “the president’s behavior is not obvious. Your work has revealed an irregular feature, and the behavior is ups and downs. It is increasingly obvious that contact with the public, journalists, newspapers and TV viewers is positive for the President. It has become more and more difficult.”
  Even during the presidential election, Yeltsin’s alcohol addiction has not happened. Later, his assistant was forced to do nothing, and he had to secretly use the vodka with the water to send the president’s alcohol addiction. However, Yeltsin was still drunk before the reelection. On the day of the election, he rushed to the stage and danced with the music. This twisted, the presidential throne was twisted.
  Strong sexual desire The
  heads are mostly energetic, temperamental and sexually active.
  As the founding father of the United States, Washington is a flower name. The day before he married his wife, he also remembered the wife of his good friend and told him the truth. The two have maintained an extramarital affair for 11 years. Of course, there are definitely more than one extramarital affairs in Washington.
  Thomas Jefferson is also a great man recognized by historians. As a writer of the Declaration of Independence, he believes that “the life is equal,” but he has raised 150 black slaves and kept the most beautiful ones for himself. A 40-year relationship.
  After the unwillingness of both sexes, there is also the 29th President of the United States, Harding, who has poor performance. Before he was not president, Harding had 15 years of extramarital affairs with his friend. Later, he campaigned for the president. His friend’s wife suddenly jumped out and announced the scandal between the two. Harding quickly bought a Cadillac limousine for her and sent a huge sum for her to travel around the world. After being elected president, Harding was uncomfortable, still likes to sneak in the White House, and was almost raped by his wife on the spot. Even more ridiculous is that when Harding and his mistress met in the hotel, they also encountered police inspections. He wore a mistress’s coat and dressed as a woman to escape.
  Really sick
  leaders appear in public, they must be spirited and radiant. In fact, many people have become ill-treated when they are in power, or are suffering from illnesses that are not fatal but are also very terrible. The reason is nothing more than three words: old and bad.
  In 1981, Mitterrand was admitted to the French president, but was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In 1993, when he visited Seoul in South Korea, he suddenly fell at the ceremony and vomited. Soon after, when he approved a trade agreement, he had to be supported by two assistants to sign. In 1994, when Mitterrand was interviewed by French television, the pronunciation was vague and needed to be repeated.

  The assassination in 1981 left US President Ronald Reagan with serious sequelae. His bodyguards recalled that after the shooting incident, Reagan “has never walked freely on the street” and wears bulletproof vests in any place. More importantly, his memory loss is getting more and more serious, and he often forgets the names of his assistants and relatives. In 1982, when Reagan met with a general in Brazil, he proposed to cheer the Bolivian people. A year later, people found him sleeping frequently in small meetings in the cabinet. And these things happened in his first term.
  During his second term, Reagan had an accused “Iranian incident.” In fact, when he instructed to deliver weapons to Iran, he had just undergone a large bowel resection for 15 days. The official signing of the secret was that he was found and removed three. The second day of intestinal polyps. At the end of 1986, Reagan made a telephone speech acknowledging that the prostate was about to be removed when the scandal occurred.
  Like Reagan’s physical condition, politics is everywhere, and some are even more serious than him. Despite all the diseases, the heads of state still hope to stay in the political arena.