Show love

My daughter often gives me addicted soup. I wrote my article and read it to her. She always praised it again and again: “Mom, you wrote so well! You are so awesome!”

After listening to it, I had to take the manuscript and read it again for myself. I looked like I couldn’t put it down, which greatly satisfied my vanity.

I bought new clothes occasionally, and when I was pitying myself in the mirror, my daughter always took part in the whole process and did not bother to cheer me up: “This dress is really good-looking. If you don’t wear it in the future, don’t give it to others, just give it to me. ?”

On the whiteboard at home, from time to time there will be some words of thanks or apology, and even some words of love. Sometimes, after a day of class at school, I go home exhausted, and see my daughter leave these words on the whiteboard before school: “Dear parents, you have worked hard! I love you! My daughter.”

In a moment, the fatigue disappeared, and I felt that life was not meaningless.

That year, it had been some time since my father passed away, and my mother was depressed and reluctant to speak. In order to resolve her loneliness, we picked her up north to live with us. My mother has always been clever, and during that time, she always rushed to help me cook. At that time, besides teaching, I had to go to the doctoral class. With the help of my mother, I had to worry less and benefited a lot from work and spirit.

One day, I finished four classes in the morning at the Polytechnic Institute, and then I went to Soochow University at 2 o’clock in the afternoon to be a student. When I drove home, I remembered these days, every time I stepped into the house in a hurry, my mother always brought out hot and fresh meals in time. Compared with the past scribbled meals, the days when my mother was there are really amazing. So happy. And although I have felt this way, why have I never expressed my inner feelings to my mother? Don’t I often feel more energetic because of my daughter’s sweet words? Doesn’t my mother want to listen to her daughter’s thanks?

The journey is quite long, I have enough time to develop courage. I decided to speak as soon as I walked in. However, when the door of the room opened, my mother smiled and said to me: “Come back! Let’s eat…”

I was suddenly shy, so I missed the best time. I felt a little annoyed and decided to continue my efforts. I comforted myself: “It doesn’t matter, the first time is always the hardest. After passing this level, it will be easy in the future.”

When I was eating, I was always waiting for an opportunity to act, so that I seemed a little absent-minded and answered the wrong questions several times. My mother asked me strangely: “What happened to you today? Why is it weird?”

I began to admire my daughter, why she can always express her feelings so naturally, not awkward at all, but I am so laborious!

After the meal was over, I still didn’t say it. I was so anxious. If I don’t seize the opportunity, I’m afraid I can only keep this sentence in my heart forever. I looked down at the bowl and said bravely: “Mom! I feel so happy! For people in their forties, there is still my mother who makes a hot meal at noon and waits for me to come back.”

I didn’t dare to lift my head and finished it quickly. I didn’t dare to look at my mother’s expression, so I rushed into the study room, took the book I was going to bring in the afternoon, and hurried away. The exam is still nervous.

That evening, when I came back from school, my mother was already busy in the kitchen. I quietly opened the door and entered the house, and found that my mother, who hadn’t spoken to sing since his father’s death, had actually regained her previous habit of cooking and singing in the kitchen.