Sell one’s details

Knock your hand on the table to reveal your identity.

In the Second World War, one day, in a Soviet headquarters at the front line, an inspection team composed of several officers suddenly came and asked the head of the headquarters to report on the combat readiness.

During the reception, the headquarters thought that the staff officer found an officer of the inspection team sitting in a chair tapping lightly on the desktop with his finger, showing a relaxed state. judging from the movement rules and sounds of his finger, it was a famous german song and immediately reported to the superior. After prompt verification by superiors, no inspection team was sent. The so-called ” inspection team” was actually a German spy disguise. As a result, they were all arrested immediately, thus avoiding the huge losses caused by a leak accident.

Discarded scrap of paper

In the summer of 1942, our anti – Japanese army and civilians rose up against the sweeping.

On one occasion, a brigade scout found a piece of paper discarded by the Japanese army in a toilet in the wild, on which were written several place names, a large circle and the number ” 29″.

This piece of paper attracted the attention of Liu Bocheng. He carefully analyzed these place names and found that fighting spirit is on one side of our base area. What does it mean to draw a big circle? The enemy may have to encircle these places, ” 29″ may be the date of the encirclement. Liu Bocheng immediately ordered all our troops in the above-mentioned areas to withdraw quietly before the 29th after comprehensively judging other situations.

As expected, the enemy formed an encirclement of the area on the 29th. However, due to our preparation in advance, the enemy got nothing and was surrounded by more than 500 people. Through this incident, the staff around Liu Bocheng learned Liu Bocheng’s witty and decisive command art.

Identification by Fire

During the Second World War, on the platform of a railway station in a small border town in the south of neutral Switzerland, a well-dressed mature passenger with mud on his boots was waiting for the bus.

At this time, another passenger was holding a cigarette and borrowed a fire from him. The young passenger took out a box of matches from his upper pocket and gave it to the other party. After using up the fire, the borrower politely said, ” I’m sorry, please show me your identification.” As a result, the mature passenger pulled out a little and said helplessly, ” I’m sorry, I forgot to bring it! “

The person who borrowed the fire immediately flashed the Swiss secret police’s certificate and asked the person to come with him. Finally, the man was arrested by Swiss authorities for espionage.

The Swiss secret police believed that the other party was suspicious on the following grounds: first, the Swiss were well dressed when traveling, and the boots of the Swiss were stained with mud, which indicated that the Swiss had just travelled a long distance. Second, the Swiss all use matches made in Switzerland, but this person has Italian matches with him, and he has no identification on him, which shows that he just crossed the Alps to enter Switzerland illegally.

After interrogation, it was discovered that the man was sent to Switzerland by the Italian fascist authorities to spy out military secrets.