Scientific discovery: the essence of fate – quantum entanglement!

Quantum science, with the successful launch of Chinese quantum satellites, will become more and more hot. However, quantum science is an unfathomable subject for most people. Because the characteristics of quantum are very different, it not only has ” wave-particle duality”, “quantum entanglement”, “quantum superposition”, “quantum attraction”. “,” quantum interference” and other characteristics, and the granular quantum does not follow Newtonian mechanics, and the wavy quantum does not follow the wave function.

This makes the physicists who study quantum science confused, because quantum science has touched the soul world!

Soul, that is, ideology. Human scientific research on the material world has been very thorough, but it has only just begun for the soul world. The soul is the inseparable quantum of the legend, an independent and constant individual!

The scientific community has deviations from the definition of “quantum”. Quantum is not the smallest unit of traditional physics, but an objectively inseparable independent unit. There is no size, because size is a competent concept created by the separation of human beings.

The objective soul world, only energy has no quality, only the quantity has no size, only space has no time, only the distance has no distance, only the shape has no shape…

” Wave-particle duality” is the basic assumption of quantum science, which was later confirmed by countless quantum experiments. Light quantum is not linearly propagated. For example, Einstein’s small window illuminates the entire room. According to the theory of linear propagation of light, light can only illuminate a small piece of light through a small window. In the experiment, a complete light absorbing plate is used. In the direct light of the small window, the light still illuminates the entire house.

Light quantum experiments have shown that light is transmitted in waves, and when it is observed, it appears as granular.

In the soul world, “I” is everywhere, and in some places it is “I”. When my soul is expressed as “I”, the consciousness of the people around me and me is focused on me, and I appear as a tangible “particle” state.

When my performance is not mine, my focus of consciousness is gathered on the people around me. My consciousness is “divided” to the consciousness of the people around me . I am not showing me, but a kind of “wave”. shape.

In real life, the value of my existence is the concern of the people around me. When the focus is stronger, the more valuable my existence is, the stronger my energy is. When no one pays attention to me, I am not I am, my existence is meaningless, and this is why people are afraid of loneliness. Lonely can make a person suffocate and die.

Because the soul is a quantum, the soul has the outstanding characteristics of quantum: entanglement. What is quantum entanglement? It is the quantum between two related quantum, a quantum change will inevitably lead to another quantum change, and the change of both occurs at the same time.

For example, if the mother and daughter have a child, the daughter becomes a mother, and the mother becomes a beggar. The mother is passively and simultaneously undergoes the same state of change, which is quantum entanglement.

In the soul world, the soul and the soul are intertwined. For example, I have an idea that the surrounding souls can sense and respond accordingly. Similarly, the thoughts of the surrounding souls will also cause my soul to react. This situation occurs at the same time.

When I make an action, it may not be my own conscious behavior, but the result of the entanglement of the surrounding soul consciousness. My conscious behavior may be passive . I deeply experienced it in “Dream”. Other souls entangled me, leading me to inexplicable actions. My own soul can’t even control my actions.

The same is true in real life, which is what we often say: people are not living for themselves. When a person is alive, he is always being noticed by others, that is, “quantum entanglement.”

This is why, many people talk about one person together, when everyone thinks about him, he will suddenly appear, saying that Cao Cao Cao Cao, this is the result of quantum entanglement .

This also tells us that life is alive, you have to be grateful and less resentful, you are grateful to others, others’ souls can feel and get a grateful return at the same time. On the contrary, you will resent others, others will also make resentful returns. .

When the people around you are grateful to return to you, your life energy will be greatly improved, your health will be healthy, and everything will go smoothly; when your resentment returns, your life energy will be greatly reduced, and your body will become sick. Everything is not going well.

Quantum entanglement also explains the fate between people well. Those who have a relationship will eventually become a genus, and those who have a chance will eventually meet, and those who have a chance will eventually gather together, and the people will gather together to form a group.

What is a quantum stack? That is, a quantum exists in different places or in different states. Another meaning is that when we observe a quantum in a pile of quantum, we often observe not a quantum state but multiple quantum Superimposed state.

In real life, when we are emotional, in fact, our soul is in superposition. At this time, we often lose our mind and do something that is contrary to our own intentions, because at that moment: I am not me. I was superimposed and controlled by the consciousness of others and the consciousness of the mind.

Therefore, we can have no faith, but we must have positive energy. Kindness and compassion can bring us full positive energy, let our soul get the blessing of positive energy , and avoid the superposition of negative energy magic soul.

The superposition of the soul also confirms one sentence: Everything is one, I have you, you have me. When we understand this truth, we will have less separation, and we will have more “self-love” when we treat people and things around us . I also understand that the shortcomings of others are precisely the mapping of their own shortcomings, and they will not be picky and blame others.

There is gravity between the quantum, and this gravitation is expressed as quantum attraction. In 1687, Newton proposed the inexplicable gravitation, which caused a lot of turmoil in the scientific community. How can we not understand that two objects that are not in contact will be attractive.

This gravitation is actually produced by the quantum attraction inside the object. The quantum attraction varies with quantum energy, and the quantum energy depends on the quantum consciousness.

The law of attraction between people and between people and things has been recognized by humans. The attraction between the souls is mutual . The men and women in love are most likely to feel the “quantum attraction” of the soul. When the boy especially misses the girl, there is a huge “quantum attraction” , and another soul will be due to “quantum entanglement.” “Because it is attracted and produces the same feelings, so the two souls meet and superimpose in the quantum world, so the most advanced form of love is the combination of men and women, the superposition of the soul!

Understand that the “quantum attraction” of the soul will guide us in life to be the first to attract each other, and love is the greatest attraction. My soul gives you the attraction of love, and your soul will sense the return of love to me at the same time.

The quantum attraction of the soul also explains the principles of the law of cosmic attraction!

Quantum interference is also a major obstacle in quantum science research. Because of this inter-quantum interference, quantum instantly changes its state, causing the wave function to collapse.

Where is the “quantum interference” between the souls? For example, the soul of a certain A directs him to drive from A to B to travel. A B tells a certain person that he should not go, and will go to a car accident. At this time, the wave function of a certain A indicates that he will drive from A to B today, and then when he comes back, he will have a car accident in C, and then he will return to A. Because a certain A was disturbed by a certain B, he would not travel to B. His wave function collapsed, and the fact of a car accident would not happen.

But the larger wave function of a certain A still runs as usual. This is the fate of the soul and will follow a certain wave function. In our lives, we are often interrupted by others and interrupt some of our actions. This is the “quantum interference” of the soul. It is because of the “quantum interference” of the soul that life is more colorful.

Understanding the quantum interference of the soul allows us to listen to others’ opinions and correct our behavior ; however, at the same time, the interference of others can sometimes hinder our success. This requires that you have a bright and self-aware heart, be aware of your soul goals, and consistently achieve your goals, without being disturbed by other souls!

The quantum interference of the soul also allows us to understand the purpose of self-cultivation, that is, to find our own soul attributes through quiet observation , try not to interfere with the secular soul, and be a true self. It is really not easy to be a true self. It is necessary to pull out its own independent soul from the superposition state, and eliminate the quantum interference of the soul and break the quantum entanglement of the soul.

It is no wonder that some of the great practitioners have gone home to hide in the caves, and to break the red dust and entangle the interference. After they have completed the road, they find that they are connected with all things, or they can’t get rid of the quantum superposition of the soul!