Science and religion are not eternal truths

I do quantum entangled state experiment for more than ten years, mainly used in gravitational wave measurement, unexpected results show that the application of entangled photons is very broad, with unexpected real benefits. Recently, a lot of people suddenly asked me to quantum entangled state, they saw Zhu Qingshi academic science articles but more confused, quantum mechanics and metaphysical Buddhism are related, simply incredible. And part of my study involving human culture, we hope that I can make some effective clarification.

Science originates from some beliefs of religion, and the operation of all things has a uniform truth, whether at any time or at any place. God is omnipresent, all the time, is a good physical manifestation, and this belief is so powerful but conflict with each other, to promote science from the beginning of the religion, but also because of the phenomenon observed by science against religion and separation. Buddhism is essentially atheism, and has long devoted special attention to human mental thinking and expression of language tools. Science is also inseparable from these tools, of course, and Dharma had a relationship.

I study the purpose of human culture, trying to understand the process of human culture, how to shape today’s ideological state. Is maths artificial or natural? Meet aliens, will there be a completely different counting method? Former German President Weizque’s physicist brother Carl Weizk likes to say a joke, and I also like to tell his jokes. Someone in the middle of the night under the lights to find the key, passing him out of the street lights under it? He does not know! But only here there is light to see. We will be limited by language and culture, but can only see the language and culture can describe the phenomenon of it? This is my study of human culture to answer the question.

What is science? My teacher, Mr. Herman Quinn, spoke of his understanding in his retired speech, and we sorted out the observed phenomena in a succinct way to allow more people to use and promote. Please note that Mr. Quinn has avoided using the concept of truth, and given more ink on the tool. I also hold the same view from childhood, the current science and yin and yang of the five elements are equivalent, are not as eternal truth, but more sophisticated and more effective only.

Dragon tree made two holy meaning, we think that the true meaning, divided into two, secular meaning and victory meaning. Buddhism attaches importance to equality, and is equal to the average person and scientist. Scientists can use extremely difficult language experimental tools to develop the meaning of justice, most people can also be a simple science to understand the secular meaning, there is no difference between the two points. This is where Buddhism is fascinating, and I will mention the possible future of this matter.

If we return to the dragon before the Buddha to promote the four sacred “bitter set off”, bitter set for the set, for the bitter fruit, off for the Road, the road for the fruit. The causal relationship between the causal relationship is regarded as the true meaning, and the causal principle was once regarded as the fundamental principle of all physics, but in the quantum mechanics predicament. We asked, is the eternal truth of causality?

Careful exploration of human history, the cause and the concept of time after the development of agriculture and animal husbandry civilization is strengthened, melon melon beans beans, we recognize that the two are separated by a few months time events are related. In the hunting time we do not know can be planted, three months after all things, animals have eaten, how to know to carefully maintain the cultivation. The source of the word culture is to carefully maintain the crops that are planted. The great discovery and progress of farming has created the axis of culture, and we are no longer out of the elderly and young children.

In fact, the causal beliefs are only strengthened, the psychic remains of the hunting period still exist, meditation, yoga, and even jump big gods can return to time and space disappearance of the Nirvana state, and the unknown prophet, out of nothing, through time and space, have become religious or witch Surgery is an indispensable element.

In order to teach religion and science separately, Galileo made a simple definition, and the phenomenon that can be repeated at any time and anywhere is a scientific category. Four hundred years later, Pope added a restriction, can be falsely called science, can not falsify, prohibit falsification, or to prevent falsification, do not belong to the scope of science. If you want to keep up with the innocent woman Maria Jesus and Jesus died and resurrected, both things can not be repeated, but also thought to be repeated, not science. In his “brief history of mankind”, Hullah was also aware that the conditions that Pope had added had important ideological changes, and that what we now know may be overturned and rewritten. It is better to say that we know we do not know. Weizk’s jokes, the tools of Queensland, the holy doctrine of the dragon tree, are not all about the scientific truth. Scientific use of the language is generally difficult to understand, and even the scientists themselves are still in development, can not fully understand.

Before Galileo, the cause of all things in the world was the will of God, beyond the range that men could know. After Newton, the world movement followed the mathematical formula, how long did we spend time to spread the mechanics, even now there are some people who do not recognize these mechanics formulas, even if they do not understand are also seen in quantum mechanics to destroy Newton’s formula. On the eve of the commercialization of quantum computers, we must be alert to changes in language tools, and Newton calculus math tools are about to be replaced by computer code.

We analyze or predict natural phenomena, possibly using only one algebraic symbol “#” C “*”, # is input, “C” is code, and * is output. Even so, I still want to add that we know that a lot of things can be summed up as simple images, and we infer from these images that we do not know much more, and we do not like the last century, The So “do not know” is scientific, you know “are God do” is unscientific.

Talking about here, there are a lot of people will probably say that the deep thinking of Buddhism, because the four are empty so science is empty It is necessary for us to explore the possible sources of empty and unethical ideas without having to confuse right and wrong.

India three thousand years ago, the Ganges River Basin is very developed agriculture, food and clothing worry. But there are two very special people, the Buddha in China we all know that the odd is relatively strange, and Nobita in India more widely known. They are insisted by the ascetic, the Buddha is halfway, began to promote the ascetic can not be freed, but Nobita does not give up ascetic, has been spread to today. So why do we ask how to get it, what is the purpose? I think ascetic is a kind of nostalgia, a return, to return to the hunting period, not subject to farming civilization interference instinctive state of mind, to explore what people and how people know the world. Buddha and Nobita are the samurai class origin, to subvert the priest to dominate the Vatican I like, but to carry forward the tradition of hunting period, the warrior self sacrifice without my sacrifice.

I also put forward a possible answer to the mystery of the Easter Island, the continent who sailed to Oceania, are self-sacrificing marine warriors, so Easter Island stone face facing the island, not looking forward to those who come. Please note that I am here to carry out the scientific spirit, put forward a new point of view for everyone to refer to, want to understand the human beings to help their own, and not claim to be the truth. And I put forward the point of view, trying to clarify why mankind removed the murder after sacrifice, the sacrifice and the crowd is still from generation to generation, because it is a major habit after hunting. China’s situation is very special, priests and warriors do exist in the Shang Dynasty, and may all surnamed son, Confucius only hope that everyone becomes a gentleman. To the Zhou Dynasty has undergone major changes, many business culture was cleaned, only a hundred years ago unearthed.

Now the concept of space, to the optical telescope after the gradual formation of observation. Before this cosmology all kinds of a variety of, in the next few hundred years, of course, may also be very different. In this period of development, we continue to imagine what constitutes space? There is a thing called ether, and the ether is omnipresent. All unexplained phenomena can be explained by the ether, for example, why can the light pass, gravity can cross through the space. Soon we found that the ether is synonymous with God, but it sounds more scientific.

More than a hundred years ago, Michael’s experiment proved that light transmission does not need ether, you can pass. So the “field” to replace the name of the ether is nothing, to “field” everywhere. We immediately found that the material also has this characteristic, like a wave in the space spread, and can cross each other. In recent years, after the Higgs field was confirmed, God came back with the name of the Higgs field. Our imagination is not very poor, no other better concept, and constantly return to the origin. This kind of back and forth interaction, not alone in nearly a hundred years of science, over the past two thousand years, the Indians for a while empty, repeated debate did not know a few times, are very typical of cultural dialectics.

Quantum mechanics subvert the traditional mechanics, we can use the new formula to predict the prediction, but four hundred years of deep traditional concept of mechanics is still, often makes quantum mechanics violate cognition. Perhaps even hundreds of years, we will be used to abandon the real number, the use of such a long figure, in fact, only integer, or even use fewer prime numbers with the operation is enough to express. The promotion of prime numbers represents the jump of human knowledge, as Quincy said, to prime factors to express things more concise changes.

I then said, “Dao Sheng a life two, two students three, three things.” He once thought that all things in the world can be disassembled into two prime two and three combinations. In addition to alfalfa, there are very few combinations of nature, the prime number of three represents the leap of counting thinking. Between the two elements only forward and backward operation, forward and backward must be exchanged, known as the exchange group. Three elements have a variety of possible operations, exchange the order of operations, you can get different results. Give an example to illustrate the three elements between the non-equidistant, the definition of two operations, the first away and then approached to get a path, after the exchange, the first go further away, the two paths will be different the result of. The birth of non-exchangeable groups, resulting in the concept of time sequence.

And later appeared in the yin and yang of the five elements, completely subvert the Laozi’s cosmology to the palm of your hand to describe the world more convenient, so I also strongly doubt that I was really in the Warring States period? At that time the prime of the five moral concept has already emerged. Four can be understood as a combination of two two, or a combination of three plus one, the language and the composition of thought is closely related.

Prime five meaning more than that, the picture is a five-element complete map. We can be uninterrupted through all the connection line, again and again, only five and five elements only appear full map. If you exchange two stroke sequences, you will get different results. On the contrary, if the two can be exchanged, we can always through the exchange, back to the starting point, and therefore lost the time evolution. We can also put the drawings into the four-dimensional space, to eliminate the intersection of all the lines, in order to establish a new string theory, with a simple geometric images and operations to adapt to the observed physical phenomena. Please note that there are infinitely many combinations of perfect graphs, such as any number of repetitions in one triangle. Do not repeat the end of all the lines are not only one, but must go through all the elements twice. This means that the evolution of time has a different path, from three elements to five elements of a limited number of tools to expand the concept and operation, but in the substantive application of an important leap.

Five elements complete map
Five elements complete map
Comparing the quantum field equation with the classical mechanics equation, the biggest difference between the two is the expression of the way that the quantum field describes the nonlocal field, while the classical mechanics describes a time and position of the material movement. In order to solve the emerging problems, we add numbers to get more space to describe the problem, while introducing new specifications to adapt to new problems. This kind of thinking is still continuing to develop, in order to accommodate a completely different gravity, began to expand or reduce the spatial dimension, the new language was born again.

Finally, I would like to talk to friends Jia Nan, do not say too much about the academician Zhu Qingshi, your daughter Bay Bay can not be entangled in the form of both upstairs and downstairs, until you call her when suddenly collapsed. Zhu academician is not the meaning of this, otherwise committed a serious mistake. Although natural phenomena follow quantum mechanics, gravity and the other three forces are very different.

Gravitational force is produced by mass, and electromagnetic force is generated by charge. The charge does not change with the observed coordinates, but the quality is different, with the observer movement and change. There is no positive or negative quality, the charge is positive and negative. We determine the range of particle distribution in mass, the heavier the particle distribution or the propagation in the smaller range. Einstein questioned my door do not look at the moon, do not the moon is gone. The existence of the moon and its trajectory, you can observe the impact of many other gravitational support, and Schrodinger cat life and death entanglement of the ideal closed completely different.

Quantum mechanics in some of the amount can not be observed at the same time, for example, electron spin up and down the two directions can not be measured at the same time, can not be two independent observation. The gravitational effect of the moon or bay can be observed by many people at the same time. Not only the interference of observation is limited, but also allows the existence of no interference with the measurement method. Bay Bay quality of more than 30 kg, the location of the distribution within the negative forty-three square meters. Therefore, Bay can not have upstairs downstairs gravitational different entangled state, only when she replied to your call, suddenly collapsed from the upstairs downstairs. But I do not rule out you and daughter Bay Bay has a special entanglement beyond the genetic combination, to some unknown micro-state transmission of information, perhaps one day we call the soul. The universe we observe needs to be entangled to bond, and the relationship between man and soul needs the soul to continue.

What is the entanglement in the end? My research almost all new phenomena are related to entanglement, spent more than ten years to slowly understand. Simply entangled with respect to quantum information, when the particles are interrelated, the original independent individual free expression contains the possibility of reduced. The most wonderful thing is that entanglement information has nothing to do with time and space, no matter how far apart can be measured at the same time the relationship between each other. After a long period of time after the Western Enlightenment, we use space-time energy to simplify and unify the expression of physics. After entering the information age, the new language tools appeared, quantum gravity also abandoned the old geometric expression and use quantum information expression. I expect that in the near future, quantum information will still find a more appropriate way of geometric expression, after all, human beings can not escape the intuitive geometry, whether it is Cartesian, Goethe or Husserl are in this area a lot of effort.

Human understanding of gravity is very basic, the weight of the language far beyond the other forces. But to the last hundred years to understand the gravitational and temporal and spatial awareness of the relevant, so do not be too surprised, before the end of this century there will be upside down changes.