Restaurant night

   On a special night, a special lady and I went to a high-end Italian restaurant in Aoyama for dinner-in fact, to celebrate the wedding anniversary with my wife.
  What a quiet restaurant. The distance between tables is appropriate. Thick wine list, even sommeliers. The snow-white tablecloth has bright lights. No music, instead of background music, is a pleasant and quiet conversation between the two. The dishes are of the Northern Italian style and are prepared with authentic authentic small steaks. The general feeling is that there is a pretentious restaurant-the price is not cheap, and it is not a place that you can go to with a toe.
  When the two of us were seated, a pair of young men and women sat at a table a little further away from us. It’s early in the night, and the guests are only us and them. The man is twenty-seven or eight, and the woman is twenty-four or five. Both men and women are handsome, neatly dressed and chic, a pair of urban lovers.
  We ordered wine and ordered food. In the waiting time, listening to the conversation between the two people intently or unintentionally, or inexplicably. I can hear that the two are about to fall in love. Although the content of the conversation is too ordinary to be ordinary, according to the tone, it can also guess the general progress. The man thought, “It’s almost time to make an appointment,” and the woman feels that “it’s a good idea to be afraid of making an appointment.” In the middle of the table was the white mist of pheromones. And we have been married for thirty years, and Pheromones are almost gone. However, the young lover who looked at the happy expression from the side felt not bad.
  However, this wonderful atmosphere completely disappeared when the first dish came up-the man “sucked and sucked” the macaroni into his throat, which was indeed a shocking sound, the sound of the door of hell opening or closing! I heard that my body was stiff, and my wife was stiff; the waitress and the sommelier froze, and the woman on the opposite seat was frozen. Everyone held their breath. Only the man who was the person concerned was indifferent, sipping the macaroni “sucking and sucking”, and looked very happy.
  What happened to the couple’s future fate, I still have my heart on my mind from time to time.