Simple naturalists tell us that it is enough to have a home without leaking water. Compared with this low standard, many of us have already moved towards the spirit of pursuit. When I learned that German volunteer Luanke’s monthly living expenses were about one hundred yuan, it was really a bit of a surprise. It was the renminbi, not the euro. How does he live? Why does he live like this?

  German Luanke and CCTV reporter Chai Jing, an interviewee, an interviewer, sat on a hillside in a place in Guangxi that was very localized to Lin Guangyi’s Guangla team. Luanke’s look is very quiet, and he can’t see excitement or pride at all. CCTV’s famous reporter interviewed him. He is like chatting with students. However, the normal behavior of this volunteer has already moved the Chinese people. When I looked at the website the next day, many of the posts had only one sentence: all Chinese people must learn from him.

  Born in 1968, after graduating from high school, he worked as a sailboat factory worker and a sailing coach. He worked as a soldier and then went to the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts to read industrial design. In China, he has been a volunteer for more than ten years, but this volunteer is not easy. In 1997, Luanke volunteered to teach German in a disabled school in Nanning. He was fined by the Public Security Bureau for not having a “employment permit”. 3000 yuan; in 1999, he returned to Guangxi from Germany, and went to a county middle school teacher in Hechi area. He did not need teaching materials, an exam, he taught only six people to pass the class, the average score of 20 . The parents naturally had opinions and the school had to expel him. “I tried to fill out the 2001 English exam papers. I don’t think I can get 80 points.” Luanke said when he was here, he seemed to be very sorry for the parents of the children, then murmured: Chinese It is too purposeful to do things, too urgent.

  Since July 2001, Luanke has placed his family in the Linguang Village, Jiankai Village, Chaola Township, Donglan County, Guangxi Province. This is a remote mountain village where no telephones or roads are allowed, and villagers can only speak Zhuang language. What is he doing here? He is practicing his dreams. His dream is: what kind of education can make children’s physical, mental and spiritual health. He wants to change the mind of the people in the small village of only 150 people: the way I change them is to live with them, I want them to see that in the same environment, I can do things different from the environment, they I never thought that a person can do things different from the environment. When they see it, they will think why he can do it, but I can’t do it? For example, when they drink and play cards, I am writing a book. Those children can only speak Zhuang, and he has to start teaching Mandarin in Pinyin. Because of the power outage, they have a diesel lamp class every night. After mastering some of the basics of Pinyin, he asked each student to tell his own story, and after translating it into Mandarin, he wrote it down with pinyin. In this way, each student has a pinyin text that is different from others.

  The student can’t live without him, and the whole village can’t live without him. Every time Luanke goes out to work, they are afraid that he will not come back. But Luanke said that he was already connected with the mountains there, the water there.

  According to our routines, such people are very “promotional value”. “Advanced deeds” must be excavated in all directions. We must learn from Comrade Luanke. Then, we are going to be greatly “moved”. However, Luanke is Our overwhelming enthusiasm is very calm: he will not be a volunteer ambassador at the request of the relevant leaders. He will not advertise to collect money. He always advises to see his volunteers and volunteers to integrate. Not short-term.

  I thought of Wu Xun, the spiritual rich who was once approved to be “begging” for school. Why is Wu Xun doing this, because he also has a dream. He has had enough days without culture. If there is no culture, he will be oppressed. He has to do everything possible to make others have culture. Wu Xun has not thought of how to let those children who have no culture learn the culture. He has given the task of teaching culture to other people, and he only guarantees that people without culture have the ability to learn culture. He spent thirty years practicing his pledge, and he used his pledge to make himself completely devoted. Because he did not ask for a return, because he has no purpose.

  In fact, both of them are doing the same thing, that is, education, trying to make more hearts educated to make up for mental defects, so that people can stand on their own feet and be able to face the society they are facing independently. .

  I spent a whole night browsing Luanke’s blog. In “Pursuing Peace,” he said: Now, the only job I can do is to dedicate myself to myself, because it does not require special intelligence. In fact, I don’t want to change China’s education. It is the Chinese’s own business. I should not interfere. I just like my own way of life.

  They are doing what almost every Chinese can do, but the average Chinese can’t keep going, or don’t want to, or disdain. I also saw that there are some problems in our education, but I can’t do it like Wu Xun, and I can’t do it like Luanke. Really embarrassing.

  Sometimes, if there is purpose and no purpose, you can persist and stick to it.