Pull you black in my heart

See “wonderful meeting”, since the media big Xu teacher complained that they were damaged by the network spray. Kang Yong asked her why not pull black. She said do not want to pull black.
“If you can pull black but not pull black, is to agree with others hurt you.” “Speaking of the Road,” the originator Kang Yong brother occasionally sharp look, just shiny.
Black is the most important invention in the history of human civilization. It originated in the network, most people have the experience of hacking others on the Internet. Some people who do not have a direct relationship with their own lives, pointing to your mother, a key pull black world quiet.
I am in the microblogging pull black curse people, some people say that my belly is not big.
A lot of things, do not rise to the issue of domineering, if your belly is just to others to hurt your channel, I would rather you Xiaodu chicken.
Pull black, is to close the self-protection mechanism of malicious injury, is to cherish life, in order to live high quality and efficiency, it is also your freedom and rights.
Pull on the network easy to operate, it is difficult to pull the real life of black. In real life, pull the black is not falling, but the heart has a switch, silently after the black, for everyone to say everything, you will no longer care and care.
– 02 –
A little fat girl told me that she was sitting opposite the female colleagues pulled black. Female colleagues have a feature, the more you do not listen to what, she will say more. “You are so fat, do not wear light”, “You see who else who are losing weight, how do you not diminished.”
The girl once said to her seriously, “First, I am high insulin, are fat and fat constitution, weight loss is difficult, two, I do not care about their own fat.” Female colleagues immediately refuted: “no reduction of fat, only not enough You must also want to be thin, that is not hard on their own.
Girl heart really tired
Instead of changing others, it is better to change yourself. She silently took the female colleague in silence. From then on what she said, she took the initiative to shield, pretend not to hear.
Healthy life, the heart should have a small black house, close to those who we have no choice but to meet with them, but do not want to be their unprotected people.
Hebe’s little black house is even off her mother.
She had just resigned, her mother had a negative energy explosion every day. Her company started, do face a lot of difficulties, can not get the performance to persuade the mother. So she did two things, one from the home to move out, rent their own house to live, the second is to minimize the number of mothers go back to see, because the mother and daughter together, in addition to her mother’s complaints, nothing else can talk.
Six months later, Hebe’s company to get the first investment, that can put her mother from the black house released. “Only 5 million? So little, I think the newspaper companies are tens of millions of investment.
“It seems that my mother has to stay in the little black house for a while.”
When Hebe told me, I thought she was sure to be married. Because the girl is too clever. She knows what she is doing, but also know that love yourself, more importantly, she understands between people, even if it is loved ones, some aspects of understanding is also a luxury.

Trying to persuade each other, often only cause misunderstanding and injury, distance is the only way to solve the problem.
– 03 –
No one is willing to pull black others, if you get along with anyone else, but also seem strong ability. But the reality is that some people, you spend time with him to communicate, only in exchange for a deeper misunderstanding. Their thinking system is closed, only to recognize their own judgments, treat everything is very pessimistic. And even some people, is used to make you uncomfortable, you are uncomfortable, he can be comfortable.
When I first went to the advertising company, a person was the same over the same period. She felt that the small company is dawdling, so whenever I work hard, she cynical.
I complained to my colleague. Friend bluntly said: “Because you are too seriously her, she was hurt you. She fart, you chase smell … …”
Friends of a friend, awakened a dream man.
Everyone has a “Stockholm syndrome” gene. Others hurt you, the more I do not look at you, the more you care about his views, the more you want to conquer him, that can cure, and finally became a patient.
I chose to smile in the heart of that female colleague, she said I was laughing. Whenever you find yourself in the “why do you think”, think about yourself immediately.
For unprotected people who hurt you, pull the black is the most effective blow. Angry, communication, fight back, all that you mind him, your mind will encourage him to hurt.

– 04 –
Regardless of the network or the reality, you do not pull a black man to attack you, no more than you have to cultivate, but fear of offending him, and even fantasy he is still useful to you.
The so-called “more than a few friends as enemies,” let us in the interpersonal relationship at a disadvantage, not to express themselves, dragging bloated circle of friends, really useful friends are few.
In fact, the real life of pulling black, is a small switch in the heart, is “I do not care you, you can not hurt me”, rather than the surface of the cut, and sometimes even you can maintain a good surface with him relationship. The world of adults is never black or white.
Last weekend I went back to the military, hear the driver of the history of the Dean, said: “You are very kind of the dean.” As a college general driver, he uttered a truth: really capable, useful to you, most Kind and easy to attack, will not arbitrarily attack others, but not a malicious look at the world.
Often export wounding, people uncomfortable people, it is possible only life when Loser. If you do not dare to offend because of fear, you will soon find that they are like your family that 5 dollars to buy vegetables pot, only spent two months, it is necessary to spend half a bottle of detergent plus two hours to wash Clean, the cost of maintenance is much greater than the value of use.
Some people ask: “In the end what is love yourself?” This problem is too big. But starting from the smallest, is today’s topic, learn to cherish life, pull black Loser.
You are very busy, do not put valuable emotions in those who specifically do not let you happy people.