Proportion of chlorine dioxide disinfectant

Eliminate odor from air: use a concentration of 200-400mg/L, after activating chlorine dioxide, add water to 50-100 times, spray the prepared solution to the space or drag the ground, disinfection time It’s about 30 minutes. It is also possible to place the activated stock solution in a dispersing container and let it evaporate naturally, 2ml per cubic meter of space, and the disinfection time is also 30 minutes.

Ground disinfection: The concentration of chlorine dioxide when disinfecting the ground is 200-400mg/L, that is, the original solution is mixed with water to a 1:500-100 solution, and the ground is disinfected by spray or mopping. The disinfection time is 20 minutes.

Surface disinfection: For food processing plant workbenches, drinking water plant workshops, medical equipment and other surface disinfection, the concentration of chlorine dioxide is also 200-400mg/L. The method of disinfection can be sprayed on the surface of the object. , Or wipe the surface of the object with a disinfectant in wet wool.

Disinfection of the inner tank of the drinking fountain: the drinking fountains used daily need to be disinfected regularly, and the purified water buckets need to be disinfected after being recycled to the purified water plant. When disinfecting drinking fountains and buckets, the concentration of chlorine dioxide is 100mg/L, that is, the activated chlorine dioxide disinfectant is mixed with water 1:200, and the solution is soaked for 5 minutes.

Toilet disinfection: The toilet is prone to bacteria such as Escherichia coli. Therefore, toilets need to be disinfected regularly, especially in public toilets. The concentration of the chlorine dioxide disinfectant used to disinfect the toilet is 400 mg/L. The ratio of water to water is 1:50 activated chlorine dioxide to water, and the disinfection method is wiping and washing.

Hand disinfection: The concentration of the hand disinfection solution made from chlorine dioxide disinfectant is 100mg/L, which is the same as the disinfection concentration of a 5-gallon bucket. The disinfection method is to wipe for one minute

Disinfection of tableware: household tableware needs to be disinfected regularly, and tableware in restaurants needs to be strictly disinfected after use. At this time, the concentration of chlorine dioxide disinfectant is 200-400mg/L. Soak the tableware in the solution for 10-20 minutes.

Disinfection and preservation of vegetables and fruits: Chlorine dioxide is also the best preservative for vegetables and fruits. Use 30~60mg/L chlorine dioxide solution, that is, mix the activated hydrogen dioxide digester with water at 1:30~60. Soaking or rinsing fruits and vegetables for 5-10 minutes can achieve good disinfection and preservation effects.

Clothes disinfection: As a clothes disinfectant, hydrogen dioxide not only has a disinfecting effect, but also has a bleaching function. When in use, the concentration of the chlorine dioxide solution is 100-500mg/L, and the clothes can be soaked in the solution for 5-10 minutes.

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