Prevent breast hyperplasia, women should eat as little as possible 4 kinds of food

Breast hyperplasia is a very common disease in women. Both young women and middle-aged women have a certain chance of occurrence. Breast hyperplasia has a certain relationship with the changes of estrogen levels in our body. Many women may feel mild pain in the breast during menstrual cramps, which is caused by lobular hyperplasia in the breast. If you can’t fully recover after the menstrual period, it will become breast hyperplasia. This is a physiological hyperplasia, and breast hyperplasia is also pathological. Therefore, in daily life, women should pay special attention to protect the health of the breasts and regulate the body, especially if they eat these four kinds of foods in the diet, which may reduce the risk of breast hyperplasia.

Prevent breast hyperplasia, women should eat as little as possible 4 kinds of food, may make the breast “unblocked”

1. Foods containing more estrogen

There are many women in life who want to be beautiful and retain beautiful faces. They may eat foods rich in estrogen or health products. Although it has a certain effect on our appearance, if there are too many estrogens in the body, it is easy to cause breast hyperplasia. Therefore, we must pay attention to the amount of estrogen-containing diet or skin care products.

2. Food containing jaundice

Women with breast hyperplasia or prevent breast hyperplasia, you should eat less foods rich in yellow floating, such as coffee, chocolate and other foods contain more jaundice. Therefore, women who want to protect their breast health should try to eat less of this food.

3. Food with high fat content

Women should also pay attention to their daily diet. Try to eat less fat foods. It can not only cause obesity in the body, but also cause endocrine disorders. If the level of estrogen is too high, it will cause hyperplasia of the breast, so women It is best to eat as little as possible.

4. Pickled food

The salted food has a very high salt content, and it tends to keep the sodium in our body. It tends to make our breasts poor and increase the risk of breast hyperplasia. Moreover, the salted products are rich in nitrite, which increases the risk of breast cancer in women, so women should try to eat less.

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