In a fisherman’s hut, Fisherman’s wife darned an old sail in front of the lamp. Outside the house, the wind is roaring, the roaring waves hit the shore cliffs, splashing waves… The sea is storming, and the outside is black and cold.

  But in this fisherman’s cabin, it is warm and comfortable. The ground floor was cleaned, the embers were still burning in the stove, and the dishes on the shelves were sparkling. On the bed with white bills, five children were sleeping quietly in the whistling sound of the sea storm. Zhang Da, who was fishing, drove to the sea early in the morning and has not returned yet. Listening to the roar of the waves and the whistling of the wind, Dina was really scared.

  The old wooden clock hoarsely beaten 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock… The husband still did not return. I am meditating. The husband does not care for himself, braving the cold and the storm to fight the turtle. She also works from morning till night. But the result is that it is barely strong to maintain life. The children still don’t have shoes to wear, and they run barefoot in winter and summer. It’s not white bread – it’s good to eat rye bread; it’s only fish. “However, thank God, the children are healthy, there is nothing to complain about.” Dina thought, listening to the storm. “Where is he now? Bless him, God, send mercy!” She said as she crossed the cross.

  It is still early to sleep. Dina stood up, put a thick scarf on her head, and went to the outside with a lantern. She wants to see if the sea is calmer, is the sky bright, and the lights on the lighthouse are still on? Can I see my husband’s fishing boat? However, nothing can be seen on the sea. The wind picked up her headscarf and rolled something that was scratched and slammed the door of the neighbor’s hut. So Dina remembered that she wanted to see the sick female neighbor since the evening. “No one takes care of her!” Dina thought, then went to knock on the door.

  Hearing, no one answered.

  ”The days of the widow are difficult!” Dina stood in front of the door and thought, “Although the children are not too many, two, but she is only worried about everything. Not to mention the disease! Oh, the days of the widow are difficult! Go in Let’s see!”

  Dina knocked on the door again and again, no one answered.

  ”Hey, big scorpion!” Dina shouted, thinking, don’t do something, it opened the door.

  The broken house was cold and cold. Dina lifted the lamp and wanted to see where the patient was. At first glance, I saw a bed, facing the door; the female neighbor quietly and motionlessly lying on the bed – only the dead talent was like this. Dina lifted the lamp closer. Yes, it is her. The head tilted back, it was cold. The blue face shows the silence of death. Brushing the stiff hands, as if to stretch enough, hang down from the straw. Not far from the dead mother, two children with curly hair and fat faces fell asleep, and they were covered with a broken dress, twisting their bodies, and the two pale yellow heads were close together. Apparently, before the death, the mother had time to wrap the children’s feet with old headscarves and put their clothes on them. The children slept sweet and fragrant, breathing evenly and calmly.

  Dina picked up the little cradle of the sleeping children, surrounded them with a headscarf and brought them home. Her heart beat very hard. She doesn’t know how to bring her children home, why should she do this; but she knows that she can’t do it.

  When she got home, she put the sleeping child on the bed, slept with her own child, and hurriedly pulled down the account. She was very excited and her face turned white, as if she had done something wrong. “What does the husband say?” She thought quietly alone. “I have 5 children, are you having fun? Are you doing less for them?… Will he say this?… No, it won’t Why can I adopt it?… He will slap me a meal. It should also be deserved, I will be self-sufficient. Will he be like this? No! Oh, it would be better!”

  The door slammed, as if someone had entered the house, and she was shocked and got up from the stool.

  ”Nobody, still no one! God, why am I doing this?… Now, how can I face him?…” Dana meditated, sitting in front of the bed for a long time.

  Suddenly the door opened wide and a fresh sea breeze rushed into the house. “Dinna, I am back!” A tall, dark-faced fisherman dragged a wet, torn fishing net behind him and said that he entered the house.

  ”Ah, it’s you!” Dina stopped when she said a word, and did not dare to look up at her husband.

  ”Oh this one night, it’s terrible!”

  ”Yeah, the weather is really bad! How is the fish playing?”

  ”It’s awful, it’s terrible! I didn’t play anything, but I also tore the net. Oh, it’s bad luck! Tell you that the weather is really awkward, I probably never touched it like this night. Fighting fish, thank you very much when you come back!…I am not at home, what are you doing?”

  The fisherman dragged the net into the house and sat next to the stove.

  ”I?” Dina’s face turned white. “I? I am staying at home, sewing and mending… The wind is so big, it’s scary, I am worried about you!”

  ”Yeah, yeah,” the husband whispered. “The weather is terribly bad. What can I do?”

  The couple did not say anything.

  ”Do you know,” said Dina, “the female neighbor Simon died.”

  ”is it?”

  ”I don’t know when I died. Maybe I died yesterday. Oh, it’s really painful to die. I can’t worry about my child, I don’t know how hard it is! The two children are still small, one can’t talk, one just Will climb…”

  Dina did not say anything. The fisherman frowned and looked worried and worried.

  ”Well, it’s a problem!” Yuda said, rubbing his head. “What do you think? I will hold it, or else the child will wake up to see what the dead mother will be? Yes, just like this, I want to hold it! Come on!”

  However, Dina did not move.

  ”What are you, don’t you like it? What’s the matter, how are you?”

  ”They are already here!” Dina said, opening the account.