There are gatherings in the countryside, and often old ladies. At the snack stalls, borrow the name of tasting before buying, and take advantage of the facts. It tastes like a street, without spending a fortune, but you have to entertain. A child followed the grandfather to gather, but also wanted to learn. His hand was just stretched out, he was beaten back by his grandfather, then stretched out, and then beaten back. The child was displeased. After returning home, he asked his grandfather angrily. My grandfather said with anger: “It is easy to be poor when studying for a long time.”
  What is poor energy?
  After a plagiarism in a school, the invigilator was very surprised. Because this is a test center where all the top experts in the school are concentrated, it should not be too much. So, the invigilator reminded him euphemistically. However, the student still did not change, every few minutes, he turned his head and aimed at the students around him.
  The invigilator was unbearable and blasted him out to the grade director. The grade director looked at the student, smiled bitterly, and shook his head helplessly.
  It turned out that this child often behaved like cheating. He copied it, but it was not impossible. In his words, he couldn’t help it, and he always wanted to answer the answers with other students.
  The office of a company always loses money, it is some change. No one cared about it at first, but it was always lost afterwards, which became a mystery, and everyone felt puzzled.
  A big office, a dozen people, who would it be? No matter who is suspicious, everyone thinks it shouldn’t be. First, now that the living conditions are good, who still cares about these tens of yuan; secondly, although everyone ’s change is thrown in the drawer, who will wait for the money until the night and the moon is high?
  No matter how logically it doesn’t make sense, but the fact is that everyone’s money is still lost when it is said.
  Until one day after work, someone temporarily returned to the office to pick up something, and found a colleague looking upside down in others’ drawers. What is even more unexpected is that this “thief” grew up in a solid family and never lacked pocket money. Her husband is currently opening a seafood and seafood wholesale store, with an annual income of several million yuan, and the money can be spent casually. Later, the reasons she spoke were ridiculous. She said that if you see other people’s money lying there, if you don’t take it away, you will feel itchy and uncomfortable.
  There is a local rich man who is struggling to fight for gold and likes to be richer than others. When someone buys a good car, he buys a luxury car, and if someone buys a house, he buys a villa, and he shows off everywhere. Once a gambling, a wealthy man is also generous, throwing money. He was in a hurry, and he simply sprinkled the money in the casino to make people snatch it, and then looked away without looking back.
  However, it was just such a person. Once, a relative of his wife’s family couldn’t survive, so he came to borrow money from him. The rich man pondered for a long time, said something that was not easy, and then sent the relatives away without borrowing anything. It is said that the rich man often quarrels and fights with his daughter-in-law for this reason, and the life goes by.
  A while ago, friends and group traveled to a certain country. When he came back, he was very moved, not because of the beautiful scenery, but because he felt a little embarrassing on his trip abroad. He said that one day at lunch, when entering the restaurant, the tour guide told everyone to abide by the customs of the host country and have a civilized meal. However, after entering, many people rushed to the favorite dishes with their dinner plates and grabbed the food they like to eat. What’s more, a couple of men and women, in order to get a little more seafood, even spat, it looks very ugly.
  This pair of men and women, both dressed very brightly, looked at each other as if they had never eaten seafood. The foreman and waiter of the restaurant in the country looked at these two people with a special eye. Although they only looked at the two people, the weird eye was like a whip on the heart of every tour group member.
  Although the incident passed, the friend described it and was still filled with indignation.
  Poor energy, that is, the smallness of human nature, has become a habit in life. Such people, in the spiritual world, the weather is curled, less noble, less open, less atmosphere. No matter how informative and rich they are, they always feel shrinking, lacking a sense of pleasure and transparency.
  Back to the beginning of the article, in fact, the grandfather of the child finally slammed this sentence: The poor people are despised.