Please pay “sin tax”

During my stay in Hamidahl town in the United States, a strange lawsuit surprised me and puzzled me.
Her name is Lidona, and her son is studying in Senior One in Zhenli Middle School. Her income is not high, but she has a traditional frugal lifestyle, so she is also very strict with her son.
While cleaning up her son’s room, she accidentally found a can filled with cigarette butts under his bed. She immediately burst into tears with anger, her son secretly smoked behind her back, can not let her sad?
She just couldn’t understand, where did her son get the spare money to buy cigarettes? My son’s pocket money is planned. What makes her wonder is, which store dares to sell cigarettes to minors in a blatant way?
When my son came back from school, he scolded, “I let you be unworthy and even learned to smoke without telling me. Tell me, where did you buy your cigarettes? ”
Frightened, the son stammered, “I bought it in the shop across the street from … school.”
After that, she was furious and took her son’s shopping ticket to court.
The next day, she received a subpoena from the court. To her surprise, the subpoena told her to pay her son a “sin tax” of 500 US dollars.
In this way, the plaintiff became the defendant.
Lidona was not only angry but also surprised. She went to the lawyer specially to consult.
“My son is to buy cigarettes, how to become a” sinner “? Also let me go to pay “sin tax”, is it playing with the law? This is ridiculous … “Li Donna angrily poured out the oppressed in my heart.
After listening to her, the lawyer moved out of the country’s newly issued regulations and explained with a smile: “Your son must pay a’ sin tax’. Previously, the law prohibited businesses from selling cigarettes and drinks to minors under the age of 18. For the first time, businesses can be fined from $300 to $1,000. You keep saying that your son did not commit any crime, why should he pay the “crime tax”? The reason is very simple, but you only know the old laws and regulations, not the new laws and regulations. Merchants selling things is a legal business activity. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of merchants, the old regulations have been revoked. ” The lawyer said to open the new regulations to her.
The new law stipulates: “‘all minors under the age of 18 buy cigarettes and alcohol at a higher price, which is the’ sin tax’, and the general increase is 20% of the original price. The purpose of increasing the “crime tax” is to increase the financial burden of minors, so that they can get rid of their bad habit of smoking and drinking, and stay away from alcohol and tobacco …’ Your son has smoked for more than half a year. According to the calculation of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and according to the evaluation of shopping tickets, there should be 500 US dollars. If you are the legal guardian of your son, you will be fined the equivalent “sin tax”. You should pay the 500 US dollars, and you have failed in your duty as a guardian … “After hearing the lawyer’s explanation, her tears fell down again, regretting that she lost a handful of rice instead of catching a chicken. However, if you think calmly, although this law is somewhat “inhuman”, it has a certain warning effect on minors, and it is also a spur and urge for guardians to fulfill their duties.
U.S. law is so elusive, but through these elusive phenomena, we can see the pertinence of these laws, with the color of “education”, to “supervise” individual behavior, so that the cold words of laws and regulations radiate the warm color of human nature.