Plastic, Tang Dynasty and modern people’s immortality

  The dynasty without plastics, the Tang Dynasty, and the Tang Dynasty, too many, and more than one hour.

  The emergence and widespread use of plastics and plastic bags has been rampant, but in just a few decades.

  Today, chemicals and plastics have taken control of our lives and controlled the planet.

  It is said that in the Pacific Ocean, a large amount of plastic waste dumped by land has formed a huge floating continent, which environmentalists call it the eighth continent of the earth, called the “plastic continent”. Under the scouring of the waves, “Plastic Continent” constantly decomposes plastic granules, which are called “plastic sands”. Fish, birds and marine life eat this “plastic sand” and die a lot of poisoning, even if they are alive. With poison, it was finally put on the table of human beings–the ancients said: “Heavenly, you can still violate it; you can’t live without it.” Sincerely.

  Our civilization may in fact be regarded as a civilization dominated by chemicals. Of course, it is not difficult to understand that we invented the chemicals, invited them with enthusiasm, worshipped and relied on them.

  Chemicals infiltrate every detail of our modern life. It seems that they are helping our lives, but they are actually replacing our lives.

  Think about every shopping, every post, every meal, every treatment, every trip, every entertainment, every drink, every party… think about it, every detail of our life, whether it is Full of chemicals, full of shadows of plastic products?

  We use chemical products to grow, finally packaged in plastic bags, stuffed into our one-time passion, one-time friendship, one-time ethics, one-time knowledge, one-off academic, one-time pleasure, one-off climax Then, hurriedly throw it away and throw it into the ultimate shore of our lives: garbage dumps.

  Two hundred or three hundred years or a thousand years later, our descendants accidentally dug up these things, these things that have not been degraded and not yet melted, thought that they discovered precious cultural relics and found the baby. After the tests, they were shocked: this is poisonous garbage, poisoning in the underground night and day after day, the soil, water and air are poisoned. It is no wonder that the grass on the earth is sparse, the life is extinct, the people are confused, and poetry is gone.

  They looked desperately at the old plastic bags, the immortal garbage, and said a word for a long time: “First people, this is the gift you left for us, this is the cultural relic we have?”

  There was no plastic bag in the distant Tang Dynasty, and there was nothing solid in the Tang Dynasty. The house is brick and wood, the furniture is brick and wood, the bridge is brick and wood, the palace of the emperor is brick and wood, and even the temple where the gods live is brick and wood, which will be smashed and decayed. In addition, some of the irons smelted by the Tang Dynasty were made of hoes such as hoes and sickles, and some of them were weapons of the town to protect the country. Iron is the strongest thing in the Tang Dynasty, but the iron will also rust and eventually become mud. That is to say, in the Tang Dynasty, dynasties, palaces, artifacts, fame, and wealth are all smoky, and they are all things that are decaying. What is immortal? The sun, the moon and the stars are immortal, the earth and the river are immortal, and the breeze and white clouds are immortal. However, the Tang Dynasty people felt that in the face of immortal nature, people are undoubtedly passing by in a hurry, a illusion of decaying and annihilating. The Tang dynasty was not willing to be a fast-moving passer in front of the immortal nature. They felt that this was not only sorry for the immortal nature, but also the self-satisfied self. They use the immortal soul, the immortal poetry, to worship this immortal mountain river, the immortal world, the immortal universe – in this way, for the heavens and the earth, for the sake of the people, for the sake of the sacred school, for the world to open peace. Thus, the succulent person transcends time and space, and has the immortal value of symmetry with the heavens and the earth. Looking around the crazy modern and equally crazy post-modern, surrounded by steel, cement, chemicals and plastic products, surrounded by man-made immortal and non-degradable objects, people now seem to disdain what immortal, do not believe What is eternal. Sublime beliefs, great souls, sincere feelings, and profound poetry, which originate from the depths of life and correspond to the sacred realm of the ultimate mystery of the universe, are increasingly distant. People are increasingly rejecting poetry, and they are increasingly reducing humanity. People no longer believe in immortality, so they are willing to succumb to their own ignorance; people no longer worship eternal, so they are only obsessed with the current desire to satisfy and a moment of pleasure and give up eternal Spiritual value.

  In a diverse natural order, although a person is only an ordinary member, his existence should reflect the deep meaning of nature and reflect the most subtle and most valuable ultimate consciousness in the universe. I think that the universe gives people different wisdom and soul. It is not to abuse self-expansion and self-destruction. It is not to abuse the nature and the universe that gives him wisdom. It is to use people to think about it. Going to the opposite, to comprehend, to transcend, to help the universe and everything, to make it tend to perfection.

  Regrettably, people only seek quick success, are keen on quick-acting, are willing to decay, and give up immortality. In addition to the unsatisfied desire chase and instinctive pleasure, there is no longer the ultimate concern forever.

  When fast food is made, and it becomes a universal production method, lifestyle, emotional way and cultural way, what other products can we leave behind?

  I am not saddened by the details, objects, and lives that have been thrown away once and for all, and I have remembered the plastic products buried deep underground, including those that have been packed with countless hours.

  Yes, who said that we are a passing passenger, who said that we have not left eternal things?

  We have the immortal forest cast by reinforced concrete, and the non-degradable plastic bag, which is the immortal evidence that we have lived, walked, passed by.