Perfect world DOTA2

To offer weekly cross-server PvP tournaments, upgraded weapons and gear, as well as new fashion, mounts and flyers
Perfect World Entertainment has released a new video for Elysium, announcing that the 12th expansion for Perfect World International will launch on April 13th. It will introduce a fully customizable homestead-building system, a max level 10-player instance, and weekly cross-server PvP tournaments for highly coveted rewards. For the first time, players will be able to build and customize their own housing with the Homestead System. Nestled in the heart of a forsaken forest lies a lavish mansion, ready to be designed and furnished. 5These homesteads serve as a safe haven for wandering travelers, where players can also craft items, offer contract jobs and generate precious resources.
Elysium also introduces a brand new 10-player instance called Uncharted Paradise. This area once served as home to a prosperous village, but was destroyed and divided into seven pieces of land after Pan Gu flooded the world. Conquering this max-level instance will bring players one step closer to becoming a true Celestial. To achieve this, they must team up with others to complete seven trials, requiring them to defeat seven difficult bosses.