People who love taste together

In the cold winter, I often miss a bowl of Guizhou beef powder. Before the Spring Festival, go to Guizhou to make the last difference. It coincided with heavy snow, Guiyang Airport could not transfer, but the road was urgent, so I had to pull up the box with my colleagues to catch the long-distance bus. The bus station is overcrowded, bought a ticket, and still have time to eat with peace of mind.

We got into a small shop selling rice noodles. Each person ordered a bowl of beef powder to eat on the stove. While eating and roasting, the shoes were snowed and warmed up. The heavy snow is still raging, and the store is crowded with people. All are homecomers.

The rice noodles are smooth, the beef is soft and rotten, the old soup is delicious, and the Guizhou special oil and spicy seeds are sprinkled with green onion. Salty and spicy, a bowl of food is finished, the cheeks are fragrant, and the forehead is sweating. If you don’t have a trip, you can’t eat such a good rice noodle. Reaching out to the boss, I want another bowl, but it is gone. In an instant, the heart was hit by a 10,000 crit.

Later, on every night when I was entangled in cooking instant noodles, I missed the bowl of Guizhou beef powder. What you can’t eat, maybe the best. The meaning is still unfinished.

Missing a certain taste, how many people die from heartbreak?

People are taste animals. It is our nature to love a certain taste and pursue a certain taste. Even, we are used to expressing emotions with a certain taste. For example, tears are bitter, and the days are sweet.

Sometimes we have a kind of obsession with a certain taste. For example, the green cucumbers in the buckets of summer ice are spread to the crisp and cool on the tip of the tongue; the naked back of the girl is a scent of the spring breeze; the tea that rises with the mist in the winter sun Fragrance; open the pages, hide the taste of the ink between the lines; the seasons change, caressing the clothes hanging, it is the taste of the lover, familiar and long-lasting.

Fortunately, we live in such a fascinating world. We also use our wisdom to change the taste and create the taste. More than a year ago, my teacher Chen Xiaoqing went to Singapore to find food. A restaurant in the botanical garden is impressive. The best work of a fat chef is a pot of onion tea. A small pot of onion tea was made by processing, refining and extracting 40 kg of onion. It’s a pure new unparalleled taste. You know it’s from onions, but you don’t know how to describe it. It’s just too good to say.

For the taste, sometimes we need to pull away a distance to get a better taste. Just like a fish jumping out of the water, you can see what the real sea is.

In the spring of 2016, Sanlian Life Weekly hatched a small project called “Sanlian Love Tea”. The original intention of doing this is to hope to bring you a better taste of tea, to make good and low-priced products, healthy and reliable. There are many places where tea is produced in China, and there are many types of tea produced. The craftsmanship is a grand view. The combination of different varieties, production areas, teas, and crafts is ever-changing.

We are pursuing tea fragrances and traveled to China’s main tea areas in different seasons, from Jiangnan to Weinan, from Banna to Linyi, from Dabie Mountain to Wuyi Mountain, and even further into the snow mountain secrets of Linzhi, Tibet. We also went to Darjeeling, India, and established a deep cooperative relationship with the local tea gardens of hundreds of years. The tea garden can look at Mount Everest. Every autumn, authentic Darjeeling black tea will be sent to the users.

Mudger, the general manager of the Darjeeling Tea Garden in India, is in the process of producing the withering of tea. He is the soul of the entire tea garden.

We look at the production areas, raw materials and crafts, carefully taste, and look for those delightful tastes. In accordance with our principles, we will issue production standards to our suppliers. Each product is sent to an authoritative testing agency for inspection. All products must meet national standards, and some have obtained qualifications from Japan, the European Union, and the United States. Strict selection of production areas, careful selection of raw materials, selection of processes, and control of safety are our working standards. The standardization of the Chinese tea industry is low and mixed, and it is not easy to do so.

In more than two years, we have made 100 products. These 100 products are also 100 kinds of flavors, floral, fruity, honey, jujube, earthy, and rainy. In this age of diversity, we are willing to be a good-smelling believer and discover the joy of taste.

In 2018, we extended our pursuit of good taste to food. In the late spring, the crayfish from Qianjiang, the peaches from Ningbo in the midsummer, the oily chickens from Yunnan in the early autumn, the drunken crabs cooked in the late autumn in Hangzhou, and the “four Sichuan flavors” in the winter. In every season, you will be served with the best flavors of the season. The change of season is also the relay of taste.

Fortunately, the world tastes tens of millions. Four seasons of rotation, endless aftertaste.

We put these wonderful tastes in the “life market”, from the first one or two, to now there are fifty or sixty. Every week, we will also push a few articles to tell you what is delicious and delicious.

There are delicious, good drinks, and there should be beauty. We work with the talented Jingdezhen designers to launch unique custom-made appliances. Many times you need to book, because you can’t produce too much, and you can’t guarantee the full yield. The answer can only be revealed at the moment of opening the kiln door. Anyone who has a slight flaw is strictly screened out.

Just like the blue-green peak in the movie “Evil is not pressing”, eating dumplings is for the bottle of vinegar. What we mean is the kind of “pay attention.”

At the beginning of the year, the closed-door contemplation, those good tastes constitute the background of our lives. There are aftertastes and expectations. Our product manager has inspected the tea gardens in Zhejiang and Anhui in the snow, and selected the new green tea before and after the rain this year. In a blink of an eye, the breath of spring has come quietly.