People can have fun from their work.

I have now reached the halfway point of my life. Take one day to compare one’s life. It is noon now. People wake up from obscurity in childhood. It takes some time to overcome the weakness in the morning, and then they have to put into work. At noon, he was most energetic, but he felt faint fatigue. At dusk, one must sum up one’s work and prepare to sink into eternal rest.

According to my opinion, work is the theme of one’s life. Not everyone can agree with this idea. I know that in China, people in the countryside regard having children as the theme of their life. It is a very popular idea to raise children, die and make room for them. There is another idea in the city, but I don’t know if it is very popular: it regards obtaining social status as the theme of one’s life.

Standing in front of the ashes wall in Babaoshan, Beijing, you can realize this idea. I saw a dead uncle’s grave there, which said: deputy head of the department, deputy secretary of the branch, associate professor, deputy director of the so-and-so teaching and research section, etc. If these ” vice” characters can be removed, it will certainly be better for this uncle, but these ” vice” characters can best prove such an idea. By the way, I have visited cemeteries in the United States and found only two things written on their tombstones: the date of birth and death. Second, one year to one year of military service; That is to say, they think that there are only two things worth describing in one’s life: this god’s people have come to this world, and this citizen has served his country faithfully. it is unnecessary to write anything else. I think this idea is relatively simple … I’m afraid it is too sad to write about the scenes in front of these tombs in a youth magazine, or get back to the topic as soon as possible.

I would like to recommend my view on life to my young friends: people can have fun from their work, which is a great benefit. In contrast, the happiness you can get from money, power and having children is always restricted. For example, it is inappropriate to take birth as the theme of life at present. Secondly, people are much less fertile than rabbits, let alone yellow croakers. It is difficult to achieve endless achievements in this area.

I have no interest in power, I have some interest in money, but I don’t want to suffer for it – do what I want to do ( for me, it is writing novels ), and do it well, this is my goal. I don’t think there will always be no one like me.

According to my experience, when a person is young, the most difficult thing is to decide what to do in his life. In this regard, I do not have any specific suggestions: anything can be done, but it is better not to write novels, this is to rob my job. Of course, if you insist on writing, I have no reason to oppose it. In short, everything is good. However, to act like one, this is the value and dignity of human beings.

When working, one should not only use one’s hands, legs and waist, but also use one’s brain and mind. I always feel that the Chinese people do not pay enough attention to this latter aspect, thus they will regard work as suffering. If you lose the main source of happiness, your attitude towards life will become gloomy.

People live in the world, not only have bodies, but also brains and hearts – please do not understand this anatomically. What kind of human brain is, science still cannot say clearly. It is even more difficult to tell what is going on with the mind. For myself, my mind is the lowest goal I want to achieve in my life. If something goes against my heart, I think it is not worth doing. Someone goes against my heart, I think he is not worth a hand in. Some kind of life goes against my heart, and I will think it is not worth living.

Mr. Russell once said that for people, a disorderly life is really not worth living. I agree with him that a disorderly life is one of the unacceptable. A person must live a life that he can accept, which is exactly the motivation for him to change everything. Once a person has a heart, he can use it to change his life.

The Chinese like to accept the idea that as long as they can live, it is good, and it doesn’t matter what they live like. From the names of some movies, it can be seen that ” alive” and ” having fun” … I strongly disapprove of this idea. Because people with this idea may live in any kind of bad situation, thus making life meaningless. A noble, clean and fun-filled life is good, and people can easily reach a consensus. A humble, dirty and poor life is not good, and this can be agreed upon. But these two are far from enough. I write for a living. I know that some articles are good and some articles are bad. Knowing these two articles alone is not enough to start writing. There is also a more important one, that is: some kind of article is not desirable to me, and it must not be written from my pen and printed in newspapers under my name. I think that is my attitude to life.