Payment to the Director

Director Zhang of the Bureau of Culture recently published a book containing some poems and travel notes from various countries.

In a few days, a member named Pang Tao found Zhang. Pang Tao said that he graduated from the Chinese Department and has always liked ancient poetry. He wants to talk with Secretary Zhang about the experience of writing a poem.

Director Zhang was greatly surprised. He repeatedly said: “Now there are not many young people who love to study poetry! Come and come and sit down and say!”

Pang Tao was well prepared. He fluently recited Zhang’s poems in one breath and talked about his own words about the individual words of a certain poem.

Director Zhang was shocked and happy. He had a feeling of meeting and hating late. He smiled and got up and poured a glass of water.

Pang Tao quickly stood up and took over his hands. Then he took out a few manuscript papers and said, “The Secretary, your poetry is very subtle, but my favorite is your travels, travels in more than 20 countries. I have fully demonstrated your cultural heritage. I have written a few experiences and intend to send it to our website…” The voice was gone, and Zhang’s face suddenly changed. He pushed the manuscript paper that Pang Tao handed over and said seriously: “Young people, poetry lyrics is an amateur pastime, or put more thoughts into the work. I have to prepare a meeting, nothing to go out first.”

Pang Tao made a big red face and quickly retired. He fell back to the office and heard that his colleagues were talking about a hot post. It is said that a deputy mayor had been to more than 60 countries, so he was besieged by netizens and the Internet was screaming. Pang Tao suddenly realized that he secretly smoked a few times on his mouth, while he snorted: I told you to get into trouble!

Within a few days, the school carried out legal education, and Pang Tao became a law-enforcement activist.

On the morning of this morning, Pang Tao once again came to the office of the director. When he entered the door, he said, “The Secretary, I have learned a lot about the popularization of this law. I used to be a legal blind person. As a national civil servant, I did something I should not do. ……” He said that he took a paper bag out of his pocket and placed it in front of Director Zhang. Director Zhang opened it with a puzzled look, and it was actually a money!

Director Zhang immediately said with a sullen face: “Xiao Pang, how old are you, why don’t you learn it? Hurry and get it back! The most disgusting official rule is to buy an official to sell an official!” He said that he threw the money back. To Pang Tao.

Pang Tao’s face was red again. He pranked and waved again and again: “Secretary, this is not my money! This is your money!”

The secretary listened and asked: “My? What are you talking about, I have not lost money!”

Pang Tao is anxious, adding: “This money is not lost by you, it is your manuscript fee, 2,046 pieces of five hairs! In fact… In fact, I am here to surrender to you today!”

Surrender? Director Zhang suddenly got alert. He asked Pang Tao: “What mistake did you make? How did my draft fee go to you?”

Pang Tao showed a look of twilight, and for a long time he explained the cause and effect.

It turned out that Pang Tao’s lover did not work, and he opened a small bookstore. Pang Tao took Mr. Zhang’s book home, and he read it hard at night. His lover also came to the interest and joined the ranks of reading. After she finished reading, she was greatly admired, saying that such books and college students are particularly fond of reading. But when she went to the stock, she discovered that the book of the director had long been out of stock.

After hearing this, Zhang’s face was eased and waved to Pang Tao to sit down and say.

Pang Tao said that because he could not get a genuine book and earned money, his lover would carry a pirated book that he secretly entered into a group of directors, and the sales were very good.

Speaking of this, Pang Tao stood up shyly and bowed. He said: “The Secretary, through the law, I understand the copyright law and understand that the distribution of pirated books not only harms the national interest, but also harms the interests of the original author. You said, as a civil servant, how can I realize that it is so low? I think about it, according to the pricing of your book, calculate your contribution to you. You must accept it!”

Pang Tao said that he stood up and left. How did Secretary Zhang call him and he did not look back.

The next day, Pang Tao’s lover’s little bookstore came to a middle-aged customer. He didn’t buy anything. He flipped through the book and looked at the book. In fact, he was Secretary Zhang. He was an unannounced visit. He saw a lot of his own pirated books on the shelf, but the quality is good, and from time to time, readers have named to buy this book.

On the second day, Director Zhang held a general meeting to publicize Pang Tao’s “self-sufficiency” as a model of popularization. Finally, in the face of everyone’s face, he returned the payment to Pang Tao.

Since then, Director Zhang has paid more attention to Pang Tao, and soon promoted him to be the head of the office.

A few good friends heard that Pang Tao was soaring, and they started to ask for a table. The dinner table was mixed, and gradually everyone was a little high, so there was not so much to avoid.

My friend Xiaoliang first said: “I don’t want everyone, I also have a friend in the Cultural Bureau. He specially prepared 100,000 pieces in order to get on the position of the director of the office! But when he took out the money, he was sent out by the secretary. It!”

Everyone laughed at his friends who didn’t know the current affairs. It is necessary to know that Secretary Zhang is known as a talented person and is a high-profile person. His favorite thing is to dance and publish articles. That friend wants to use the money to open the way, the method is wrong.

At this time, Da Chen opened his mouth with a big tongue. He took an annual vacation some time ago. When he came back, he was very dark. His colleagues thought that he was going to the Maldives to get the sun. In fact, he is giving free labor to the leaders! Leading his father’s house to build a new house, a whole week, Da Chen Tiantian with the sun, “graffiti” outside the wall!

Everyone started to laugh at it again. It’s a hard work, and it’s a job, stupid? It’s hard to take on a big job!

The more people curious, the more they asked Pang Tao: “You must give your buddy an account today. Why do you want Zhang to have a special liking for Zhang?”

Pang Tao has been drunk with a lot of things, and he has no brains to say: “Why, by piracy, there are pirated copies, then it proves that writers are high!”

Everyone, look at me, I see you, this is a sudden realization, and the sensational sensation of the Cultural Affairs Bureau’s “reissue fee” incident is a high-level slap in the face!

At this time, Pang Tao is still bragging: “The readers who bought the books were arranged by me. I will wait for the Secretary to visit the door. As for the pirated book, which idiot is printed? Hey, the small printing house has printed dozens of copies. I spent a total of this number—”

Pang Tao poured a glass of wine and drunk his two fingers and said: “Two to two thousand!”