Package you satisfied

Li Tuo’s daughter-in-law especially loves to go shopping. Every time she goes shopping, she pulls Li Tuo. It’s a long time. This made Li Tuo miserable.

One day, two people strolled around, Li Tuo was really annoyed, and wanted to go back first, but the wife refused. When Li Tuo was helpless, she remembered that there was a small advertisement in her pocket, saying that there is a company that “satisfies you”. No matter what the customer has, they will give you an idea, and the customer will be satisfied, and the first two ideas are free.

Li Tuo borrowed from the toilet and secretly dialed the phone to explain his request. The other party immediately made an idea: as long as the wife looked at the good things, immediately bought it, and bought it, she would go home. Li Tuo listened, yes, if she carries a big bag on her hand, she is willing to squeeze in the crowd?

The couple entered a clothing supermarket, and Li Tuo followed suit. No matter what clothes, as long as the wife took the hand, he immediately let the waiter pack it. After a while, the big bag bought a lot, and the two people spent a lot of money. It’s hard to get them to the collection.

After paying the money, Li Tuo went out and secretly smug: Should you go home now? Unexpectedly, the wife had put things on the service desk, and took him into the food supermarket.

Li Tuoyi did not see it, and called the “package you satisfied” call, the other party gave a second idea: buy some seafood. In this sentence alone, Li Tuo understands that on such a hot day, seafood will soon deteriorate, and the daughter-in-law will naturally go home quickly.

Li Tuo quickly led the way, went straight to the aquatic counter, and bought a few frozen octopuses. I said to my daughter-in-law, “This is what you like to eat. Go home soon, or you will be broken.” The daughter-in-law is very happy. She followed Li Tuo and went outside. She went to the door, and the wife still wanted to go shopping. She thought about it. I bought ten popsicles and put them in a seafood bag. I also told Li Tuo that I looked at it and the popsicles changed immediately.

Both ideas failed, and Li Tuo had no choice but to call again. The other party told him that the first two ideas were free. If they really came in handy, they would have to pay the service fee.

Li Tuo just wanted to let his wife go home soon, and she agreed. The other party asked him to wait at the entrance of the mall and immediately sent someone to support.

The daughter-in-law entered the mall, Li Tuo stood at the door, then came a beautiful woman who was more beautiful than her wife. She collected the money and chatted with Li Tuo. I was having a good time chatting, and my wife suddenly appeared. She looked at the beauty suspiciously and asked, “Who is she, are you so happy with you?”

Li Tuo did not know how to answer, but the beauty was flustered and left. Li Tuo returned to God and answered without knowing. Where is the wife who believes, he is ready to enter the mall.

Unexpectedly, not far away, the beauty actually followed, see Li Tuo saw her, immediately flew a wink.

Li Tuo suddenly understood the intention of the beauty, and also frequently discharged to her. The daughter-in-law looked in the eyes, and there was still a thought to go shopping, pulling Li Tuo and hurried back home.

When I saw this law, Li Tuo’s heart was beautiful, and my heart said: The next time I still do this, I can not only keep my wife, but also a beautiful girl, cool!

On Sunday, Li Tuo deliberately dressed up and waited for the wife to tell him to go shopping, but did not expect the wife to let him go, let him rest at home.

Li Tuoyi was very happy. Only once solved the problem, it is really a “package you satisfied” company.

After that, the daughter-in-law went shopping alone, but instead stayed longer than usual. Li Tuo’s heart is inevitably suspicious and decided to find out.

On Sunday, the daughter-in-law went out, and Li Tuo followed closely. After a while, she saw a phone call at the door of the community and a young man emerged from the roadside. Li Tuo saw that the young man was taller and taller than himself, especially the two big eyes, dripping like a charged, and the hard-hearted woman would be soft. The daughter-in-law walked up to him, and a pair of birds depended on people, infinitely happy.

Li Tuo slammed his stomach and prepared to catch a current one! However, he followed for a long time exhausted, and did not see two people have indecent movements. Looking at the two people split up, Li Tuo caught up with the boy, he wants to find out what the boy is doing.

Unexpectedly, Li Tuo followed the young man into the “package you are satisfied” company. He understood it at a glance. This young man is the “wandering” that the daughter-in-law is looking for. When he thought that his wife had spent a lot of money on the handsome guy, Li Tuo was indignant. He pushed the door into the company and asked the young man coldly: “I have been playing with the beauty for a long time, is it cool?”

The beauty inside recognized Li Tuo and said: “He is also serving customers.”

Li Tuo said: “What shit service, he is destroying the family harmony of the customer!”

The beauty quickly said: “He is shopping with your daughter-in-law? Conversely, he is doing this, in order to satisfy you!”