Oprah: The pinnacle of the American dream

  Nowadays, when you open TV sets around the world, you will see a “talk show” program in all likelihood. However, in the 1970s and 1980s, the talk show was still a non-mainstream new thing. In the 1970s, a TV presenter named Fair Dunah founded a television show in Dayton, Ohio, in the middle of the United States, and invited the audience to his studio to talk about various taboo topics. Go down the stage and hand the microphone to the audience to let the audience express their opinions. Because it is not the traditional news, and many of them are the vulgar and taboo content that can’t be on the table. This program is labeled as “the tabloid talk show”, also called the “day talk show”, which is different from the news content of the day. Various evening talk shows on topics.

  During the day, the “talk show” was always non-mainstream at the beginning of its birth. It was a program for housewives to fill in time. Until 1986, a 32-year-old black woman named Oprah appeared on the national television network.

  ”Opula Show”, a daytime “talk show” program, has gradually attracted the attention of TV viewers across the country, and the ratings of the show have skyrocketed. By 1990, Oprah Show had become a national hot spot, forming a peculiar cultural phenomenon.

  Oprah Winfrey was born in a poor black family in Mississippi. When her mother was 16 years old, she was unmarried and gave birth to Oprah. Because her mother was a waitress in a foreign state, Oprah lived with her grandmother until she was 6 years old. The grandmother taught her to read and recite the Bible to take her to church. Oprah has an outstanding memory. The woody BLOG can recite a large part of the Bible and is called an evangelist at a young age.

  During the boyhood, Oprah twirled between the biological mother and the biological father, and was sent to the fence to be bullied by the opposite sex elders and cousins. When she was 9 years old, she was raped. When she was 14 years old, she gave birth to a child. The young child died in the hospital. All this left a huge shadow on her future life path.

  The hardships of life did not bury Oprah’s intelligence, she was always a good student of the school. When she graduated from high school, she received a scholarship to enter the traditional black university to study speech and language arts.

  While still in high school, Dian Pula worked as a part-time broadcaster on the radio station. At the age of 19, she began to host local evening TV news. Later, she was employed by Baltimore, a local television station, to host the evening news. But Oprah’s performance made the TV station manager unsatisfied: when she reported the news, she accidentally said that she would go out and laughed at the camera: If it was a sad news, she would cry in front of the camera. The TV station had to transfer her to host the “talk show” program during the day. Unexpectedly, this original transfer of “dereliction of duty” has made Oprah’s life brilliant.

  After Oprah took over the “talk show” show during the day, the show quickly became the most popular “talk show” show in the area. In 1986, Oprah founded the Oprah Show, named after him, and sold it to the national television network.

  Unlike the “Talk Show”, the originator of Oprah, Oprah’s conversation is not aggressive, but a friendly, friend-like chat. But her chat is not perfunctory, irrelevant, but there is concern and in-depth. The sad story of the guest will fill her eyes with tears. She will be honest with the guests and the audience to exchange feelings deep inside. Her way of talking is therefore defined as “confessional.” Wood wood BLOG

  In her own program, she revealed to her audience the experience of being raped and abused when she was a teenager, and through the exchanges to bridge the wounds of each other. Her early programs involved a lot of “alternative people” in society at the time: homosexuality, bisexuality, AIDS patients and so on. Her program played an important role in social inclusion and acceptance of vulnerable groups.

  When homosexuality began to be discussed in large numbers in the mainstream media, in a program, an audience stood up and said that they were tired of talking about homosexuality on television. “Do you know what I am tired of? I am tired of heterosexual men bullying and raped girls!” Oprah’s answer won a round of applause from the audience.

Oprah and Michael Jackson

  Childhood experience, Oprah has always been inferior and self-blame emotionally, leading to the ups and downs of her emotional life in adulthood. She does not hide her weaknesses, arguing that her overweight body is the result of seeking “safety.”

  Since the 1990s, her program has focused on literature, self-improvement, and soul building. She added the “Oprah Recommended Bibliography” and invited psychologists to host the show with her.

  Everyone loves Oprah

  There are countless celebrities who have been to Oprah Studios, but Oprah’s skills are not limited to ten. She is able to let celebrities say what they would say when they are on other occasions, in other places, or in the face of others. This is the power of Oprah’s conversation and the reason why her program is so important to celebrities.  

  Oprah’s 1993 interview with Michael Jackson is still the highest-rated interview in TV history.

  In 2005, Oprah interviewed movie star Tom. Cruise. Before, Tom, Cruise with his ex-wife Nicole. Kidman was separated from the city. Then there was a gossip tabloid report saying that Tom and Cruise had a new love. When asked about this in the interview, Tom Cruise admitted that he was falling in love and described his love for the new girlfriend Kay, Thiel Helms. In excitement, Tom Cruise began to jump up and down on the sofa. Mumu’s BLOG saw the man in his 40s and the regulars on the field of love doing this small move. The audience was very surprised. Oprah couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh: “You are crazy, you are crazy!”

  By the mid-to-late 1990s, Oprah Show was already one of the leading forces in the American media. Her recommended book allows the author to become a millionaire overnight, and the guests she interviewed can be a social celebrity between nights.

  Oprah’s success made her a goddess-like image of the American society. Her appeal is so great that the impact on the presidential campaign is an example. At the beginning of Obama’s presidential campaign, Oprah was fully assisted. She held a variety of money-raising dinners for Obama, and also went to the states to vote with Obama. According to statistics, during the general election, Oprah’s support brought more than one million votes to Obama.

  In an era when public opinion is not trusted by the people, Oprah is always able to lead the people in a small environment where celebrities are exposed to “exposure” and “exposure.” The news media once reported that former US President Bill Clinton may become the host of the program. Someone made an interesting metaphor that he might become “a future Oprah”.

  During President Clinton’s administration, a child protection law he signed was called the “Oh Raja Act.” The name is worthy of the name because the drafting process of the bill is funded by Oprah and is designed to protect children from sexual abuse.

  After the “9.11” incident, Oprah and the first lady Laura Bush appeared in front of everyone. Compared with Mrs. Bush, who is not interested in talking and is not interested in politics, the media loves Oprah. So all the news has the words: “Oprah and Mrs. Bush are holding hands and mourning the thousands of lives killed in the attack.”

  In the United States in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2006, four southern states were hit hard. During the festival, Oprah asked the audience to “open their hearts” and donate to the affected areas. She established the “Oprah-Katrina Angel Rescue Network” and received a $11 million donation. Oprah himself took out $10 million from his pocket according to the amount of this donation, and used the $21 million donation to rebuild the house in the disaster area.

  Oprah was named the most powerful woman in the world by Time magazine and CNN. At the age of 41, Oprah’s wealth reached $340 million, making him the only Afro-American in the top 400 of Forbes magazine’s rich list. By 2000, her wealth had reached $800 million and she was considered the richest African American in the 20th century. In 2009, her wealth has exceeded $2.5 billion. Wood wood BLOG

  Lost Chicago

  For the end of the Oprah show, Chicago people are lost. For more than 20 years, the city has been proud of its Oprah and thrives on the existence of the Oprah Show studio.

  Not long ago, Oprah and President Barack Obama formed a “dream team” to bid for and vote for the 2016 Olympic Games in Chicago. Although the lobbying didn’t work, Chicago eventually lost to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, but the importance of Austrian to Chicago is evident.

  For the city of Chicago, Oprah is indispensable. On the streets of Chicago, there are many tourists asking about Oprah’s work place every day, and then rushing to take pictures. The tourism industry in Chicago has benefited.

  As for the end of Oprah Show, not only Chicago people are worried, but the US publishing industry is also worried that Oprah’s book recommendation will no longer exist, and literary authors will lose the chance to become famous overnight. The TV industry is more worried – Oprah’s departure will lead to the loss of a large number of TV viewers.

  Oprah, who has retired, will not disappear from the public eye. Her personal plan is to devote herself to the Oprah TV channel, which is invested in partnership with the US Discovery Channel.

  Throughout Oprah’s path, she is always able to turn negative factors into positive factors. The origin of suffering became the driving force for her growth, and the failed journalistic career became the starting point of her successful “talk show” career. The mistakes in the show brought more viewers because of her serious mistakes and sincere apologies. Each challenge of the opponent’s festival brings her festival content to the renewal and expansion, resulting in higher ratings and greater profits. Wood wood BLOG

  As CBS said in the statement, people believe she will succeed twice and look forward to working with her.