“No increase in production” Ferrari sports car

In 1947, Italian Enzo Ferrari founded the Ferrari Motor Company and produced the first Ferrari sports car.

Since then, Ferrari has repeatedly achieved good results in many well-known world-class racing competitions such as Le Mans, thus becoming a highly sought-after brand in one fell swoop. Sales have continued to soar and the supply exceeds demand. Just when the company felt that Enzo would add a few more production lines to increase the annual output of sports cars, he announced that not only would not increase production, but also strictly control production capacity, and required the company to sell no more than 3,000 sports cars each year. !

Sales are restricted, which means that profits are framed, and low-handed money is not earned. Enzo’s unexpected decision to strictly control production has caused an uproar in the company, and the executives are even more dissatisfied with this. In the face of the dissatisfaction of the people, Enzo responded at a company meeting. He said: “The Ferrari sports car is a beautiful woman with unparalleled elegance. It is worth the wait and expectation of all car lovers. Many people believe that they have a And feel proud, and more people hope to have one in the future. If we control the production capacity, Ferrari will not be all over the market, and the sports cars of new and old Ferrari owners will become more rare as a result. In order to preserve value, it will be more honorable; on the contrary, if we do not control production and let Ferrari sports cars be everywhere on the road, then who will be proud of us?”

Enzo finally said that increasing production is a short-sighted move, and limited quantities are the wise choice to occupy the future market. Today, Ferrari still upholds Enzo’s philosophy. Although there are many orders, the annual global output is strictly controlled within 7,000 vehicles. More than half a century later, the Ferrari sports car is still the best sports car in the world. To create a good product that consumers are looking forward to, it is necessary to control the quantity while ensuring the high quality of the product. Only in this way can it be always unique and noble.