New Material Industry Development Guide

New materials refer to new materials with excellent performance or special functions, or materials with improved performance or improved performance when traditional materials are improved. The discovery, invention and application of new materials are inseparable from technological revolution and industrial change. Accelerate the development of new materials, to promote technological innovation, support industrial upgrading, construction and manufacturing power has important strategic significance.

Direction of development
(A) advanced basic materials
High-strength aluminum alloy, high strength and toughness titanium alloy, magnesium alloy and other advanced non-ferrous metal materials, high-end polyolefin, special synthesis of high-strength aluminum alloy, high strength and toughness titanium alloy, magnesium alloy and other advanced non-ferrous metal materials, high-grade polyolefin, special synthetic Rubber and engineering plastics and other advanced chemical materials, advanced building materials, advanced textile materials as the focus, and vigorously promote the material production process of intelligent and green transformation, focusing on breakthrough material performance and composition control, production and processing and application technology, Continuously optimize the variety structure, improve the quality of stability and service life, reduce production costs and improve the international competitiveness of advanced materials.

(B) key strategic materials
Close to the new generation of information technology industry, high-end equipment manufacturing and other major needs to high temperature and corrosion resistance alloy, high strength light alloy and other high-end equipment with special alloy, reverse osmosis membrane, perfluoro ion exchange membrane and other high-performance separation membrane material , High-performance carbon fiber, aramid fiber and other high-performance fiber and composite materials, high-performance permanent magnet, high-performance light, high-end catalytic and other rare earth functional materials, wide bandgap semiconductor materials and new display materials, and new energy materials, biomedical materials As the focus, breakthrough material and device technology and market clearance, improve the raw materials supporting system to improve the yield and performance of materials stability, to achieve industrialization and scale applications.

(C) the forefront of new materials
Focusing on graphene, metal and polymer materials, shape memory alloy, self-repairing materials, intelligent bionic and metamaterials, liquid metal, new low-temperature superconductivity and low-cost high-temperature superconducting materials, strengthening basic research and technology accumulation , Focus on the original innovation, to speed up in the cutting edge to achieve a breakthrough. Actively do a good job cutting forward in the field of new materials, intellectual property layout, focus on areas of application demonstration, and gradually expand the frontier application of new materials.

Key tasks

(A) breakthrough in the application of key areas of urgent need for new materials.
Promote the structural reform of raw materials industry supply side, closely around the high-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection and other key areas of demand, speed up the adjustment of advanced basic materials product structure, and actively develop intensive processing and high value-added varieties, improve the key strategic material production R & D proportion. Organization of key materials production enterprises and leading units of joint research, the establishment of major demand for the development of new materials and application model to encourage the combination of upstream and downstream enterprises to implement key projects, in accordance with the production and research with collaborative promotion, speed up the transformation of new materials innovation.

Box 1 new material protection level upgrade project
1. New generation of information technology industry materials. Strengthen the development of large-sized silicon materials, large-size silicon carbide single crystal, high-purity metal and alloy sputtering target production technology, speed up the development and industrialization of high-purity special electronic gas, and solve the problem of large-scale integrated circuit materials. Speed ​​up the electronic chemicals, high purity luminescent materials, high saturation photoresist, ultra-thin LCD glass substrate and other mass production process optimization, in the new display and other areas to achieve mass production applications. To carry out rare earth doped fiber, fiber optic connectors with high-density ceramic materials processing technology research and development to meet the needs of information and communication equipment.

2. High-end CNC machine tools and robot materials. Speed ​​up the realization of rare earth magnetic materials and its application device industry, to carry out sensors, servo motors and other applications to verify. Development of high-pressure hydraulic components, high flexibility cable materials, high temperature insulation materials. Adjust the super-hard material variety structure, the development of low-cost, high-precision synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride materials, breakthrough ball screw steel performance stability and wear resistance, high-end CNC machine tools to solve the tool material constraints.

3. Aerospace equipment materials. Speed ​​up the high-strength aluminum alloy pure smelting and solidification technology research, carry out high temperature, high strength, large-size titanium alloy smelting, processing technology research, breaking the ultra-high strength and high toughness 7000 series of aluminum pre-stretched thick plate and large-size profiles, 2000 aluminum Alloy and aluminum-lithium alloy sheet industrial trial bottleneck, the system to solve the residual stress of aluminum alloy material, the key process parameters control range optimization, comprehensive yield and cost control issues, enhance the overall level of new light alloy material technology. Accelerating the Application of Special Rare Earth Alloys in Aerospace. Breaking high-strength high-carbon carbon fiber industrialization technology, high-performance aramid engineering technology, to carry out large-scale composite structure research and application testing. To carry out high temperature alloy and complex structure of the blade material design and manufacturing process research, improve the superheat alloy technology system and test data to solve the high temperature alloy blade protective coating technology to meet the application requirements of aeroengine. Accelerating the Application Verification of Titanium Alloy in the Field of Aeronautical Structures. Reduce the carbon / carbon, carbon / ceramic composite materials production costs, improve the special friction materials in the field of aviation brake share.

4. Marine engineering equipment and high-tech marine materials. High-strength, especially for the main direction, to carry out special steel plate, large wall thickness of the half-chord, large-scale seamless support tube, titanium alloy oil well pipe, X80 deep-sea water pipe and welding consumables, large diameter deep sea transport Hoses, polar use of low-temperature steel development and batch trial, completed in the marine engineering platform for the application of validation. High-strength duplex stainless steel slabs, marine Yinwa steel and special high-strength polyurethane adiabatic materials for the development of industrial technology to achieve high-capacity container ships, liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessels and other high-tech ships on the application The

5. Advanced rail transportation equipment materials. Breaking the steel material high cleanliness, high density and new cold / hot processing technology to solve the problem of homogenization and consistency of blanks, the establishment of high-precision detection system to master the different conditions of material damage and failure principle and influencing factors, High-speed rail traffic requirements of the material technical specifications to improve the wheel, axle and bogie steel strength, weather resistance and fatigue life and to achieve mass production. To promote the realization of rare earth magnetic materials in high-speed permanent magnet motor scale applications. Development of rail welding materials processing technology, the development of windshield and porthole with high quality glass sheet. Strengthen the advanced flame retardant and noise reduction noise polymer materials, brake materials, rail transport equipment with magnesium, aluminum alloy preparation process to speed up the carbon fiber composite materials in the high-speed rail and other fields to promote the application.

6. Energy saving and new energy automotive materials. To improve the safety, performance consistency and cycle life of lithium nickel cobalt manganate / lithium cobalt cobalt oxide, lithium manganese-based materials and silicon-carbon composite anode materials, to carry out high-capacity hydrogen storage materials, proton exchange membrane fuel cell and protective materials , To achieve a reasonable combination of advanced battery materials. To carry out the new 6000 series, 5000 series of aluminum alloy sheet industrial production technology research to meet the requirements of deep-punch manufacturing standards, to carry out high-strength automotive steel, aluminum alloy high vacuum die casting, semi-solid and powder metallurgy molding parts industry and batch application research, Magnesium alloy, rare earth magnesium (aluminum) alloy in the automotive dashboard and seat skeleton, steering wheel wheel core, wheels and other fields of application, expand the application of high-performance composite materials to support the development of lightweight vehicles.

7. Power equipment materials. Focus on promoting nuclear power pressure vessel large forgings series of steel structure refinement and stabilization heat treatment process development, breaking the nuclear power plant with high-performance titanium pipe industry bottlenecks, to speed up the silver alloy control rod, zirconium alloy tube heap and heap inside the verification and verification Nuclear power materials complete sets of protection. To carry out heat-resistant corrosion-resistant single-crystal superalloy large hollow blade material, manufacturing process and long-life protective coating technology research to meet the needs of heavy-duty gas turbine. Development of high capacity rare earth hydrogen storage materials for smart grid. To enhance the level of heat production of heat transfer oil and molten salt high temperature vacuum collector. Breakthrough of 5MW Large – scale Wind Power Blade. (IGBT) module design, development of high-performance insulating ceramic, high-voltage high-power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module design, development of high-performance insulating ceramic, Protection of UHV DC power grid construction.

8. Agricultural machinery and equipment. To carry out high-strength high-hard wear-resistant steel series of product development, agricultural machinery and equipment in the realization of high-carbon spring steel applications instead. Development of agricultural machinery clutch piston material, wet clutch friction material, cotton and cotton and special materials, to meet the agricultural operating environment and special equipment needs.

9. Biomedical and high performance medical equipment materials. To carry out the production of tellurium zinc cadmium crystal, rare earth scintillation crystal and high-performance detection device industry technology research to solve the crystal quality performance is not stable, the cost is too high and other core issues to meet the medical imaging system key material needs. Vigorously develop the medical material manufacturing technology, break through the medical grade titanium powder and nickel-titanium alloy powder and other key raw material constraints. The development of styrene-based thermoplastic elastomer and other plasticizer-free, alternative to PVC medical polymer materials, improve the safety of health materials, pharmaceutical packaging. Enhance the medical grade polylactic acid, sodium alginate, chitosan production technology level, to meet the requirements of the development of high-end medicinal dressings.

10. Energy saving and environmental protection materials. Accelerate the development of new and efficient semiconductor lighting and rare earth luminescent materials. Breaking the application of rare earth permanent magnet energy-saving motor in rare earth permanent magnet energy-saving motor, vigorously develop rare earth permanent magnet energy-saving motor and supporting rare earth permanent magnetic materials, high temperature porous materials, intermetallic compound membrane materials, high efficiency thermoelectric materials, In the application. To carry out rare earth ternary catalytic materials, industrial biocatalyst, denitrification catalytic material quality control, assembly integration technology development, improve vehicle exhaust, industrial waste gas purification catalytic material life and renewable performance, reduce production costs. Development of green building materials and new refractory materials, biodegradable materials. Promote the application of metal materials to enhance the surface coating, industrial parts service life extension, dilute precious metal materials recycling technology.

(B) layout of a number of cutting-edge new materials.
Grasp the new materials technology and information technology, nanotechnology, intelligent technology and other integration trends, pay more attention to the original innovation and disruptive technological innovation, strengthen the forward-looking basic research and application of innovation, develop key varieties development guide, focus on system research, A number of iconic frontier new materials innovation and typical applications, to seize the future of new materials industry competition high ground.

Box 2 Frontier New Materials Pilot Project
Graphene The development of large-scale graphene film preparation equipment and graphene materials for metering, testing equipment, to achieve the graphene layer number, size and other key parameters of the effective control of the graphene material production and micro-nano structure measurement and other common key technology. Around the anti-corrosion coatings, composite materials, touch screen and other applications, focusing on the development of the use of graphene modified energy storage devices, functional coatings, modified rubber, thermal products and special functional products, based on graphene material sensors, Electronic components, etc., to build a number of graphene industrial chain, forming a number of industrial clusters.

2. Material manufacturing materials. This paper studies the forming and preparation technology of metal spherical powder, and breaks through the equipment such as high speed rotary electrode milling and aerosol milling, and develops high quality titanium alloy, high temperature alloy with low hollow powder rate, regular particle size, uniform particle size and low impurity element content , Aluminum alloy and other metal powder. Breaking the ultra-high molecular weight polymer material system in the heat conduction, the interface chain and performance control technology, the development of materials for the manufacture of photosensitive resin, engineering plastics powder and wire. The ceramic powder and the preparation method of aluminum oxide, zirconia, silicon carbide, aluminum nitride and silicon nitride were studied to improve the material yield and performance consistency. The establishment of bio-material manufacturing materials system, the development of cell / material composite biology “ink”. Improve the material grades, the basic to meet the domestic demand for material manufacturing industry applications.

3. nanomaterials. To enhance the scale of nano-materials to prepare the level of development of clear structure, size / size / uniformity of the nano-materials to expand the powder nano-materials in the coatings, building materials and other fields, and actively carry out nano-materials in optoelectronics, new energy, Energy saving and environmental protection applications.

4. Superconducting materials. Strengthen the superconducting materials basic research, engineering technology and industrial application research, and actively develop new low-temperature superconducting materials, yttrium barium copper oxygen and other high-temperature superconducting materials, high-performance magnetic field with high-performance superconducting wire, And so on, in the power transmission, medical equipment and other fields to achieve application.

5. Extreme environmental materials. Improve the high temperature and high pressure, chemical and water vapor corrosion, special space, multi-factor coupling and other extreme environmental simulation test conditions, to carry out ultra-high temperature structural ceramics, metal matrix composite materials development, support energy and chemical industry, aerospace and other areas of extreme environmental materials needs.

(C) to strengthen the new material industry collaborative innovation system.
Strengthen the basic research of new materials, application technology research and industrialization of the cohesion, improve the chain of innovation links, the formation of the upper and lower reaches of collaborative development environment. Co – ordinate demand – oriented and advanced exploration, and strengthen the main position and leading role of enterprise innovation. Integration of innovative resources, relying on key enterprises, industry alliances or R & D institutions, the formation of new materials manufacturing innovation center, the new material testing and evaluation and testing and certification center, the establishment of new materials industry metering service system. We will continue to rely on existing scientific research institutions, set up specialized research centers for materials engineering engineering, form a key new material innovation base and develop shared public platform, reduce the cost of new materials research and development, and shorten the new research and development of materials and materials. Material development and application cycle.

Box 3 New Materials Innovation Capacity Building Project
Set up a new material manufacturing innovation center. To the market as the core of the operation to network collaboration as a link to the common key technologies and cross-industry integration technology co-development, transfer and diffusion of commercial applications as the main task to form graphene materials, high-performance composite materials, lightweight materials, Extreme environmental materials and other new materials manufacturing innovation center. Focusing on technical joint research, pilot and engineering experiments, new materials, application simulation and service testing, new materials, professional training and other work to speed up the pace of development of new materials and industrialization.

Set up a new material performance test evaluation center. Organization of new materials research and development institutions, production enterprises and measurement testing technology institutions to establish a new material testing and evaluation of the Union, the construction of new materials testing and evaluation and testing center. The center to take the market mechanism of operation, integration and improvement of existing test evaluation, design and application, large data and other platform resources, establish and improve the comprehensive performance evaluation index system and evaluation criteria, the formation of a number of expert evaluation team to carry out material performance testing, quality assessment, Simulation verification, data analysis, characterization evaluation and testing and certification of public services.

Construction of material gene technology research platform. Development of high-throughput, high-throughput, high-throughput, high-throughput, high-throughput, high-throughput, high-throughput, high-throughput, high-throughput, high-throughput, high-throughput, Material computing application services, multi-scale simulation and performance optimization design laboratory and dedicated database, to carry out the national urgent need for material research and support services.

(D) Accelerate the initial market cultivation of key new materials.
Research and development of new materials to apply the first batch of insurance compensation mechanism, regularly publish the first batch of key new materials application demonstration directory, the construction of a number of new materials production and application demonstration platform, organize the application of new materials demonstration, speed up the release of new materials market demand. Research and development of major projects, major projects supporting the application of materials to promote the mechanism. Increase policy guidance, establish a public service platform, carry out material production enterprises and design, application unit supply and demand docking, support material production enterprises for application needs research and development of new materials, promote the downstream industry actively use new materials.

Box 4 highlights the first batch of new materials to promote the project
Implementation of key new materials application demonstration insurance compensation pilot. Encourage insurance companies to innovate insurance, and to provide quality, responsibility and other risk coverage for the application of products in the first batch of key application materials. Give full play to the role of financial capital leverage, through the insurance compensation mechanism to support the first batch of new materials application demonstration, reduce the risk of downstream users, breaking the “dare not use, not easy to use” bottleneck. Support insurance brokers and other intermediaries innovative service model, improve the insurance compensation pilot work efficiency.

Construction of a number of new materials production and application demonstration platform. In the field of integrated circuits, new display, large aircraft, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail, nuclear power, ultra-supercritical units, marine engineering and other fields, relying on the leading new materials manufacturing enterprises and downstream users, the establishment of 20 new materials production and application demonstration platform. Focusing on the downstream user product application to carry out new materials technology and application technology development, improve the material full-size assessment, service environment performance evaluation and application demonstration line and other supporting conditions to achieve material and terminal product synchronization design, system validation, Goods and other multi-link coordination to promote.

To carry out key new material application demonstration. It is a new type of material, such as carbon fiber composite material, high temperature alloy, aviation aluminum material, wide band gap semiconductor material, new display material, battery material, special separation and filter material, biomaterial and so on. demonstration.

(5) break through the key technology and special equipment constraints.
Organization of new materials and equipment manufacturing enterprises and materials manufacturers to carry out joint research to speed up the advanced smelting, increased production, precision molding, crystal growth, vapor deposition, surface treatment, isostatic pressure, high efficiency synthesis, separation and purification of advanced technology and special core Equipment development, material production to achieve the key equipment and equipment support. Breaking the new materials, such as organizational composition design, performance control, processing molding, modeling and testing, application simulation and other digital technology, development of material manufacturing, digital processing centers and other sets of production equipment and special software. Do a good job in research and development of new materials science and equipment, play a metrological test on the role of process control, speed up industrial online detection and control technology development and application.

Box 5 key technology and special equipment supporting the project
Development of metal materials for processing and preparation of special equipment. Development of large-scale low-vacuum melting furnace, multi-step quenching furnace, high temperature continuous nitriding furnace, high temperature on-line rapid solution annealing furnace, high temperature gradient liquid metal cooling directional solidification and other metal smelting equipment to speed up the light alloy extrusion profile straightening and fine The whole equipment, large-scale expansion of the machine, extrusion machines and other processing equipment development.

To solve the constraints of composite materials and equipment. Improve the fiber blending / mixing, high-speed multi-axial warp, automatic shop / paving process equipment level, the development of thermosetting prepreg molding, vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (RTM), hot forming, in situ polymerization Molding and other composite materials molding equipment, the development of composite parts automatic assembly assembly, surface coating and other manufactured products processing device.

Enhance the advanced semiconductor materials and equipment supporting capacity. Development of large-size single-crystal silicon pull-up furnace, vertical melting furnace, automatic variable-speed crystal-oriented directional solidification furnace, large-size sapphire crystal furnace, metal organic chemical vapor deposition system, halogenated vapor phase epitaxial system and large-scale grinding and polishing equipment.

(6) to improve the new material industry standard system.
Improve the existing standard technical level, complete more than 600 new materials standard revision. Strengthen the standard review and revision, improve the existing standard technical level, and timely address the key criteria for the old, missing and so on. Will be included in the standardization of new materials industry key projects, major project examination and acceptance indicators, scientific research and innovation achievements into standards. Promote the standardization of new materials industry pilot demonstration, the construction of a number of new materials industry standardization demonstration enterprises and parks, accelerate the industrialization of new materials technology process. Strengthen the material standards and downstream equipment manufacturing, a new generation of information technology, engineering and other industry design specifications and related materials application manual convergence supporting. Promote the international standard tracking of new materials industry, accelerate the pace of international standards for new materials.

Box 6 New Material Industry Standard System Construction Project
Complete sets of new materials to develop a standard. Speed ​​up the development of high temperature stainless steel bearing steel, high temperature carburizing bearing steel standard, CNC machine tools, high iron and heavy duty commercial vehicle gear steel series of standards, high precision tool steel and series of mold steel standards. Standard for the revision of nickel and nickel alloy belts, plates, tubes, wires, rods and forgings. Development of carbon / carbon composite structure materials, thermal field materials, insulation materials, composite crucible sets of standards. Accelerate the pace of development of electronic chemicals, optical functional films and other sets of standards. Improve the functional membrane materials supporting standards, the development of ion exchange resin series of standards, bipolar film, hollow fiber membrane and component standards, ceramic nanofiltration membrane components and biological fermentation, high temperature flue gas treatment device standards, and membrane materials test methods and other special standards The The development of artificial crystal materials terminology, artificial crystal growth equipment safety technical specifications and other basic standards to speed up the sapphire crystal and substrate materials, large-size sapphire crystal growth, quality inspection series of standard development, release large-scale rare earth scintillation crystal standard, piezoelectric crystal and devices standard. Do a good job of the standard material for the production of materials, the development of mold powder, high temperature alloys, nickel, aluminum, magnesium and other metal and alloy powder standards, polyurethane materials, and other series of materials. Speed ​​up the publication of graphene materials terminology and definition of basic standards, the development of graphene layer determination, specific surface area, conductivity and other standards, the development of a number of graphene materials, device standards and metering devices.

Improve the technical standards for new materials. The integration of existing new materials analysis methods, technical standards system to solve the standard cross-duplication, conflict, timely supplement the relevant missing items, the establishment of application-oriented material index system standards. Improve the material testing technology measurement standards, to enhance the applicability of material testing technical standards. Improve the standard material, support the measurement instrument calibration, test results evaluation, product quality control and other standardization and measurement work. Built the whole process monitoring system characterization, quality control standard system and experimental results of the effectiveness of the evaluation standard system.

(7) to implement the “Internet +” new material action.
Encourage enterprises to use the Internet of Things, cloud computing, timber manufacturing, industrial robots and other means to carry out new materials, intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, to explore the development of new materials, large-scale personalized customization, network collaborative manufacturing and other new models. Support the construction of new materials based on the Internet innovation, encourage the construction of a number of vertical, professional network platform, to carry out new materials design solutions, supply and demand docking, information consulting, testing and other services to create an open and integrated industrial ecology. The implementation of the national data strategy, the establishment of new materials database, brand standard library, process parameter database, process knowledge base, to support the development of large data analysis of materials, data collection and sharing system, the formation of China’s national conditions in line with the new material grades and index system.

(8) cultivate the advantages of enterprises and talent team.
Support new materials enterprises to market-oriented joint reorganization, the formation of a number of strong innovation and international influence of the leading enterprises. Encourage the development of public, crowdsourcing, public support, all chips and other new models, the formation of a group of special new special materials for small and medium enterprises. Promote the upstream and downstream enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises to establish capital as a link, production and research with a close combination of industrial alliances, focus on resources to speed up the development of new materials, industrialization and application. Encourage new materials enterprises to establish a flexible and standardized enterprise system and decision-making system, and actively carry out independent innovation and the introduction of digestion and absorption of innovation, the formation of close upstream and downstream relations, to achieve “from fine to fine, from fine to strong.” Strengthen the training of new materials talents and innovation team, relying on key enterprises, alliances, colleges and universities, vocational institutions, public training base and public service platform, through joint research and joint implementation of major projects to train a number of engineering, engineering graduate students, A group of industrial workers, technical backbone and innovation team. Organizations to carry out new materials industry experts, new materials, professional and technical personnel training, new materials, international exchanges of talent, the introduction of the introduction of new materials in the field of foreign experts, optimize the new materials talent team growth environment.

(9) to promote the development of new materials industry cluster.
The implementation of national regional development strategy to promote the coordinated development of new materials industry, the formation of the east, west and northeast region dislocation development, competition and orderly new materials industry as a whole, to enhance the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River economic zone and other key areas of new materials Agglomeration level. Science to do a good job of industrial layout, to avoid duplication of construction, to encourage new materials around the enterprises and research institutions rely on regional advantages, rational allocation of industrial chain, innovation chain, resource chain, promote regional characteristics of new materials industry development and growth. Advanced basic materials should fully consider the existing industrial infrastructure and resources and environmental carrying capacity, in accordance with the intensive, parked, green development path to speed up the layout adjustment. Key strategic materials around the major needs of major downstream and supporting major projects to speed up the production and application demonstration platform construction, the formation of a number of key new materials gathering area and innovative radiation center. Cutting forward the new materials to fully rely on scientific research institutes and other innovative institutions, and actively develop new formats, the construction of a number of industrial demonstration projects. Consolidate and upgrade the existing new materials industry base, the park strength, in the field of key new materials to promote the formation of a number of industrial chain perfect, fully furnished, competitive and strong industrial agglomeration area.