New magic queen

  On a windy day in May, a group of girls sat uneasily waiting for the opening of a gate.

  For a long time, the door finally opened slowly. In an instant, the girls rushed like water…

  Stephanie Meyer walked into the podium in a red dress. She had dark long hair and pale skin, like the magical vampire family in her pen. The screams of people immediately drowned her…

  Capture the summer of dreams

  On June 2, 2003, it was a very normal day for Stephanie Meyer.

  On this day, her child went to the swimming class for the first time. As a “somewhat nervous” mother, she was nervous all day and was therefore exhausted. So, before she climbed to bed at night, she had no reason to believe that her life would be changed overnight.

  But things happened so wonderfully. At about 4 in the morning, she woke up from a wonderful dream. In the dream, a young girl and a handsome and charming man sit on the grassy meadow and talk about love. The man is a vampire, but they have fallen in love, he is telling his lover to suppress the desire to hunt her, how difficult it is for him… This dream is too clear, it is just like What happened, which made Mel have the idea of ​​writing.

  She described this kind of excitement as “like being shocked.” “It feels like a dam breach, so many ideas come out at once.” Writing brought her unprecedented happiness, but she didn’t tell anyone that she was writing a novel, and even her husband didn’t know what she was doing every day.

  The only one who knows this secret is her 31-year-old sister Emily. Every time Mel writes a chapter, he sends it to his sister’s mailbox. Emily always reads it carefully and puts forward her own opinions. In the mutual discussion between the two sisters, Mel finally completed her first work in her life, “The Twilight City – Twilight.” Her dream became a scene in “Twilight.”

  That dream deprived her of her summer, but she was so sweet.

  But now, vampire teenagers and human girls have earned her a record of over 50 million books worldwide, translated into 20 languages ​​and filmed. She was therefore named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.

  Happy mother of Phoenix

  Phoenix is ​​the place where the protagonist lives in the novel and is the home of the happy family of Mel.

  Although she is like a superhero in the publishing world, she is only a mother at home, and she is also very intoxicated with her role as a mother.

  But the children sometimes made her laugh and cry. On one occasion, Mel was interviewed by a fashion magazine in the living room. Suddenly, her two sons rushed out of the room, and the second son, Seth, wore a homemade Superman costume and jumped on the sofa. The younger son, Avery, likes the car. He took out a book and showed the magazine reporters every car he knew.

  Mel is a little embarrassed, but the reason for the sons is: “It’s too lonely to stay alone in the room for a long time.” In their eyes, the mother who appears in the newspaper is no different from the mother who stays at home, and this is also It really makes Mel feel happy. For her, happiness is to stay at home or to participate in some group activities. This is also related to her birth in a Mormon family – Mormons pay special attention to the family and believe that the family is the basic unit of the church and society and has a serious commitment to marriage. Therefore, for the talented woman who graduated from Brigham Young University’s English literature major, she is more eager to have a loving family than Prada and the savvy OL fan.

  In fact, in the touching love story of Meyer’s pen, there is also the shadow of her youth. At the time of college, Mel, like her heroine, fell in love happily in the youthful years of flying. She met Christensen, nicknamed “Pancho”, which was Mel’s happiest time. After she wrote the “Twilight City” series, she repeatedly said in an interview that the time of youth It is wonderful, you will have the most painful trauma in life, and you will have the most enjoyable memories of your life. At that age, you can think like an adult, make decisions that affect your life, or even fall in love.

  Her life is calm, simple and happy. She will go to the restaurant to have lunch with her husband Pancho. She likes Greek salad. Whenever she buys a new DVD, she always has to wait for a while before she will sit still in front of the TV until she stops. It ended, it was a delay in work; Mel also liked to drive, driving on the road, listening to music, as if the entire band was playing for her. Now, writing for her is like walking fast in the fast lane.

  Although sometimes she looks like a competent bestselling author, most of the time, she is a warm-hearted housewife. She has strict ethical standards in life and creation, opposes drug abuse, and opposes sex and violence in the media. She doesn’t even have I have seen R-rated movies.

  It seems that the “Twilight City” series is nothing more than telling a high school student’s love story, but in fact, as Mel’s idol, writer Orson Scot Cardard said, although love is only in the book. A small part of it is the guide of life.

  She likes to look at the life of her life, friends and family, and likes to understand how love changes one person. Because the heart is full of love, Mel in front of the camera always smiles warmly. For her, the biggest achievement is not to write a book, but the wedding ring that symbolizes love and happiness.

  Years ago, Mel tried to write an epic, a book like Samuel Taylor Taylor Coleridge’s “The Ancient Boat”, “I can’t write it, it’s terrible,” but Mel can’t Forgetting the beautiful story, she is determined to put them in her new work. The most attractive character in this new work is the mermaid, but the Magic Queen gave them a more beautiful name – the charming banshee.