Never run side by side with you

  At the age of fifteen, in order to better prepare me for the mid-term exam, my mother helped me transfer and chose a class for me, because there was a so-called distant relative in this class.
  ”I haven’t seen you in a few years, Tong Tong is almost becoming an adult.” The mother smiled politely and pushed me to Xiong Tong, “The younger brother will rest assured to you. I heard that you are still a class cadre. Take care of your younger brother. “The
  mother just left, and Xiong Tong gave me a” Hi “sound, and then reached out and curiously touched the badge I didn’t put on my chest. This is a finely crafted lily badge, a birthday gift from my neighbor, so I cherish it. So, I severely brushed away the dirty hands that Xiong Tong just played basketball.
  Xiong Tong is a sports committee member in his class. Although he is only half a year older than me, he is so bearish that when I stand side by side with him, my eyes can barely pass his shoulder. We still have too many differences: I am a gentle and introverted character, often called a sissy by boys, Xiong Tong is doing things with care, and calling on the boys and girls; All sports are not a problem.

  In the first few days, Xiong Tong would politely greet me with a few words, but he was interested in sports that I was not good at, and my habit of not loving sports also made him disgusted. Gradually, we were doing our own thing. Too. Although he was young at that time, we already vaguely understood the principle of grouping people, not because there is a thin blood line to maintain, the two will be so good that they are inseparable.
  After the syllabus of the secondary school entrance examination, physical education became a required subject. The head teacher panicked and quickly returned the occupied physical education class. I am poor in physical education. I used to hide in the classroom in the previous physical education class. The sports committee would also help me to fool me in front of the teacher, but the first physical education class after the new class was transferred, Xiong Tong simply rejected me.
  Standing long jump practice, the boys drew a perfect arc and landed on the passing line in a beautiful posture, it was my turn soon. Urgently urged by the bear boy, I stepped on the jumper with great trembling and jumped out of my body. As expected, I still collapsed before the passing line as before.
  Xiong Tong’s eyes were full of contempt, and while sneering, he drew a bright and exaggerated red cross behind my name.

  In the evening, the back garden of the school was enveloped by the evening glow. In the quiet atmosphere, I could only hear my panic voice. In college entrance examination sports, I’m not good at long-distance running. If I was dragged, I would dream that the high school would close the door to me.
  In desperation, I forced myself to challenge the long-distance race. However, shy, I dare not go to the playground to practice. The 400-meter runway always makes me feel unreasonable, so I can only secretly run around the remote small flower bed, and I have to be afraid of not being noticed by anyone. Got his own secret.
  ”You can’t practice this way.” I don’t know when, Xiong Tong has appeared quietly with his arms folded, “You get to practice on the playground, and sharpen your cartilage.”
  I stopped with a red face . After angrily throwing off the sentence “it has nothing to do with you”, he ran away.
  The Spring School Games came and said that even if they did not participate in any project, they had to stay on the playground as cheerleaders. As usual, I sat on the grass holding a novel and watched with interest, so much so that I ignored the bear boy running towards me. He kicked me fiercely: “Quick, the next set of 400 meters is due for you! I will sign up for you.”
  My heart sank quickly, and sure enough, the loudspeaker on the playground missed me Tell me to report to the check-in office immediately. I haven’t had time to discuss with Xiongtong theory, I have been pushed to the starting line by him. In the attention of all the students in the school, the sun was heating up rapidly, burning every inch of my skin.
  The starting gun fired, and a row of tiger-like players shot like arrows, and soon, I became the last one.
  Suddenly, Xiong Tong’s loud call rang out on the sidelines: “Come on, I organized the whole class of girls to see you, don’t lose our boys’ faces!”
  Xiong Tong really organized all the girls and stared at me scorchingly. And, after his high-key shouting, people in other classes also noticed the embarrassed me, and they all whispered or sneered.
  No matter, fight! The strong sense of shame hit me as hard as electricity. That day, I forgot how painful my legs were and how dry my throat was. I just remembered that when I successfully crossed the finish line, I could n’t believe that I had conquered 400 meters.
  Also from that day on, sports are no longer the flood beast in my mind.

  In 2008, in the year when the memory had turned yellow, a lot of things happened to me. There was the entrance examination, the Wenchuan earthquake, the Olympics hosted by China, the melancholy I finally faded, and I became a man. Xiong Tong’s departure.
  I scored a good score in the 400m and was admitted to A with an excellent overall score. Xiong Tong was admitted to a sports school in the north.
  At the graduation dinner, Xiong Tong smiled with a free and easy smile: “If you don’t go to high school, don’t go to high school. I’m not a piece of learning material.”
  However, I can clearly see the regret and sadness in Xiong Tong’s eyes.
  In September, I sent the bear boy to the train station, and my eyes were astringent, and I cried.
  ”Your grandpas, are you good? Besides, we are not so good.” Xiong Tong wiped my tears away and said, “In the future, learn to be stronger and more sturdy. No one can protect you for a lifetime. ”
  That was the last time I saw a bear boy.
  The northbound train was about to start. Xiong Tong waved his hand to me and then turned and left, gradually disappearing at the entrance. Suddenly, I felt the other lily badge on my chest. When I first saw Xiong Tong, he stared at my badge with an envious expression.
  The lily flower is pure and crystal clear, the fragrance is striking, the flower language is friendship.
  I took it off, held it in my hand, and ran towards the entrance in the crowd of people, regardless of the strange eyes of others, shouting the name of the bear boy crazy all the way, waving my hands crazy all the way-I want to give it to Bear boy.
  Once weak, I never ran side by side with you, but this time, please let me keep up with your pace.