Nanjing “Spiritual Phenomenon” and “Bermuda Triangle”

  The ruins of the Ming Palace and its vicinity have always been full of mystery. In recent years, the bizarre legends surrounding this area have become more confusing. Weird traffic accidents, weird deaths, and incredible anecdotes are widely circulated among the people. Some people compare the Ming Forbidden City area to the “Bermuda” in Nanjing. They dare not set foot in the night and take a detour by car.
  The accident scene who replaced the intersection
  Kim a media work in Xinjiekou (should I request real name withheld), a day late November 2007 home from work, driving a Fiat NAC, along Shandong route west to east, ready to leave Zhongshanmen and go to the residence in the eastern suburbs. This road Mr. Jin has been walking day and night for several years, and the familiar road conditions and environment, in his own words, “can open with closed eyes.”
  Not far from Xinjiekou, he followed a taxi. Strangely enough, there were fewer people and cars than usual that day, and the green light was almost all the way. The two cars, one behind the other, went unimpeded. About forty to fifty meters away, there was an intersection. Mr. Jin looked at it. It was a green light, and he was relieved to follow the taxi forward. The taxi passed by the intersection. Mr. Jin saw that in front of him was Qingxi Road, forming a T-shaped road with Zhongshan Road. The front was barrier-free, and the strong power of the car pushed him forward. At this moment, he faintly heard a scream, followed by two loud bangs, the body shook violently, and his eyes went dark. He knew that something was wrong!
  Lao Jin is strange, how could they bump into the T-junction? The onlookers told him that this was the west entrance of the Ming Palace. He looked to the right, dumbfounded: T-shaped road has become a crossroad! What surprised him even more was that the intersection was so open, how could the two cars turn a blind eye when they drove in front of them just before the accident! Otherwise, hit the right direction and nothing will happen. Seeing this, the insurance company’s insurance officer insisted that he was drunk. But the blood test immediately proved that Mr. Jin did not drink any alcohol.
  Strangely, there was another car accident here. One of the BMW owners also said many times that she suddenly lost her reaction and ignored the outside world immediately before the accident. Otherwise, she would follow the back of the red flag car, as long as she braked, she wouldn’t hit it.
  The car that caused the accident was missing in broad daylight
  ”Dingling! Dingling!” At about 10 o’clock in the summer of 2006, the police call of the command center of Nanjing Public Security Bureau rang suddenly. Phone call from Yudao, a public breathlessly told police on duty, a car flew into the park the afternoon towards the door, “the car almost crashed, Come to deal with it, too bad!”
  Alarm After that, the police car flashed its lights all the way and howled.
  The location of the incident was located at the south entrance of Wuchaomen Park, Yudao Street. A car rushed into the road and hit a stone lion. Bian, a man covered in blood, curled up in the passenger seat.
  The windows of the car had all shattered, and the police came forward and tried to ask the people in the car if they could still speak, but he had no reaction at all. The police hurriedly yanked the car door, but the car door was stuck tightly. When everyone was in a hurry, the fire brigade rushed to the scene and they brought cutting equipment.
  Five minutes later, the car door was dismantled, and the man’s body was exposed. The police did not dare to delay the time and immediately pulled him out. But it is a pity that the man at this time has long lost his breath.
  After this busy work, the police began to inspect the accident scene. The road is wide and the street lights are very bright. There are more than ten centimeters high curbs at the entrance of Wuchaomen Park, and the surrounding traffic settings and reflective signs are also obvious.
  But the car rushed straight to the fangs and hit the stone lion, and the stone lion didn’t even touch a small stone chip.
  Look at the lane where the car is coming from south to north. There are no signs of braking at all. Did the driver just watch and die without taking the slightest measure? What is even more incredible is that after the incident, where did others go?
  ”Old Bus” to here also committed fear
  horse since 1985 to open the bus, basically Zhongshan Road has been running this line. In the first 15 years of work, Lao Ma had rarely heard of the bus crashing into a tree, but later, the two caught up together, and slowly more.
  Lao Ma also noticed that there were more traffic accidents at the intersection of Yudao Street and Zhongshan East Road than before. Needless to say, Xiaopin Xiaocai, he has seen major accidents with his own eyes. Just more than 10 days ago, at about 8 o’clock in the evening, when the old horse’s car drove from west to east to the crossroad on the west side of Wuchaomen Ruins Park, he saw a Buick Regal and a private car rammed into it. In order to avoid the private car, Buick Regal then ran into a plane tree on the side of the road. A few years ago, at this intersection, a 5-way night bus collided with a large truck pulling pigs. The entire window of the bus shook down, and the truck pulling the pigs went forward and hit a tree on the side of the road. It was also at this intersection. A few years ago, a bus crashed into a girl riding a bicycle. The girl became unconscious at the time. Later the girl became a vegetable.
  In Lao Ma’s impression, he picked up the car after get off work at night. He encountered this intersection many times while dealing with accidents, and on several occasions he had to detour the car into the slow lane.
  It’s not a long time for Xiao Yang to drive the bus. In the past 7 years, Xiao Yang has opened the 9th road and Ming Palace section is his only way. Also at the intersection of Yudao Street and Zhongshan East Road, Xiao Yang witnessed many impressive traffic accidents.
  The most thrilling one happened one afternoon last summer. A military Iveco driving from west to east collided with a Hatchback Fit driving from north to south. The engine in front of the Fit fell out and the airbags were all opened.
  Nowadays, although it can be called an old bus, Wang Qiang is still very careful when he comes to this intersection.
  After the ground
  broke out at the Taimiao site, in 2002, a company built a new building near the Ming Palace site, but it accidentally dug a lot of wooden piles and glazed tiles while laying the foundation. According to the research of the relevant department, this is the site of the Ming Dynasty Taimiao. All of a sudden, the news of “building on the Taimiao site” spread throughout the city.
  A debate over which is more important between modern urban construction and ancient cultural relics protection began, and in the end, the new building still rose from the ground. In order to protect the underground cultural relics to the utmost extent, the ground floor of the new building was raised, and an old well at the entrance of the building was also renovated. According to reports, this well was used exclusively for cleaning sacrifices.
  For the ancient Taimiao, today’s people are careful, and the construction plan has been changed and changed. However, after the building was completed, a series of bizarre accidents happened unexpectedly.
  ”That’s because the ground was broken on Tai Sui.” A security guard who had been working nearby was eloquent. He lowered his voice as he said, “We don’t dare to talk nonsense about this kind of thing. It hasn’t been long since the construction of the new building started. Later, a migrant worker was electrocuted.”
  According to another man who asked not to be named, bad luck first stuck to a young girl. She was walking normally nearby, and a truck passed by her. Because inside the unit, the speed of the vehicle is not fast, but an accident happened. The truck slowly ran over the girl, and soon the girl lost her breath.
  And even more weird things are still going on. A gentleman who worked in the unit told reporters, “In the first two years, a boy jumped from the second floor at night and planned to pick up friends at the station. Before, the boy also went from the building. He skipped over several times, but something happened this time. The boy stepped on the steps and knocked his head heavily on the ground.
  He died the next day.” According to him, after the building was built, normal experiments were conducted in the unit. Suddenly something went wrong with the experimental equipment that has always been very safe, and a young man was electrocuted. What’s even more strange is that in the early morning of May this year, a man jumped from the second floor in a heavy rain. Although the floor was not high, the person died on the spot.
  There have been accidents time and time again, and the ancient Taimiao seems to be really better than modern people.
  Whoever touches the site of the Ming Palace is unlucky for
  600 years, and after many wars, thousands of palaces have been built . The Ming Palace was buried in wild grass. Finally, at the end of the 1980s, the area around the Ming Palace site was transferred to the place, a park was built, and antique buildings were built at the original Fengtian Gate.
  The reporter visited the Ming Palace Park and met a group of citizens who were playing leisurely inside. They recounted the past.
  This construction was very uneven. A citizen in his early 60s recalled that after the building was completed, the ribbon was cut. He heard that someone died that night.
  More than this, another person added that I heard that during the construction process, three people died. Royal ruins, of course not everyone can move around.
  The reporter learned from a cultural relic collector: The actual situation is that after the building was built, it was listed. On that night, a person who participated in the listing encountered a car accident on the way home. In addition, in the mid-1990s, when excavating in this area, something stranger happened. When going down the tunnel, a worker’s leg was injured by a shovel. The wound was not serious. However, for the next half month, the worker’s leg remained swollen. This inexplicable accident made the workers very nervous. When the construction was carried out later, the workers strongly urged the construction unit to set off firecrackers to avoid evil.
  Regarding these true and false rumors, the reporter specifically consulted the staff of the Park Management Office. They said: It was not long before we came here, and they didn’t understand these things, nor heard anyone talk about them.
  Could it be that these incidents are just people who don’t know the truth chasing after others?
  Is all this accidental coincidence, or is there really a mysterious force controlling it?