When I grow old, everything has been conceived.

An old tree, a distant mountain, a wisp of cloud and smoke, weaves all over the scene. The French painter Koro’s Memories of Montfermeil is hazy beyond expectation, exuding a hint of sweetness and dismay, without dazzling colors or exciting emotions. It is like the fragments of a vaguely indistinct dream, and it is also like the scenery of an old friend. Some people here have familiar memories.

Koro, who was never married for life, lived alone in the countryside in his later years. With only one brush, one can be naive, sit and watch the blue sky and clear water, flowers and grass flourish, even if it rains continuously. It is another kind of happiness to be old and peaceful.

Under the background of silver and green, the worldly distractions suddenly melt into your eyes, listening to a heavenly music with bated breath, remembering a time that cannot be returned until it is covered by the rushing past and returns to the original tranquility of life.

Forgetting is forgetting but forgetting. April 23 this year marks the 13th anniversary of the death of Mr. Huang Zhou. I always feel a little sad when I think about my contacts with him. When I first met Mr. Huang Zhou during the ” two sessions” in 1993, CPPCC member Da Feng (Feng Jicai) told me that there was one place in Beijing that I must visit, namely Yanhuang Art Museum. Da Feng was very provocative and took a large group of members, including Wu Guanzhong, Wu Zuguang and other literary celebrities. When Mr. Huang Zhou, who is on crutches, stands among such a group of people, he looks open and frank. I don’t know how long, I noticed that Mr. Huang Zhou was sitting alone in the hall, and I came forward to talk. Later, when he got up, he said to me, ” can you give me a hand, son?” Listen, vaguely worried about his body.

The last time I saw Mr. Huang Zhou, I heard him say sadly, ” I really want to create.” Yanhuang Art Museum’s annual expenditure of 1.5 million yuan, as well as various miscellaneous daily affairs, almost make Mr. Wang helpless. Mr. Huang Zhou passed away at the age of 72. Many people think that he is overworked and exhausted. In the art market, the auction price of Mr. Huang Zhou’s paintings is not high. There is a saying in the art circle that Mr. Huang Zhou asked for people everywhere for Yanhuang Art Museum, resulting in a large number of works being donated and circulated in the world.

Another heavyweight in the painting world who died in April is Mr. Chen Yifei, who has been away for five years. Mr. Yifei in life, his true feelings and purity all seem to be the plot in the novel. When we passed by the moat of the forbidden city, his eyes were far-reaching and distant: ” I think this is the best place in Beijing. it reminds me suddenly of Yu Dafu’s love story, which happened here. If I make a film, this will be a very important scene. ” I asked, ” Do you really want to make such a film?” He hesitated for a moment and said very briefly, ” I’m afraid there are some problems in my grasp of life, but I think I will take pictures.” It’s a pity that it will eventually become a pity.
I mentioned his ” Poppy Flowers” by chance and wondered why it was not peony or hibiscus. At that time, Mr. Yifei blurted out: ” Women are poisons.” The astonishing words haven’t returned to my mind yet, and then he added: ” This is just a joke.” However, less than a year after Mr. Yifei’s death, the huge legacy case behind him became the subject of much publicity. Only then did he suddenly realize what he could not laugh at.

When I read Proust’s magnum opus ” Remembering Things Past” in my early years, I very much agreed that a person who is deeply worldly-wise can become a career and politician, but cannot become a real artist. Even older artists often maintain a relatively naive heart, even with a little childlike. In Proust’s later years, he recalled with relish a cup of hot tea soaked with Madeleine that he had drunk in the morning. This kind of interest, in Balzac’s ” human comedy” is not found.

The so-called naivety is just a social outlook on life with different standards and looks out of line with the world. Kazuo inamori, the 78-year-old founder of Japan’s Kyocera Company, suddenly took over Japan Airlines, which was on the verge of bankruptcy. Although he created two Fortune 500 companies, this move was not appreciated by the outside world and was considered naive. Although kazuo inamori’s philosophy of management, the Law of Life, is very sophisticated, his own law of life has always been irrational. At the height of his career, 65-year-old kazuo inamori made a decision that many people could not imagine. He shaved his head and became a monk, concentrating on Zen. Still wearing straw sandals, begging alms from door to door.

Chuang Tzu has a classic saying that the emperors of the South China Sea and the North China Sea were chaotic in order to repay the kindness to the central emperors. Seeing that he did not have the seven orifices that the world all had, he decided to give him one orifice every day. As a result, the seven orifices were opened and he died in chaos. If nature is chiseled, is it still the real self?