Music arranger everyone is a musician

Music basics
Although you can still grope for simple arranger creation without professional music knowledge, if you understand more concepts, it may make the content you create more “different”, and can make the work more purposeful, greatly Improve efficiency. The basic part of this knowledge is not too complicated, mainly including music theory, composition, etc., and can be fully understood by following the online tutorial. We searched for relevant keywords on major video streaming platforms and found a lot. In addition to the fees for individual high-quality courses, there are also many free popular science and simplified video tutorials.

In order to better understand the arrangement itself, here is a brief introduction to the basic concepts of the song. A song is mainly composed of melody, lyrics, arrangement, mixing and so on. The melody is the soul and backbone of the song, and is the tone of the song, which is completed by the composer. The lyrics are used to express emotions or to narrate, and are completed by the lyricist. Arrangement is mainly the accompaniment part of the music, which is completed by the arranger. Mixing is based on the arrangement of the work, it is used to highlight or cover certain parts of the arrangement of music to improve the overall texture.

The main melody and lyrics of a song are generally unchanged, but with different arrangements, it sounds different in style and feel. For example, the same children’s song “Two Tigers”, if you add bass, electric guitar and drum kit to the arrangement, it becomes a rock style; if you add pipa, erhu, suona and gongs and drums, it is Chinese style. Therefore, arranger can be understood as a coat embodying the temperament of a song.

In addition, we also need to understand a little about the basic functions and positioning of musical instruments and some basic concepts, such as the concept of rhythm. The rhythm is similar to the “heartbeat” of the song. It uses a low-frequency sound to drive the rhythm of the entire song. The rhythm style is different, and the temperament of the song will also be different. We can go to major music platforms such as NetEase Cloud Music, etc., and use the headphones that are not particularly poor in quality to listen to the music searched with “bass” as the keyword. Experience the meaning of rhythm.

·There are many tutorials on the basics of music on the Internet

·The playlist of bass music is easy to find

After understanding these basics, let’s take a look at the equipment needed for the arrangement. The first thing to say is that these devices just make arranging easier and more professional. Without them, it is actually feasible. Many softwares will provide simulated instrument or device interfaces. If you are only interested in arranger, you can temporarily not buy professional equipment, try it for a while, if you are still interested in arranger, and hope to go down this path, then buy some related equipment. Arrangement related equipment mainly includes computers, arranger keyboards, sound cards, speakers or monitor headphones, recording microphones, etc.

·Creating works through arranger tools

·Arranger keyboard

Needless to say the computer, we mainly talk about other equipment. The keys of the arranger keyboard are similar to the keys of the piano. We press the above keys to input the corresponding notes into the arranger software. At present, the entry-level arranger keyboard can be obtained with more than 100 yuan, so it is recommended that readers who want to try arranger should start with one.

The sound card is the hardware that processes audio data, and it can process larger and more complex audio data, and also provides professional cooperation software. Although the sound card is not necessary for beginners or simple readers, you can also consider buying a product to improve the arranger experience and efficiency. The sound card suitable for entry-level arranger applications is currently a few hundred yuan.


The speakers and monitor headphones are mainly used to listen to the sound effects used in the arrangement. Generally, only one is required. The advantage of the speaker is that it does not block the ears, and the comfort is good. The disadvantage is that the installation is cumbersome and it is difficult to detect the audio content with low volume. The monitor headphones can be replaced with other headphones, but professional headphones can make it easier for us to hear the sound we need to hear. For example, the bass sound heard by professional headphones is clearer and more textured, while some ordinary headphones may not even be heard. To part of the sound of Beth.

If you want to sing or play a musical instrument, you also need a recording microphone. The quality of the audio recorded by the professional microphone is better, and there is less interference noise such as white noise and ambient sound.

·Sound card for processing audio data

Arranger software
·Mobile terminal

·”Incredibox” allows you to deepen your understanding of the arrangement work

For users who don’t know much about arranger, the author recommends a step-by-step approach, first using some non-professional tools that are entertaining and entertaining to deepen the understanding of arranger, and then create through professional software. For example, “Incredibox” is a mobile game that uses Bbox audio sampling materials to arrange music. Its gameplay is very simple. We just drag the icons below to the shirtless people above, and then they will put on their clothes and use Bbox sings for you. There are a total of 7 people at the top, representing 7 tracks. At the beginning, only one person was singing, so the melody sounded more monotonous, but as the number of singers increased, the melody sounded more rich and sweet. We arrange and superimpose different audio sampling materials to get a good piece of music, and the essence of the arrangement is basically the same.

After we have a certain understanding of the arranger, we can use the arranger software to create. “Portable Band” is a “virtual instrument + arranger function” mobile APP, it is very professional but the steps are very simple, very suitable for novices. Open the software, select the multi-track synthesizer, click New, fill in the name, time signature, measure number and other parameters and enter the arranger tool interface. The vertical bar on the left side of the interface represents the audio track. We click the plus sign and select a certain instrument to add a track. Then the performance interface of the selected instrument will be opened. For example, the piano is a piano keyboard, and the drum is a virtual drum or Drum keyboard, etc.

After opening the performance interface, we can play the instrument by pressing the corresponding position on the screen, such as pressing the piano keys, fiddle with bass or guitar strings, etc. After clicking the “record” button (red solid circle) at the top, we can start the official performance. If we need a metronome to help us find the beat and rhythm during the performance, we can click the metronome icon to open the metronome. When the performance is finished, press the “Record” button again to stop recording. After returning to the arranger interface, we can see the content of a track that has been edited. And so on, until the entire arrangement is completed.

In addition, we can click on the small triangle below a track to open more options to further adjust and modify the content of the track, such as adjusting the volume, modifying the tone, re-editing the track, etc. Finally, go back to the arranger interface and click the play button to hear the effect.

For beginners, it is recommended that you first compose the main melody (using a piano, guitar, violin, etc.), then edit the rhythm (using a drum machine, drum kit, etc.), and finally add a rhythm through bass, such a composition work with basic elements It’s finished.


We can also add more kinds of musical instruments and audio materials through the download of plug-ins in the software.

·Click the plus sign on the left to select an instrument to create a new track, and then select the desired instrument plug-in

·Listen to the arrangement effect

Maybe some readers will say that arranger is really too difficult, especially the main melody performance, the melody played without some musical skills is really not very nice. This is also easy to handle, we can use some auxiliary tools such as “HumOn” mobile APP to easily get the main melody track. It is relatively simple to use. After opening the APP, click the plus sign to create a new melody, and then click the “record” button to start humming. It will collect the height of our humming tone through the microphone to compose a melody.

After humming, click the “record” button again to end the recording, then we can choose the type, select “melody” will get the main melody of the piano performance, select other options will get the music with the main melody and other arrangement style, Such as lyrical, rock and other styles. However, it should be noted that the scales recognized by the humming software are generally inaccurate, and we need to correct it. The operation method is: click the “Score” button, and then modify the sound in the open interface. Then click the checkmark to enter the name to save this track, and then we can import it as the main melody into the “portable band” to arrange the composition.

· Click the “Start” button to hum

·Modify the main melody of humming


You can’t hear the bass without wearing headphones when playing with bass. It is recommended that users wear wired headphones. There is a delay in Bluetooth headphones, which may cause the audio track content to be inaccurate, so it is not recommended.


In addition to the mobile phone APP, there are also many arranger tools on the computer side, such as the non-professional Rocky online arranger (http:∥, HTML5 mini electronic piano online Composer (https:∥ can create simple music works. However, these tools have limited functions and are more suitable for “play” users.

In addition, there are some professional music arranging software on the computer side. They have more functions, richer tricks and tricks, but the threshold for getting started is a bit high. Skilled use requires a certain time cost. Here are some recommended products that are not bad for your comparison and selection.

· “Rocky Online Arranger” provides simple arrangement function

·”HTML5 Mini Electronic Piano” allows users to arrange music in HTML language

· “FI Studio” is very friendly to keyboard and mouse operation

“Cubase” can help users complete the whole process from composition, arrangement, recording to downmixing and mastering in one stop, which is more suitable for beginners to choose.

“Studio One” is a software that can help users to create songs using chord tracks. Its ability is relatively balanced, and it can arrange and mix music. It is also friendly to novices in operation.

“FI Studio” provides users with a full-featured “recording studio”, which can edit the rhythms of different temperaments according to the requirements of composers, such as the rhythm of drums, gongs, pianos, flutes, cellos and many other instruments. It is very suitable for those Users who only use the keyboard and mouse.

Publish music
Arrangement is also a kind of music creation. If it is just a hobby and I want to publish it for the purpose of sharing beautiful music with others, we can upload the work to various network platforms that support audio. For example, arranger exchange forum, post bar, etc., such as “Ancient Music”. Or you can make a video with a little bit of screen and send it to Bilibili (https:∥ or A station (https:∥ If you want to get fans, and you want the work to be paid according to the listening rate, then we have to upload it to NetEase Cloud Music and other platforms that support music creators (you need to apply to open a platform for musicians to settle in), then all uploaded The work platform will give a certain amount of compensation according to the broadcast volume and advertising traffic. If you want to sell your work as music copyright, we can use some professional third-party music copyright platforms, such as music trading network (http: ∥, etc. , Just wait for others to buy.

· Upload works to the music platform, and obtain revenue through the volume and traffic

The use of arranger tools and arranger software is actually not difficult to learn. Novice users who are interested in arranger can create their own musical works through simple operations according to the content described in this article. Of course, if you are interested in developing in the direction of music arrangers or music producers, you also need to master more music-related professional knowledge. Only in this way can you create more pleasant and popular works.