Mother in carol

The snow comes late this winter. Jim leaned against the misty window and vaguely heard the noise outside. He asked curiously: “Mom, there must be a lot of people outside, right? What are they doing?”

Every year around Christmas, Jim will ask such questions. Jim is a blind boy and has never seen this beautiful world from beginning to end. The mother poked her head out of the narrow kitchen and pretended to say calmly: “Nothing to play, they are all walking in the street!” In fact, she wanted to tell her children that not only were there lights up outside, they were also full of people. I went to Santa Claus in red and festive, but she couldn’t bear to say it.

Jim is thirteen years old this year. Not only has he never tried to run, he can’t even fumble into the kitchen to help. But today, he really wants to give it a try. He wanted his mother to understand that when he grew up, he could do something within his power.

He stood up and approached the kitchen cautiously. When he reached out and grabbed the edge of the door and stepped happily, his mother suddenly screamed in the kitchen: “Oh! How can you act alone, kid? What if you fall?”

“Mom, don’t worry, I’ve grown up, and I can help you share the housework. Believe it or not, pass me the cooked steak, and I will be able to deliver it to the table in its entirety.” Jim said.

Mother couldn’t bear to refuse him, and handed the steak to his hand. Jim was so happy that he held the white plate respectfully. He secretly told himself that there must be no mistakes. Without the touch of his hands, Jim quickly tripped over a chair. Jim was so frustrated, he felt like he was really useless. The mother stroked his hair: “Child, do you know? You are not good at these at all, but singing!”

“Sing?” Jim stopped crying and asked suspiciously. He was a little puzzled by his mother’s approval, because many classmates in the school had said that he was incomplete.

“Yes, sing. When you were very young, you would sing Christmas carols. Every Christmas, as long as you keep your voice open, those uncles and aunts will happily throw coins into your pockets!”

Jim didn’t speak, he was thinking about the lyrics of the carol. My mother continued: “You don’t know. People have been asking me in the past few years, why didn’t you bring Jim out to sing? I said, Jim has grown up, it depends on his wishes. Of course, someone asked me today. If you If we like, we can set off together after dinner.”

“No problem!” Jim got up from the ground at once. He felt that he had never been so energetic.

After dinner, he actively asked his mother to help him put on the most beautiful clothes, and then happily prepared to go out with the tape recorder in his hand. Before leaving, my mother deliberately took out a small blackboard from the bottom of the bed and said triumphantly: “Tonight, I have to use it to write down how many coins we got, Jim.”

When knocking on the first door, Jim was full of fear. He reviewed the lyrics silently over and over again. After a while, the middle-aged man’s voice came from inside the door: “Who?”

Jim was afraid to speak. Mother calmly shouted: “Jim! The guy with the most beautiful tone in the city! He came here to give you Christmas blessings!”

The middle-aged man opened the door. Jim couldn’t wait to sing. He felt that he sang really badly, not in the same tune at all, but the middle-aged man listened very carefully, reluctant to interrupt. Finally, he did not forget to throw two heavy coins into his pocket.

Jim couldn’t believe this to be true. He took out the coin from his pocket and exclaimed: “Sir, are you giving it to me?” The middle-aged man smiled: “Do you think it is wrong? For this kind of natural sound, it is indeed quite rare. .”

Jim didn’t know what to say. Big tears filled his clothes. He continued to follow his mother, knocking on the door after another.

That was his happiest day. No one interrupted his singing, and no one laughed at his lack of tone. He sang hard until his throat was hoarse. That night, he finally believed his mother’s words, that he was really a useful and likable child.