Mortal biography

  Liu Ruiying: “An old life is for the lives of three children, it is worth it!”

  Liu Ruiying, female, born in 1962, Nanping City, Fujian Province, captain of the Nanping City Cultural and Sports Road Environmental Sanitation Team.

  At 7:20 am on March 23, 2010, Liu Ruiying was cleaning the roadside opposite the Nanping Experimental Primary School. Suddenly, she saw a man in a gray blouse about 1.7 meters tall and grabbed a little girl’s bag. “I thought that my father was teaching the child at the door. I didn’t expect him to take a long knife from behind.” Then there was a scene of swearing: the man took a long knife and wiped it directly on the girl’s neck. The girl fell on the spot. . The man then grabbed the student around him and screamed with a knife. Seeing this cruel–the curtain, Liu Ruiying’s head was smashed, and he was so scared that he could not move.

  ”I saw that there were students coming up from the slopes, and they wanted to call them to run, their mouths were so big that they couldn’t speak out!”

  Liu Ruiying forgot the fear. She used the broom on her hand as a weapon, rushed forward, turned the broom over and used a wooden stick against the murderer like a butcher.

  Behind her are three children who have just arrived at school. Liu Ruiying confronted the murderer while holding the child back. This is the real version of the “Eagle Catching Chicken”. At this time, Liu Ruiying, like the old hen guard, opened his arms and guarded the three children behind him.

  The murderer kept waving the knife in his hand and tried to rush it up several times. He was blocked by Liu Ruiying with a large broom. At that moment, this seemingly weak barrier is the true wall of the earth. Facts have proved that it was Liu Ruiying’s move that allowed Zheng Minsheng, who was madly killing, to stop his hand and win valuable escape time for the students.

  Because of too much tension and excessive force, Liu Ruiying’s face was marked with more than a dozen blood marks by the bamboo thorns of the broom. She said that she was very scared at the time, afraid that the murderer would rush with a knife. “My legs are shaking, and my upper and lower teeth are fighting.” Liu Ruiying said that he even thought of death. “He has a knife in his hand. If it really rushes over, I am sure to die.” “He is two meters away from me, holding a knife in his hand. He wants to stab me. I can’t help it anymore. Anyway, I don’t let it.” open.”

  At the time of the thousand-year-old, this 48-year-old woman who could not even write her own name suddenly thought very calmly: “I am almost 50 years old, and my life is for the lives of three children. “”

  After a few minutes of stalemate, several morning exercisers gathered around and joined forces to force the murderer Zheng Minsheng to subdue. At this time, Liu Ruiying was in a hurry. “I beat his head with a broom.”

  Watching the children being sent away, Liu Ruiying picked up the broom and cleaned the remaining sections before returning home. “I am the captain, of course, I have to lead by example.”

  Qi Zhilan: “Don’t call your child, call the girl!”

  Qi Zhilan, female, born in 1998, is from Lucheng City, Shandong Province.

  Under the West Bridge of the city, there is an abandoned brick wall next to the two-meter-high bridge pier. Relying on this wall, the remaining three sides were surrounded by discarded billboards and plastic sheets. This four-and-five-square-meter place became the place of the four-storied “Zheju” of the Zhizhilan family.

  The 12-year-old Qi Zhilan pulls a 9-year-old brother every day. It sells badly during the day, and the wild vegetables at night, the money is broken, and the wild vegetables are rice. Qi Zhilan wants to take up not only the lives of her brothers and sisters, but also the survival of her parents. My father, Xiang Xiangfu, broke a lumbar vertebrae fracture on a construction site last year. He has a mental disorder and his mother muttered all day long while listening. I don’t know what she is saying.

  The 52-year-old Yu Xiangfu was a member of Jiushengtang Village in Fangshi Town, and was raised to Tengzhou City when he was a child. After the death of his adoptive parents, he returned to his hometown with his wife and children, but there was no place to live and nowhere to go. Yan Xiangfu then went to work at a construction site in the city of Luan, and rented a bungalow to settle his family. In October 2009, Yan Xiangfu accidentally fell off the scaffolding and fell into a fracture of the lumbar vertebrae. He has been in the process of no money treatment. At the end of the year, the house rented by the family was demolished. Since they had no money to rent a building, they built the current “home.” Yan Xiangfu said that since he was unable to do heavy work, the life of the whole family can only be maintained by the smashing of the two brothers and sisters.

  ”At most, one day’s smashing can sell twenty pieces, and when there are only seven or eight pieces.” “Not hard, not hard, very optimistic.” “Don’t call your child, call the girl.” After more than half a semester, I can say a lot of idioms.” Zhai Zhi: Lan said.

  She pulled out a small bag from the tricycle, pulled out a copy of Aesop’s Fables, and opened a page casually, welcoming the weak light under the bridge and teaching her brother to read the words she could recognize. When you read a word you don’t know, you use “what” instead. In the long sentence, “what” appears several times. She said: “There is only this book, which is given to the children by children. Don’t look at this one, it is awkward baby!”

  Seeing the same age children go to school, “Girl” Qi Zhilan is envious: “I have dreamed of reading many times!” She hopes that she can study in the classroom as before. “My brother has never been to the classroom, so I want to take him to school.” The cold wind blew, and the faces of the younger brothers and brothers were frozen…

  Sun Donglin: “My brother doesn’t owe a penny in this life. He can’t let him owe his debts.”

  Sun Donglin, male, from Huangpu District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, has been working in Tianjin Dongli Branch of China North China Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd. since 2004.

  On February 9, 2010, in order to rush to return home to the migrant workers before the heavy snow road closure, Wuhan construction company Sun Shuilin drove home from Tianjin overnight. At 0 o’clock in the morning on the 10th, the Nanlan Expressway was opened in the Bohai Railway Bridge section of Kaifeng County, Henan Province. More than 20 vehicles were rear-end due to heavy traffic accidents on the road surface. The accident caused many deaths and injuries. Sun Shuilin’s family of five died.

  ”My brother has projects in Beijing and Tianjin.” Brother Sun Donglin said, “On February 9, my brother rushed to Tianjin from Beijing, and the nephew and three children were temporarily living in Tianjin.” After dinner, Sun Shuilin came to his brother’s house. Sun Shuilin, who had planned to go the next day, checked the weather forecast and found that the rainy and snowy weather was about to occur from Tianjin back to Wuhan. If the snowfall was too large, the highway might be closed. He immediately decided to drive home at night.

  One month before the Spring Festival, the construction site has been suspended, and Sun Shuilin has basically settled the wages. The difference between the dozens of workers in the hometown is about 300,000 yuan. At 7 o’clock in the evening, he took the 110,000 yuan to be paid and the 150,000 yuan borrowed from his brother. He took his wife and two daughters and a son to start the night and went straight to Wuhan via Beijing-Shanghai Expressway.

  On the afternoon of the 10th, Sun Donglin called home and found that his brother had not yet arrived home. He repeatedly called more than 100 mobile phones, and no one answered. He felt that the situation was not good, he drove the road, and the wind and snow were searching along the way. On the way, he received a call from his fellow villager: his brother’s cell phone was in the mortuary of the People’s Hospital of Lankao County, Henan.

  In the early morning of the 11th, Sun Donglin rushed to the Lancao County Public Security Bureau and went to the hospital mortuary with a try. “An old man asked me if I was looking for a man in his 50s and a woman in his 40s. My hunch was getting stronger and stronger. I immediately fainted when I saw them.”

  ”I have a strong desire to send my brother’s money to the workers.” Under the guidance of the police, Sun Donglin found the car whose brother had been smashed. He found that 260,000 yuan of cash was placed in the trunk intact. Place the spare tire. “My brother doesn’t owe a penny in this life, he can’t let him owe it down to make a debt.” Sun Donglin, who didn’t close his eyes for more than 30 hours, left for home.

  On the morning of the 12th, he rushed back to his hometown in Wuhan. When his brother died unexpectedly and his bills were no longer there, Sun Donglin did not know how much money he should give to each worker. He asked the workers to receive the money with their conscience: “How much do you say, how much I will give.” Sun Donglin sent 336,000 yuan to more than 60 workers – except for his brother’s 260,000 yuan, he smashed himself 6.6 Ten thousand yuan, plus the mother’s 10,000 yuan pension.

  Wang Baotian: “Why don’t they understand what love is?”

  Wang Baotian, male, born in 1967, is a native of Weinan County, Anhui Province.

  Wang Baotian, 43, has contracted a unit for property work in Beijing with a monthly salary of 2,000. The wife is a cleaning staff in a building with a monthly salary of 800. The couple lived in a 6 square meter single room provided by the unit. A pair of high school children and grandparents live together in their hometown.

  On November 4, 2009, his son Wang Xin suddenly fainted when he went to the toilet in the school. He was diagnosed with acute cerebral hemorrhage. He just pushed the operating room and stopped breathing and heartbeat. From the train back to his hometown in Beijing, Wang Baotian heard from the doctor that he was going to “prepare things later.” He immediately decided to donate his son’s body and organs.

  Unexpectedly, waiting for him is a complicated donation journey far beyond his imagination. After being transferred to the intensive care unit, the ventilator and infusion, Wang Xin “returned to death”, seems to have recovered breathing and heartbeat, blushing. Wang Xin can’t be defined as death, but the doctor also hinted: “There is no hope of salvation.”

  During this period, Wang Baotian became the telephone interposer between the attending doctor and the Guangdong Red-Bu-word Conference. The telephone bill for Gao Min, the head of the Shenzhen Red Cross, was as high as 400. After spending one month and two days, after completing the complicated “prescribed action”, the doctor announced that Wang Xin “has no rescue value.” The Wang Baotian couple finally signed an organ donation agreement with the Shenzhen Red Cross to donate two kidneys, one liver and one pair of corneas for free.

  During the maintenance period, Wang Jia borrowed 40,000 pieces in Beijing, 40,000 pieces borrowed from his hometown, and Wang Xin’s. More than 30,000 pieces donated by the school have all been spent, and more than 20,000 hospitals are still owed. After the donation was realized, Wang Baotian refused to “write off the arrears according to the convention”, and he insisted that “even if I lose money, I have to pay back”. Since the first organ donation, there have been only 130 cases in China, and it is unique that the Wang family has to borrow money to donate organs.

  After cremation and burying his son, Wang Baotian borrowed 2,700 pieces from 10,000 yuan in Beijing. He took the money to the hospital to prepare for repayment, and the money was stolen in the elevator. In the 32 days to rescue his son, Wang Baotian did not cry, but this time he could not stop crying. He said: “I am not crying for my son, nor crying for my own money. I am worried about this world – why do they not understand what love is?”